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  1. Totally agree with you. What is common between 1:1 and "toycars" is physics. Steering and suspension geometry is almost the same as far I understand. But on gears, clutches and the working load, yes, its different. How about aluminum on plastics? People often argue spur gears (plastic) are eating aluminum pinion gears. I use aluminum anodized and steel, cant see a difference. How about fir example Trf201, who has aluminum first gear on the msin shaft, working into plastic gear next befor diff?
  2. Oh Cool. Just saw its Gerhard Bergers car. Maybe I have little feelings for F1 cars...
  3. No, all fine. Just some people mentioned that brushless is the answer because no more maintenance. In my case I am not shure if I can make the gearbox oil tight also. Its a fast buggy and bearings/outdrives can keep the oil. It would need groves for o-rings on the shaft of the outdrives where the bearing sits on. As more I think about, it is a nice gimmick but not really practical. I never run 3S and I am so shure 2S is fair enough for our Tamiyas (at least most of them) but I luckily had always some grease on the gears when I made maintenance on the gearbox.
  4. Guys, go back to brushed if you miss maintenance.
  5. I see a problem with the balldiff. shure, it will not wash out the diff grease asap but its just not good.
  6. Yep, shure its only a bit of oil and not full filled fishtank (oh what a splatter, fishtank with gears inside ). I am more curious how Kyosho put the exhaust "throught" the gearbox.
  7. Can you remember wich model it was? I am very curious abot this idear.
  8. Ah! Two dreamers with the same dream? Yea somehow I was printing new gearboxes with propper gaskets against dust and I thought they are pretty proof now. Shure next idear was using liquid oil but I can not see any benefit. Only negativ aspects. But this means nothing. I was just curious if someone realized it (beside 1:5 scale and other big models)
  9. Hi. I am just wondering, do any of our 1:10 RC buggies (no matter what brand) have a oil filled gearbox?
  10. True. I dont have any feelings for Formula cars but I like the way how it was restored. Tumbs up!
  11. Its a Spektrum Orange Rx GR300 DSM2.
  12. Ahhh your a good one!!! Cheers and please no ice to my whisky. Edit: Oh. I read "Barkeeper" LOL
  13. Combined with your username and location it sounds like a very interesting job. Cinema-filmoperator, artist and technician is mine.
  14. Propper example of a social media dilemma. Are you active here more often now?
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