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  1. Still have tons of parts avail.. need to get rid of it or its going on rctech/ebay..
  2. bought a NEW rovan baja. 30.5 cc.. had the orignal baja a couple yrs back, and also seen the clone version up front the clone was more dependable the nthe HPI one... so after much ddebate i got a super deal from DANLC on ebay..
  3. listed all my NOS tamiya parts here, and also converting a LOSI 22t (RTR) into a Losi 22 sct (cost was cheaper then buying the kit.
  4. I found some alloy ones @ integy, and also check out their drift car wheels, they are 1.9 size
  5. bake them in the oven #350 for 5 mins and the glue will come off,or soak them..to soften your wheels use BELT DRESSING spray it makes them super soft and taky
  6. here is a list of part numbers i still have Ya0023-46001 second gear thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0004-QD 46001 motor gear cover thunder shot Ya 0018-QD-46001 uprights thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0019-Qd-46001 tie rod thunder shot-(2 of them) Ya 007-Qd-46001 gear holder thunder shot (3 of them) Ya 0012-QD gear parts thunder shot Ya 0004-Qd-46001 motor cover thunder shot Ya 0002-Qd window thunder shot Yb 0001 steering servo thunder shot X9946 front shaft black foot (2 of them) RMR(racing) -401 black foot steering blocks(HD) Parma-12847 black foot dual wheel adapters (2 of them) 055027-5865 (g/h/k ) parts glod busters Y8101 wheel axle king cab X10357 motor plate king cab #5009 blackfoot wheel adapters X10087 metal parts bag lunchbox 5299 wheel drive shafts long (2 of them) 5128 upright set YA 0077-23873 QD rear wheels (yellow) Dirt burners Big brute #4800 diff big brute #42825 dog bones big brute (6 of them) #4821 idle gear big brute #4820 counter gear big brute #4876 axles big brute 46001 gear case left (3 of them) 46001-YA 0005 chassis cover (4 of them) X7524-3545004 gear X7085 (E parts bag) Y4713-21814 Drive shafts(2 of them) Ya 0006-46001 bumper 10076-0005296 (D parts 5865) 3 of them X100327 gear ASTUTE Ya 0073-23860 QD gears bag I still have to list the Bolink parts,corelli,and MISC parts ,1/10 pan car wheels. and 1/12 scale foams SEALED
  7. the blower/rear tailgate is A 2 TREE parts in 1 bag..SEALED 25.00 for both I seen the tailgate part on ebay for 15.00..
  8. i have a couple big bear parts NOS.. lmk what you need
  9. do you know the part numbers? most of the parts i have here only have numbers on them..
  10. have you looked here?http://www.vintagercweb.com/ads.html
  11. I have a zx also.. parts are impossible to find...mine is like new.. also replaced all the bearing with bocas ceramics
  12. packing all my boxes of goodies to be sent out...thanks everyone
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