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  1. Going to sell a Dyna Storm re edition in very nice condition. Any interests, Drop me P.M.
  2. What I need to see is how they shaped the intake. This doesnt appear on those pics, but anyway, I dont think the design is good for the airflow. It starts pretty small and becomes really wide next. To keep air fast, It need to stay slim. Also I feel I miss some features of the fusion 360, I am working around but doing things too complicatet to get a result. I dont get the twist done of the inner wall, I need a mentor : ) Also I dont know how to make this thing hollow. LOL But this is where I am.
  3. So it has to be then. I was just wondering, lexan sheets are really not the cheapest, maybe its possible to recycle PET bottles... (I am NOT joking now ; ) )
  4. I need some pics from the airscoop mounted on the DS. Most important from top view and left side. Thanx @joe999
  5. lexan parts are interesting! just need to figure out who is owning a vacuum machine for this. Might know some guys at the university. we will see.
  6. Its far away from far. But ill get it baked in till christmas : )
  7. Kind of reverse engeneering. needs a lot of brainwork but yes, it will be a motorcoolingsystem at the end. Needs some new skills in fusion but I learn. stlill needs a lot of shape but the surrounding exists now. the shape of the airscoop is so simple but complex in the same way.
  8. Cardboard protoype. Battery braces will be the same style like I did at the Dyna Blaster DB211x. Also I put the servo 2mm to the front, it seems to be fine and gives more space for the battery. Shocks will be the Hi-Caps, they have less way then the Dyna Storm ones, simulat to the TRF211x. And here a curiosity Do someone know the Nintendo computer game called Rock n Roll Racer?! Somehow the cars looked like this
  9. Not everything in live makes sense...
  10. Prototype cut for original shape carbonfiber parts. Perfect alignment.
  11. Printed, testet and fits like a charme. I am happy with the result and I hope someone will be able to fix his runners Dyna Storm front suspension arm (both 3mm hingepin and brass bushing version). Dyna Storm rear suspension arm (both 3mm hingepin and brass bushing version). And this little usefull friend: Dyna Blaster sway bar brace. J6 and J7 part. All avaliable at my shapeways store now. Dyna storm Carbon fiber parts coming next
  12. I have idears about the mount done with both upper screws from the gearbox cover. No need to drill holes into the rear CF damper stay. Also there can be a second air inlet from the opening in the shocktower. It will look over the top of the shell, real racing look : ) Let me fiddle around a bit and we will see how things come...
  13. Good old hand modelling, I like it. But at the end, lets talk about which result you expect? Do you want a 1:1 replic of the Nimrod scoop including typografic? Are you okay with another brands airscoop, which does the same effect? So if you have a fitting clay or polysteren or plaster model, how do you want to make the scoop? I think Nimrod did all their parts with cast-processing. Its really a mess and if you want another one you need the negativ form. 3D SLS print is the way to go on my opinion and therefor you need the 3D modell. Oh d##n it, for decades engineers shaped the beautiest cars without any computer... Let it roll... @netsmithUK please fix the EDIT button : )
  14. Okay... winter time is construction time : ) My plans for this Dyna Storm, building a reminiscense to the TRF211x. So far I did some drawings for possible damper stays and chassis. There are two different ideas. If using shorter hi-cap damper there is the need for shorter damper stay. For a further project with Dyna Blaster tub chassis there is the need for a wider bulkhead. The rear damper stay gets more mounting holes which moves a bit down, also because of using hi-caps. The drawing for the slim chassis: There will be not much space for the receiver and esc, but I think small is good and if I have a look at the tiny 2.4ghz receiver, they will fit between lower deck and upper brace. The esc fits on the upper brace, in the center below the rear damper stay. Thats my idears so far. Monday will be lasercutting time to get a good old cardboard prototype. As always, idears and critics are warmly welcome!
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