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  1. How funny. Just found this trees myself and was wondering where they belong to. Anyone knows the answer?
  2. Haha. Just came out of my cave doing some kydex bumpers and just reading this. Feels good to have gained this reputation : )
  3. hm... Wow! Clever played.
  4. Hi. Fo someone have a sealed pair of rears with foam inserts laying around? Inside Europe/EU prefered (but not necessary) Cheerio. Tom
  5. The moment you realize after three years, you are almost done. Soon I put more light on this
  6. Hey @Paulie73 I just stumbled over a B6.x doing some research. Does this one yours already have this rear toe-in inserts at the rear hubs? If so, how tight do the inserts stay in the hubs? Does not it start to move around by accident? Greetings.
  7. No worry. This is just a working title. But thanks for droping in here. Still I am suffering with the very last parts but this project will be finished in a few moments. Guys I cant tell you how much respect I gained to people who do projects with lage production numbers and still keeping quality. The last 5% of this project cost 95% of all the energy we spent on this project. Anyway, happy New Year guys.
  8. Ahm guys, this aluminum parts on ebay for Dyna Storm etc. is a full set for about 160(?)€ incl. shipping for a fit and forget solution. They fit so fine and they are fxxxing cheap for what they are.
  9. Exactly. Sometimes I need dry bearings. Sometimes I need no shield (gearbox), sometimes I want to clean them.
  10. Ok. No one had anything to say but I figured out a thing. My local store, mainly bearings fpr RC, did had a different supplyer a while ago. Seems like some (his new) fabricants do ZZ bearings with non removeable shield. Thats strange and very new to me. Cheers.
  11. Hi guys. Got me a set of flanged bearings (4x7x2.5mm) and it is the first time I am not able to remove the metal shields. I had the same bearings from the same source already and it was possible to remove the circlip and shields as usual. Anyone ever had this kind of bearings?
  12. This is not a bad part, this looks like a raw cast to me. Put it in a frame on the wall. How cool!
  13. Just saw this topic for the first time. You are an artist in the way you redesign your models.
  14. Not necessarily. There are three versions of the pink acto.
  15. As saied you can not really difference the rere and original release. Only if you find bushes inside the diff or clutch section. Some original ones have less dark fibreplates, you can see the mesh much more. But in general I think princes are the same as long the condition is pefect. This Dyna has longer shafts used at the front c-hubs/knuckles with a blue spacer. Bulkhead looks not damaged. Rear susp. mount screw is chewen and might be pain to stripe. Also front susp arms are not original, someting from another cars. Also front damper mounts have some blue spacers which was not originaly. Battery tray is modified with this cutout faceing forward direction.
  16. I have to admit I am VERY! happy with TD2/4. Finally some useable balldiffs for my Dyna Storm gearbox conversion
  17. Doing around with 3D prints since many years now and since I am working on a 10pcs kit I need all parts ten times equal. Since this experience I can say 3D print, even MJF and SLS is always a shot into the dark. Even within the same printjob I have tolerances +/- 2/10mm which is A LOT if you want to have things running fine, e.g. gears, bearing seats, axial play... Then once you modified your 3d model to the printer, they callibrate it new or tweak their setting and everything starts from the begin.
  18. Oh now I can see! : D It is on the L-Tree. Great it is not available anymore... If anyone have this servo horn laying around, I would be grateful. Or can you give me measurements about the hight (eye to eye) please?
  19. Hi Sgt. Can you or any 201X lover tell me which servo horn does fit? I got mine as a roller and wanted to install a servo today to steering straight. Have checked the manual but I could not spot it there ether or I am blind.... Any suggestions? Greetings!
  20. Diggig aut this one. Was lately looking for 5x11x3 bearings and the one I found where quiet expensive. 2RS sealed pcs costs around 6€. Quiet expensive for a bearing this size. Btw forgot to report, Penguin UK did little tweaks to his astute body mould on my asking and now they are really nice and straight down at the rear end. So great when people react on their customers feedback.
  21. Yeayea. Found a 5/6V 3A UBEC and set to 5V it worked. Funny was that I started with 6V and the servo vorked as long I was steering left to right and so on quickly. Once I stopped the servo did not response anymore. On 5V its all fine. Will wire it propperly now and saying thanks to all this input. Worked way quicker to sort things out. I love the Club! T.
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