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  1. Yeah, i contemplated that, however i kind of spent a bit on the original light buckets. so i didn't buy an original wing.
  2. From 7 years old until i was 10 I saved all my birthday money and christmas money up. I had watched my brother play with his Tamiya Fox since it was brand new and I all ways wanted an RC car that good. So when I turned 10, he drove me into the city one early evening to a hobby shop. I picked out an FF-01 Nissan Castrol Primera and handed over my life savings. He drove me home and stayed up all night building it. when I woke in the morning, the car was sitting on my bedroom floor built, painted and ready to go! A couple weeks later he also bought a Tamiya M-01 mini cooper. We also had a Marui Galaxy and 2 Tamiya RC Newman 956 Porsche's. we would go down to our local track nearly every night and drive our front wheel drive RC cars lol. I still have both these cars in tact, working order sitting on my shelf, they are in pristine condition.
  3. Yeah it doesn't look too bad. the only part I wasn't impressed with was the rear wing they supplied me, didn't fit all that great. but, it's good enough!
  4. hahahaha thanks for the tip! Nah not in it for the money, have been into Tamiya cars since I was a little fella. Have raced at a state level and ended up giving that away. I prefer collecting now funny enough! And if I happen to own something like a shell kit that is now worth more than I paid, then that's a bonus!
  5. Hi, thought I would finally post a picture of my Rothmans Rally Porsche. This is the ***** body shell i bought for my shelf. I have the original shell kit, however it's worth more in its box unpainted than on the actual car.
  6. Hey, I'm after a vintage Tamiya Hilux 4x4. Number 58028 from Tamiya, the first pick up truck they made with the 3 speed gear box. Looking to add to my collection. Wonder if anyone has one that they would like to sell, PM me.
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