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  1. I am glad you are glad. Today 30°C, perfect day to hide in my cave, doing 3D prints and starting the final build. Its just so much plesure when parts fit together with no play and no unnecessary force.
  2. Only a little at the lower sideward edges where the damper comes from behind. Its anyway a basher Beetle so its fine. Maybe I cut the whole part with the licence plate and put some mooneyes instead of the lights.
  3. Okay, lets keep on. The moto-plate will be watercuttet next week. Boy that was some tinkering. Its so tight with the suspension mount and the gearcover. The last days I printed some parts with carbon-reinforced PETG filament. It looks really promissing, lets see how it works in real.
  4. Just some non available spareparts, trees, ect.
  5. Hi folks, I got this CVDs with a lot of Losi XX parts. I want to sell them on ebay because they dont fit the model but they are built like Losi ones. Could it be they are front ones from a 4WD one?
  6. Dremel is a good friend of mine. I found this topic here: Still not shure if it looks nice with the different shape. Would prefere a Blitzer Beetle / Monster Beetle nose in first place. @Superluminal What is your price for the SS nose? Shipping to Austria.
  7. Seems like they fit, but are different. Hm... does anyone have the Sandsorcher nose mount on a Blitzer Beetle?
  8. Heyho. I wanted to finishe my Blitzer Beetle runner finally. It looks so poore without the nose.
  9. Hi. Looking for the front part of the Beetle shell. can be even used because I will paint it matt black anyway. Offers welcome!
  10. Got it but still does not show any quotation in first post. Suspicious... Anyway, this set will be different to Top Force hi-caps with short and long damper bodies, right?
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