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  1. Great you found a replacement for the original CVDs. Can you post pictures of the mod and/or the parts numbers?
  2. Only knowen issue, if they have one article not in stock but it still shows up available, they are a bit complicated with refund. I am not the credit guy, I want to pay what I get. It took me some very direct emails to tell them how things should work ( shipping per gramm but if half of the order is not available, still wanted to to charge full shipping). So its okay if its okay but if there are any issues they can be a bit... you know...
  3. Lucky me with a mid motor conversion
  4. Hi fellas, did another track session today and mysteering problems are solved, it was the diff, too much tight. This clay track is very hard and dusty, even the slipper clutch needs a minimum of tight. Here is a video made by my cameraman Chris, a bid autofocus (lets say "out of focus") really bad quality, I am usually driving bad when camera is around but you can clearly see how the MidDyna does performe now. If I look back, this is my second run this season, made maybe five to eight runs last season and I feel so good with this car. I drive a bit more to defence but rarely flip the car over, compared to last year. Also I am not more afraid to break anything, all neuralgic spots are healed. Have a look: https://a-tom.org/tc/mid_DS_midseason_run_2021.mp4
  5. Found outs its a Pro 95 with DTM touring car front/rear damper stay. I start to love this chassis more and more. really innovative design.
  6. Design is one thing, but production will eat you money. What if you as a private do 200 kits and you sold 40 at the end? Also its about keeping things rare.
  7. Guy from UK sent ma a rare 90s competition buggy for inspection and return. Tax office wanted me to pay 1100€ because of the items hight value. LoL Btw toda, I shut down my ebay sellers account (a few spare parts and non available repro parts) because also ebay charges moe and more. I dont do big business, its more fun and pleasure helping out others to bring their Dynas back on the track. All this new regulations took the fun out. Sorry for you guys, it was a pleasure.
  8. Made a nice barn find yesterday. I knew I have seen this unique carbon tub somewhere and found out what it is. Serial number starts with 51, so it should be 1995 model. I did some research but could not find the same model, especially with this front and rear carbon plate.
  9. Very nice detail pics, thanks. Its a pitty you did not continue, even now with 3D print its easier to make parts. Epoxy and molding is really a lot of work to make it.
  10. I like that Tamiya made it new and not based on the old chassis. Its pretty interesting for me, how some models from 80 / 90s and so would look if they would have been made today. VW Beetle? Mini Cooper`? No, did not worked for me. But this one is cool somehow. But most probably I will steal some nice new parts and bolt them on my Dyna Storm. Probalbly the whole drivetrain :DDD
  11. This is WOW!!! Really nice detail pics. Someone asked for a Poster? : )
  12. Vinyl records, 3d printer, rc 1:10 cars. They are all LACKed and I love it. Best Ikea item I have (beside the garbage bin and bath mirror) Edit: I know a guy who doubles the 5x5 lack to the top, full with vinyls, must be a ton or something. its just cardboard but it takes a crazy load.
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