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  1. Yes this would be a real hit! I think a lot of people are waiting for a DS. And I would love it for a original D5 bulkhead for my original one. Its really funny to see how the original was and how the modified one looks beside.
  2. This pull starters cost me some nerves years ago. But once you know the little tricks, its quiet easy to put em together. I cant find it anymore but there was a video on youtube from a young boy explaining how to and it was magic how easy he did it.
  3. Got a new toy : ) From now on I can do prototyping myself. This makes things so much easier to do.
  4. Full Metal Jacket Bulkhead made of 60xx hard high strenght aluminum. Did you ever print anything in aluminum at work? I had a look but its far more expensive then machining.
  5. I already had this in my mind and it sounds like the savest way to get a new copy from.
  6. I think i will shape the conic part on the lathe first, to fit inside. This will give it the shape. I dont get the thing with the cooker. You just use it as a heatsource? Not to boile water, just to hold the ABS close to the plate, right?
  7. Is there anything behind anoying?! Because that is what it is. The 3D modelling is the last way to go. A lot of time to do the drawing ect... I know what you say about the little temp-range between too less and too much. I am afraid to fxxx it up with heatgun. Do you know which temp it is? Boiling water maybe?
  8. Hi fellas, I got my fingers on a mint TR211x lexan gear-cover. My intention was to make a clay or plaster form to reproduce them to fit on Dyna Storm / Blaster. Some fellas here already showed their interest on this parts. Well, it was mint until it was packed in an air-envelope to send it through half of Europe while other half of Europeans was shipping their x-mas parcels around. Not the best idear Well, I reshaped it a bid with my fingers but there are still some bends and dents and the conic part is not really round anymore. Any idears how to bring it back into final shape? Hot water? Hot air? Hot Shot? No thats another one Cheers, C.
  9. Last price down. Fair TC member price, ebay price will not change.
  10. Thats not unusual : ) You will be pleased with the hop up parts, they are hardened and keeps all things together.
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