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  1. hndaman1


    I need part numbers..
  2. hndaman1


    Still have tons of parts avail.. need to get rid of it or its going on rctech/ebay..
  3. hndaman1

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    bought a NEW rovan baja. 30.5 cc.. had the orignal baja a couple yrs back, and also seen the clone version up front the clone was more dependable the nthe HPI one... so after much ddebate i got a super deal from DANLC on ebay..
  4. hndaman1

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    listed all my NOS tamiya parts here, and also converting a LOSI 22t (RTR) into a Losi 22 sct (cost was cheaper then buying the kit.
  5. I found some alloy ones @ integy, and also check out their drift car wheels, they are 1.9 size
  6. I have a GEAR JOINT (ASTUTE) X100327 lmk if you want it?
  7. bake them in the oven #350 for 5 mins and the glue will come off,or soak soften your wheels use BELT DRESSING spray it makes them super soft and taky
  8. hndaman1

    Wanted KingBlackfoot/Extreme bumper grill

    I just listed some grills
  9. hndaman1


    here is a list of part numbers i still have Ya0023-46001 second gear thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0004-QD 46001 motor gear cover thunder shot Ya 0018-QD-46001 uprights thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0019-Qd-46001 tie rod thunder shot-(2 of them) Ya 007-Qd-46001 gear holder thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0012-QD gear parts thunder shot Ya 0004-Qd-46001 motor cover thunder shot Ya 0002-Qd window thunder shot Yb 0001 steering servo thunder shot X9946 front shaft black foot (2 of them) RMR(racing) -401 black foot steering blocks(HD) Parma-12847 black foot dual wheel adapters (2 of them) 055027-5865 (g/h/k ) parts glod busters Y8101 wheel axle king cab X10357 motor plate king cab #5009 blackfoot wheel adapters X10087 metal parts bag lunchbox 5299 wheel drive shafts long (2 of them) 5128 upright set YA 0077-23873 QD rear wheels (yellow) Dirt burners Big brute #4800 diff big brute #42825 dog bones big brute (6 of them) #4821 idle gear big brute #4820 counter gear big brute #4876 axles big brute 46001 gear case left (3 of them) 46001-YA 0005 chassis cover (4 of them) X7524-3545004 gear X7085 (E parts bag) Y4713-21814 Drive shafts(2 of them) Ya 0006-46001 bumper 10076-0005296 (D parts 5865) 3 of them X100327 gear ASTUTE Ya 0073-23860 QD gears bag I still have to list the Bolink parts,corelli,and MISC parts ,1/10 pan car wheels. and 1/12 scale foams SEALED
  10. hndaman1


    the blower/rear tailgate is A 2 TREE parts in 1 bag..SEALED 25.00 for both I seen the tailgate part on ebay for 15.00..
  11. hndaman1

    marui big bear !

    i have a couple big bear parts NOS.. lmk what you need
  12. hndaman1

    Tamiya blitzer beetle (Parts wanted)

    do you know the part numbers? most of the parts i have here only have numbers on them..
  13. hndaman1

    Searching for vintage Kyosho ads

    have you looked here?
  14. hndaman1

    My latest addition A Lazer ZX!

    I have a zx also.. parts are impossible to find...mine is like new.. also replaced all the bearing with bocas ceramics
  15. hndaman1

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    packing all my boxes of goodies to be sent out...thanks everyone