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  1. This sounds really good to me! Ill give it a try next time I renew a diff.
  2. I always need to prepair the drills for the 3d printed arms. At the begin I did it also with the driller, but once it took a bit of the wrong way and the whole was through the sidewall. Reamer 4 life
  3. So then get a 1/8" one The point is not the diameter, its the use of a reamer instead of a driller, isn`t it?
  4. Invest a few bucks in a 3mm reamer. You will never regret it. Drillers are so... not round : )
  5. please post your pics here, Id like to see your nasty mods : ) No worry, I already have a DS.
  6. Thanks. As I have a carbon chassis, I think its also not good to keep a long part of the wire inside the shell. So I just let it hang loose.
  7. I have a very long antenna wire at the 40mhz RX. Is it common to wind it around the antenna tube and tighten it with shrinking tube or shal it fly in the wind? I dont want to work against working radius. All advices welcome : )
  8. Selling this lot of receivers. I havent tested them becaue I dont have the specific quarz and remotes to run them. I can say they look very tidy and clean, no scratches, dust, watermarks. Asking for 50€ excl. shipping. Paypal friends & family prefered. Based in EU.
  9. Also the Dyna Blaster got a undertray to prevent the carbon chassis from scratches. I printed it with ABS, looks strong enough to me. The kickup and motor gurad is made of kydex instead of the aluminum ones. Somehow I love this material, you simply heat it up with the heatgun or hair dryer and you can shape it as you want. Becoming cold and its stiff and keeps shape perfectly. I think DB211x project is done for now.
  10. Bad fault, soldered the Schottky Diod to the wrong connector of the brused motor an destroyed the rare Ko Propo ESC. So I took the 10.5T Nosram brushless out of my Losi XXX. Can someone give me an advice with gearing please? it is the 64 spur gear original and I took a 27t pinion, the largest I found. Somehow I wanted to keep this Dyna with a hot brushed system to keep it a bit vintage but I dont care anymore. I just want to run it now. While I printed the V2 of the undertray I installed the electronics.All nice and slick. I like it how the LiPo saver shines through the windscreen. : ) I had a garden-testrun last weekend and even with the brushed motor it runs really good. Handeling, cornering acceleration. For me its the perfect buggy (even if I dont know any others epect my Losi : ) . Last piece to do is the airscoop for the motor cooling. I have to modifie it to fit the rear motor guard but this will be done in the next days.
  11. One of the last bits is done, the undertray. It fits really nice, I did a second version now which is a bit higher and with some more meterial in the corners... will print and change it when this one is woren out.
  12. Asking for 200€ excl. shipping. Paypal Friends & Family prefered. Based in EU. It is in very good but light used condition. Only bulkhead D5 is replaced with a PETG 3D print in blue. This Blaster is perfect base for vintage racing. Original boxart but perfect for the track.
  13. Collin

    Dyna storm

    Try to lower the weight at the rear and add some at the front. DS is pretty heavy at the tail.
  14. Hopefully your dont need to pay for the 3d drawings, if so, it will be terrible high cost. Also this fiber infused material might not be the first choice. For some parts its simply to brittle but very hard also. Especially gearboxes needs perfect alignement with all its gears...
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