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  1. And thats the answer in my opinion. Look at the prices of post Millennium RCs. Nice models cost a fortune and spares are not available.
  2. About the friction pads. I was asking myself where the difference is. TD4/DN1-201/TRF501 and maybe a fourth one are listed under different numbers and all fit the same size,... Are the grey ones (501) so much more reliable?
  3. @netsmithUK By all respect, how long does it take to set the forum software to "no access" regarding trade section and numbers of user postings? The software can do it.
  4. Hi Joe Ling. I think so far everyone here is under Top 10. I dont know how many interests my partner already have without my knowledge... But no promisses yet, kits are not complete but soon. I am so excited, the construction is complete, last details in perfection. Now its time for the CNC guys to do their job. Stay tuned : )
  5. Love it! My first Moped was a french Velosolex. I see some simularities : )
  6. Exactly. Since I could not find a spare case, I made it myself. Problem solved.
  7. Excellent, how weird I have not found them on my own...
  8. HI. I am searching since days for this flanged spring centering discs.They are used with the smaller clutch springs seen at TD4 / TRF201 and derivates. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/22031/top.jpg Someone any advice? Greetings.
  9. Hey hey. Can you please cunfirm my calculations? There is gearbox ratio (only internal gears) and overall ratio (so called ORA) including spur gear and motor pinion, right? Now internals are: 28t (gear on mainshaft) 27t (middle gear) 52t (diff gear) Gives a internal ratio of 1.86, right? Using a 96t spur and 21t motorpinion makes ratio 4.57 gives ORA=8,5 Thanks.
  10. Blue and red Logo with two white stars. I really like the Logo.
  11. Hi. Took some time but now... I think using inch-wheel axles will be the way I go. I found the Hex mod you mentioned which is also nice in my eyes, but I think I should stay on one standard to keep things interchangeabel. Still stupid that some standard Tamiya parts are so hard to get nowadays...
  12. 1050 or 1150, that does not matter. I simply font want to swap for hex mount.
  13. hi friends. Since a wihle its pretty hard to buy Tamiya front rims (dish style) used with the TRF201. Now I was searching for aftermarket rims but they all have a different mount, like hex or one bearing only. Can anyone recommend some nice available front rims? Pre-glued are welcome too, since I dont really like the procedure of gluing tyres.
  14. HI Guys. Thanks for enthusiasm but you have to understand you cant sell any product if it is not even completet. Well, some people do that but who wants that? Remember that funky juicer-machine with juice bags squeezing out or the automatic 3 second toothbrush? Just kidding but I hope you understand, I cant promise anything yet. My current thoughts are finding a propper CNC company milling bulkheads and shocktower. Thats all not that easy if you have certain quality standards to have fullfilled.
  15. One pic I made last weekend at my local track. Current state of the prototype I am working on. Rear and front bulkhead are still from pa12 nylon which challanges me a lot to not crack them. Cant wait for the first aluminum parts to complete this car to final stage.
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