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  1. Thank you very much for this explaination. This was maybe the most helpfull posting to understand Tamiya parts IDs someone could give. Highly appreciated.
  2. I did knew that distributors do their packing since we have spares in different labeled bags. Also i think I know the one sticker which comes from Tamiya storage, telling parts number and pieces, if you do special order direct in Japan. But I did not knew that such complex items like CVDs are also packed from local distributors. Is is the same with damper kits? How far do Tamyia pre-pack items and how much is done by locals?
  3. Well... hmm. Dont know what to say.
  4. Cant say and havend tried. I am not at my workshop place now...
  5. Probably this makes the difference...
  6. Thanks for hopping on here @pUs, maybe we can solve this with our combined knowledge. Its only bad about me, I dont know nothing about TopForce chassis. But you talk about Tamiya 53226 I guess. Compared to TA-01 hubs: I cant tell you only with this pics...
  7. @LongRat May I involve you into this topic please? I still have to go through the other 18page thread. Would be great to have a near as possible replica of the original.
  8. Found the 18 page long thread now... Lot of answers. Yes, the kit seems to have some unwanted features but anyway, it provides blue arms and aluminum parts. Still want to know, why and how made they fit the 1 ring CVDs to the front drive at the original... You are quiet active here for giving up your hobby
  9. Looks like the one for Re-Edition 2013 Egress. Manual shows this style of CVDs. But how did they made it on the original then? Looks like they had even the longer ones (one ring). But they have the identical front part which takes the bearings/wheels., so still the question of the much play/offset to the e-clip. I checked all outdrives and I put all of them to their correct postition.
  10. How great that there are two holes but no space between. @magpie Can you remember which CDVs you used or which lenght?
  11. I am hanging on this old thread. Friend gave me a Full Option kit and his old 1st release Egress to built for him. I dont get two points till now: 1) The steering is blocked by front CVDs. I can barely move the front knuckles, just a bit "left to rigth". The CVDs from the built Egress are the same as rear. On Jamies riginal they have one ring, meaning Dyna/Astute ones. But they are even longer. Also how do I get this much linear play on the knuckles/cvd ends? 1.2mm spacer : ( At the original the knuckles are a bit more cutted, but still the one I built get stopped by the C-hubs. Holes issue on upper & lower deck: Hmmm. No. Why does the replica chassis this drill not matching to the upper deck? All help welcome, more questions later for shure : )
  12. Me too. Its so light and shure looks good! Also no dirt get stuck in the holes, that was the major argument against sicky foil for me. But have a look, it was not my invention : )
  13. Shure. But that would mean doing a new plate and not doing something out of this part you already have.
  14. @martinjpayne17.5g You are the winner of a hand full of Good Luck Congratulation.
  15. Haha. Did not expect this result. I think I spotted another part which does not need to be, the aluminum plate for mounting a ESC. O how much I love it, this modified runner is never finished. You always find some details you can work on : ) I will post the new weight of the modified plate by tomorrow.
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