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  1. You need them printed? I can help but I am in Austria and I would need the part to do measures. Probably some of the UK members can help also...
  2. @acprc Did you ever mentioned this article? Maybe the magazine contains more pics... https://www.liverc.com/news/worlds-will-we-see-a-repeat-world-champ/
  3. Passing forward to @Origineelreclamebord who provides data and measured the original springs for me. Many of his advices flow into the Mid Dyna project. You never walk alone ; )
  4. Damper, check! What else is left? Servo. Paint. Tryres and rims. Go ooooon!
  5. Got the Tuk-Tuk. Indeed. But the curved white lines, its triggering a curved road up to the pagoda in my mind.
  6. I can see a pagoda roof, the blue thing in the center background. (that what you call a globe) If it would be a globe, most likely southeast asia and that looks different. How did you got the idear of a Tuk-Tuk service?
  7. Thats already pretty much you know about. Did you ever got in touch with the organizers of the race event? Probably this unknowen group was involved in organisation somehow? If I would do anything, then drawing a sticker which just looks like. It will be okay until you solve the quest.
  8. @acprc About that mysterios black/white sticker. Do you know anything about it to start inverstigating? Worldcup was 1990, so its 30 years ago and it was in BKK/Thailand.
  9. Going to upgrade my workshop with this little helper. Will be delivered by next week, right in time befor my two weeks off work. 3mm shafts in any specific length and TR-15T main shaft are my first goal.
  10. Hope so : ) My spare gearbox internals getting low on stock.
  11. Nice to see all this old kits come back. Seems realistic to have a Dyna Storm rerere in the next 5 years, what do you think guys?
  12. I am not so much into that rere but the fact that Tamico has announced the Avante 2011 is new, isnt it? https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58489-Avante-2011-Bausatz
  13. Using backspace? I agree with @Mad Ax , sometimes editing or writing is a bit weird and there might be a bug also with quotation. But deleting pics was never the big thing for me.
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