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  1. Well, I was so shure to get up in the morning, checking out Tamiyas 2021 scedule and doing pre-order for a NIB Dyna Storm,..... not. So I have to build my own one. This will be a slow built with many features and modifictions. I have my original Dyna Storm, I have the pimped TRF210x style and the Mid Motor conversion. Now I want something else. Something from this Millenium, something fresh but minimalistic, something what makes me laugh, smile and feel good when I see it. So lets write down some facts: 1) Millenium Style If I think about modern Dyna Storm my thoughts are instandly at Master @ralphees iconic Dyna interpretation of the TRF211x prototype buggy. It brings the Dyna to a modern level with its DF--03 taken parts and Super Astute Delrin arms. 2) Fresh features I will put all nostalgic beside and do whatever I can, to make it more millenium and modern. The MDC (Multi-Disc-Clutch) which I love so much on the Dynas and TR-15T have to go and instead a DF-03 Slipper clutch will be installed. The mod is already done. The steering arms and mechanic will be swaped for aluminum arms with carbon fibre link instead of shafts with ballend adjuster. This will be the one new mod on this built. I will definitly go brushless on this one, I have enough stress looking for nice old brushed motors and No Limit ESCs for my runners. I go the easy way on this one. 3) The funnny part of it which makes me smile and laugh, KUMAMON! Kumamon is a marketing bear of Kumamoto Prefectur in Japan, whis is free to use as a brand as long you do any good with it (interesting sidefact). You guys for shure know the Tamiya dune buggy with this funny dude sitting behind the steering wheel. So I decided to do my Dyna Storm dedicatet to Kumamon bear. The shell in pear white and also the rims. Black is the carbon, tyres and plastic parts. For the cheeks, I will find something red for shure, probably by coating some aluminum parts. Now here are some parts I already collected, some more are in my other spare boxes such as plastic trees, 3D printed parts and usual small parts such as shafts, ballends, damper, tyres etc... the whole kit should be in my spare parts boxes except for what I need to do the steering mod and the brushles combo & servo. All blue will be removed and maybe I just polished or they will become red for the "cheeks factor". Ah, yes, its a Mid Motor chassis. I stay with it. So let the fun games begin. +
  2. Who needs a new Dyna Storm if we can race between Elephant & Penguin? and finally the Swivelbot!!! I will get 12 of them doing my own bot army.
  3. Looking for one of them. Can be used but shure working. Please PM. : )
  4. One hour to go. Pizza is eaten, two beer left.
  5. This is a serial port. Might it be it hase been attatched to a PC or Atari or Commodore?
  6. Hi Guys. I am planning my next project and the lexan shell will be white this time and also the rims. Now there is white PS-1 and pearl white PS-57. Do some one of you have used both of them? Would be great to see how they look beside. Well, also I will paint my 3D printed rims. Do you think PS colour will be fine to paint them? Usually I add a coat of plastic primer bevor the colour coat.
  7. Hop Ups looking gooood to me! This will be a really nice Super Astute at the end, I am pretty shure it will be.
  8. PLA printed prototype: Probably I will lower the lowest pipe so it can lean against the suspension mount. This add another 15mm of protected space.
  9. One of the coolest hop-ups for TR-15T and very, very usefull as well, is the rear bumper. I have seen it only onec mountet at @acprcs fully hop-upped TR-15T. Well, it happened several times that I needed to do a emergency brake to not kiss the curb. The car spinned a 180 and hit it with the rear. So its definitely a worthwhile hop-up. Watch more pics at his showroom: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=117848&id=4 Mine will be printed from PA12 nylon, pipes are 5mm diameter such as front bumper. Upper mount will be bolted together with damper stay and fibre plate. Lower mount will be bolted on with longer M3 screws used for the suspension mounts. There is also some space inside the mount for the m3 nyloc nuts, so they will be covered fully. But I think I will improve the lower mount later on.
  10. Stock plastic arms are the same shape as aluminum, I guess? The bridge will be custom maden.
  11. Do you think its possible the mount the steering arms flipped? You know the Dyna Blaster arms yourself, they are very simular but just the servohorn is on the left hand side, ao in the opposite then ff-03.
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