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  1. Thank you. Its sad that Tamiya did not played out their potential as it has could been. I like the tub chassis idear very much.
  2. Hi. Are they the one you told me about from the striped model? Basicly I am fine with them but I will wait for a friend to look iin his storage, he wanted to swap some parts. Is it okay to let you know after? If the parts are gone, no worry, no problem. Thanks very much anyway.
  3. Go with the flow : ) Every day a new model... its awsome in the moment. Today I finished this prototype (TRF211X MK2) for a friend. First I made a replica based on Dany Vegas 90s racer, which is very much modified in compare with the version Tamiya delivered to their drivers. This here is how I think Tamiya let them go to their team drivers. Shure front damper are only place holder for the mini sleeved which are already at my friends place. Will cut the shell together with a vew other ones this weekend. This pearl should have been finished a year ago but it took a while to get this nice POM suspension arms made as I expected them, precious : )
  4. Hi Guys, I cant find a certain turnbuckle anymore. Basicly it looks like this: But I think they are 3x32mm long, so directly after the aluminum part starts the m3 thread. Its not from the DF03, this is for shure. Found a picture, its the second from top, originaly in blue but I did deanodized them. Thanks in advance. T
  5. New, if used in very good condition.
  6. New, if used in very good condition.
  7. Well... I think I know why they where hard to get here at our local dealer. Someone I know bought a lot of them
  8. It was a phantastic day regarding RC. First I started to have a closer look to the parts I bought. I did knew from the glorious Ralph Lee TRF211x replica that SA delrin arms need to be modified a bit. Its about 1 and a bit mm at the rear and front to fit the bulkheads. Also I figured out the aluminum suspension blocks are a bit too tight to the edge of the chassis plate. After an hour with my little lathe everything fitted so smooth and I could immediatly trow bits and parts together. No words for the pleasue of doing such a nice built after two years of excessiv CAD and developing a prototype. Also pre-series of aluminum parts for the Project X came today which made me a next level happiere, since parts where almost perfect. I promisse to post some pics about that project soon, but its a bit too early yet. Back to the TRF211X Runners, I think the pics speak for themself, enjoy ; ) Missing 3D prints should be delivered this week so I can do the drivetrain and steering mechanism. Meanwhile I can do the DF-03 slipper clutch mod. This will be done soon. Time to think about rims and shocks : ) Greetings. Tom
  9. Hi TC friends. long time since my last The Builds topic. The last two years I was very busy with "the Project X" which is only waiting for the serial production of aluminum and titanium parts. So the stress is over and I felt a bit empty. No just kidding. It war a huge project and still things to do but we are down the hill. Now its time to play again and I decided to build a runner for my partne in crime and me. Its obviously based on a TRF211X chassis. The goal is to keep it as original as possible but as rigide as I wat it to be. In short words, leave the chassis as it is and use best parts available. Boras aluminum parts, Dennis POM Super Astute arms, Tamiya slipper clutch and TD2 ball diff. Aluminum, kickup and motorguard replaced with Kydex parts. The rest are only bits and pieces. Here is what I just threw on my floor, lets start this project now : )
  10. Wonderfull! One more saved for history.
  11. Hey Ho. I will definitly go with original parts to complete my Astute. The aluminum parts does not fit imo unless you go for a special comcept. But about this parts, I can not imagine they are good quality aluminum for this price, simply cant.
  12. Absolute loving the way how you do tuning. This lofi display is so charming, great work.
  13. At the end of the day its all about NaOH (sodium hydroxide), does not matter where it comes from. I am a bit lazy with polishing...
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