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  1. exactly! And some cardboard simply smell like old fish
  2. Anyone of you TR owner ever tried fitting a reso pipe? I will but I simply dont know where to put it. The is no space! I would love to have id left side, the side along the accupack but there is the stud of the rolling-bar. Also it is very narrow with the shell around and I dont want to cut all the side of the shell. Madmax style would be straight out of the rear and up in the sky, but that looks to brutal and will get damaged when flipping over. Any idears? PLEASE! I think we all know this one, but the shell... hmmm...
  3. Cutting light reflecting material is no good idear with laser cutter. Even carbon fiber (yes, fiberglas is reflecting light -> hurray to quick internet!) doesn´t work well.
  4. Awsome. This is absolutly my taste.
  5. I will go for it! Great to know that Rapicon isn´t that good. People sayed its top notch.
  6. mhm,... didnt had any other than Rapicon. This one is avalable at a local store. http://www.kyoshoeurope.com/racing-fuel-hotfire-euro25-5-litres.html
  7. aaah, no. I woulnd buy it from Greece or UK. Shipping would be more expensive then nitro But I have to find a solution, thanks anyway for the linked products.
  8. Unfortunitly its really hard to find nitro fuel right now. Its not allowed for shipping. Only 4L 16% is what I can get easylie. Brand name is Rapicon, a very good nitomix. The only 20% and 30% I can get is named helicopter-mix with 22% oil.
  9. Hi guys, looking for a used but working ESC for my Dyna Storm runner. It should be something high quality for high end brushed motors with no limit. Doesnt matter if it is any Japanese, or US brand,... just a really good one. Also I have no problems resoldering wires and if it has a used look, only thing, it have to work propperly. Reverse or not, I dont mind too much. Price, my budget is something around 40€ inc. shipping or swapping against Dyna Storm / Blaster TR-15T parts
  10. Hiho, usually I uy Rapicon 16% Nitro at the local hobbystore. 16% is fine for Tamiya, as they tell us. Now it happened to get a Savage in my hands and the 4.6 motor needs 20% - 25% nitromix. Well, I read that you should not change the gasoline once you got hooked on one brand but I think thats not correct. Now I am thinking to buy 20% nitro also for use with my Tamiya.15 and LRP.18 motor. I dont want to have several different gasolines stored, one for all, all for one!
  11. Great, if I dig for some interesting stuff, i will post it.
  12. Guy, I asked the Admin to move my TR-15T topic over here. Shall we move some more Nitro topics to here to get them all together?
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