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  1. I have the very same Kit you now have! The 18-55 is NOT the best but it works for close pictures, The 75-300 i do use the most as it gives a lot better picture. I would recommend you download the FULL destruction book direct from Canon and work through it as it gives a badword of a lot more info than what you get with the camera. Even with the 300mm lens i get better Moon pictures with my old Fuji HSX20! Steve.
  2. Well you can't actually call it a kit as you HAVE to buy both items separate! The new knuckle arms are very well made and are nice and clean while the new steering arm are blasted for the main link and polished for the servo link! While i threw it together in no time at all the ONE big thing i forgot to do was PUT the servo rod between Chassis and leaf spring! otherwise it won't work LOL, Anyway you should spot how much extra steering you get with this kit. Cheers. Steve.
  3. MadMax

    RC4WD Reps?

    Sent you a pm Sayer
  4. MadMax

    My KillerBody!

    Let's add a light up Mirror and the rest of the lights!
  5. Looks like you have some very nice option parts there Bud and a nice build up so far, Keep her coming. Steve.
  6. MadMax

    My KillerBody!

    Your wish is my command LOL. Overall Body Length = 506mm. Rear Wheel arch = 220mm. Front = 220mm. Wheelbase. = 312mm. HTH. Steve.
  7. MadMax

    My KillerBody!

    As requested by another TC member here is the start of the build up of the Horri-Bull by Killerbody. Included with the shell is a 15 page instruction book, Two full Decal sheets that include the wheel arch decals so no need to paint them! and a choice of lights fitted or not, A full mask sheet which includes ALL the lights aswell, And lastly all the parts for the lights so just chrome it or buy a ready painted if you can't do chrome. First test fit on the SCX10 chassis. More to come. Steve.
  8. And more arrived for the Horri-Bull. Steve.
  9. Will do after i get the rest of the parts in
  10. This is Horri-Bull !! It's all the new gear from Killerbody that AsiaTees are now stocking. There's even a steel cable in the box LOL. The Horri-Bull comes with everything! 2 Full Decal sheets, FULL mask set! even ALL lights are covered, Internal parts ready to chrome, Rear roll bar, LED holders AND a 15 page instruction book.
  11. I Guess this is where tamiya got the idea for the f150's etc!
  12. From L to R we have a Tamiya Pajero 1/10, Gmade Sawback 1/10, Axial SCX10 1/10 and lastly an Axial Wraith again in 1/10 LOL and i would love to see the Gmade driver in the Jero NOT!. Sorry but i no longer own a Traxxas as i was never a real fan.
  13. Just a couple of shots showing how different companies come up with the same scale!!! 1/10 ALL of them. ALL rear wheel nut's lined together. Steve.
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