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  1. Thought that might be the case! Just trying to buy the Alfa GTA (Kit 58486) for a reasonable price and thought i might have found it on this website......i guess the search goes on!!
  2. Has anyone bought from the Tamiyatoys webiste (www.tamiyaspielzeug.de) it appears to be based in Germany? Just wondering if its safe?
  3. Does anyone know if this is a reasonable brushless esc/motor set up for a Tomahawk? Speed Passion Reventon Stock Club Race Brushless System Combo w/ MMM 21.5R Competition Motor #CB0922 Not been into RC for many years now and am baffled with the brushless thing!! I am going to buy a Tomahawk (had the original years ago and stupidly sold it along with all my other cars to fund beer whilst at Uni!). The car is not for racing so doesn't need to be super quick, I will just have some fun in the desert with it over the dunes. I need to keep the price low so thought this seemed a good buy from RC Mart. It also looks like the height is 19mm so should fit the car without removing the driver? If anyone can suggest another cheap esc/brushless set up then please let me know. . ESC Motor.docx
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