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  1. Okay, going to go another way, the bullet proof solution. Simply pressing the 5mm axle inside the reinforced 3d printed part. I´ll give it a try.
  2. Collin

    Dyna Blaster going TRF211X

    Hehehe, unfortunitly ther is a RC-track a few kilometers away. I have no track experience at all and I am a bit afraid of this Club things but I think the Dyna will do fine there.
  3. Exactly! Here is another photo found in the www. It is the threaded knuckle arm, as you said.
  4. It is Dyna Blaster SA7 listed with bag #9805471. Also fits TR-15T but have no part number here at work. The knuckle arms you see in this blister... (pic borrowed from msgimartins showroom, thanks)
  5. Blitzer wheels means TR-15T/DynaBlaster chrome wheel, thats fine. But the shape is different. I dont want to change the steering rods. I am just wondering if I can press the axle into a 3D printet arm... I´ll check tis out later after work. Plug & play solution still welcome : )
  6. I broke one knuckle arm today and they are not that easy to find. So I was wondering if there is any available alternativ, it does not need to be Tamiya but would be nice. The axle has 5mm dia, hingepin is 3mm. It looks like this: (Pic used from huggiebobs showroom, thanks!) I wouldnt have a problem drawing and printing a new c-hub. Importatn is reliability and beeing available for usual price. Anyone any idears?!
  7. Collin

    Dyna Blaster going TRF211X

    Here we go! It runs fantastic, simply fantastic!
  8. As soon I have some time left, I´ll give you all measurments. I already have some, Just motorplate is missing but thas easy to handle...
  9. I know, gearbox will be this kind of self-flagellation typical for around easter in some christian communities : ) But I like to crack some nuts. What bearings do syou talk about? Instead of the hingepin? You are not talking about the rear hubs double bearing... Please explain waht you mean, I dont get it right now. I never had any problems with original internals but your offer sounds too good! TA06 diff, not a bad idear. Maybe we can team up with this project? I am afraid, right now I have so many other projects to finise bevor end of may, so I will not start this gearbox bevor summer. I was just studying my DB211x Dyna Blaster while laying on the couch I figured out, alomst 80% of the parts are remade. No one need to be afraid running out of spares. 3D print and ths CNC stuff is really a pleasure to work with, nowadays.
  10. I thought already about it but had no time to draw some. I think the wall thickness might be the problem... I do SLS printing. Just had a look at my Dyna Storm, yes, I might do that. But the point was, I got a set of new damper bodies and wanted to complete them. Luckily no rush with that.
  11. Collin

    Dyna Blaster going TRF211X

    Two types of aloy and kydex. Hope this will be the final.