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  1. Bingo! Signed out and signed back in again and this time it seems to have reset whatever setting was causing the problem and I'm back in business Cheers
  2. Hi Twinset Thanks for the assistance, however I can't even access the pages you've screenshotted and cannot find the toggle button anywhere else on either the mobile site or desktop/classic view Sadly the forum has become unusable for me and I can't find any way to resolve it
  3. P.S. the blue "Tamiya Club Forums" button is faded out and does not work and the same goes for the button/tab below it that says "Site Sponsor Forums" or similar Vintage discussions and Rerelease discussions show up for a second then are replaced/hijacked by links to site sponsors and there is no way to get into the vintage and rerelease forums to browse them - it's got me beat.........
  4. What's happened to the TamiyaClub forums?? It's been a good while since I was last on here and now it seems the forum is really hard to navigate - to the point I can't enjoy using it at all or get the basic functions I want out of it!! Maybe I'm just being dumb but where on earth have the bog standard basic categories of forum chat gone?? I don't have an option to select VINTAGE DISCUSSIONS or RE-RELEASE DISCUSSIONS like I used to have??!! Am I really missing something simple here or is the format totally different? I can see all the links to Fusion Hobbies and Stella etc. and who the most recently joined member is or who's birthday it is today but I can't seem to easily access the forum content I want to Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Cheers
  5. I just bought some original Falcon decals and a TBG repro body for my Falcon, it's in decent nick but the body is tatty and split between the shock towers so I'm looking forward to getting this thing nearly mint again. NWarty - I agree, the Falcon oozes 80's styling and really is a decent vintage runner - front end brace and better dog bones and you're away
  6. I got lucky a year or two ago and bought the display model Boomerang from a ModelZone store that was closing down......mint, never run nor seen the rain....... £40 (!!!!) All it needed was rebuilding with bearings throughout and the oil shocks setting up properly though i did feel a bit miffed about missing out on doing the paint job and decals Boomer is a great car and well worth a spot in any Tamiya collection in my opinion!
  7. Sweet lord this is exciting news!!!! I've been occupied all summer with my other hobbies and not done or read anything Tamiya related for a good few months.....BIGWIG!!! Just feel bad that I've not refurbed the old Bigwig basher i bought two years ago (!!) - it has a Technigold and spare brushes and i own a repro body and original, rareas hens teeth, Decals. Kept stalling coz those original decals on a repro body just didn't seem like the right thing to do, hallelujah i can soon buy a proper re-re Tamiya shell to stick those NOS decals on!!!
  8. All I know is I ain't selling mine!!
  9. Yeah but these go on just fine I thought I may have to glue them but they are a snug fit and don't slip at all
  10. Team CRP 4239 2" mini spike tyres are on the front of my Madcap, they fit just fine, look pretty much like a full set with the proper rear tyres and are cheap and on ebay regularly, worth a try if you want the spiked tyres all round look
  11. Looks like that's that problem solved then!
  12. Funny you mention that, I've converted a Boomerang to a Super Sabre and the red shocks are indeed darker than the red steering knuckles, rear damper mount and other red bits
  13. Looks very Bigwig to me I don't really know Kyosho much but I'd definitely say that that's their Bigwig Even looks like the chassis takes an 8.4v stick pack?
  14. Is the general consensus on here that they will or they won't re-re the KingCab and/or the Hilux Monster Racer?
  15. Great work Will we be likely to see a Super Hornet/Grasshopper 2 version of this any time soon?
  16. Bunchlox you got me thinking now.....not sure I ever have seen Pumpkin alloy mounts, maybe only the Lunchbox ones!
  17. Aluminium ones are regularly on eBay but I've heard people say that instead of the mounts breaking you can end up with a cracked body shell instead! There was a thread a while ago where a guy had put some soft metal L brackets onto the chassis I think and fixed the body mounts to them, this allows just a little flex on impact and he said it'd solved the problem for him....
  18. Front cantilever shock set up from him looks great in my opinion!
  19. Have you seen the Super Fly Hornet thread a d Pintopowers brilliant mods he sells? If not a quick search will bring them up and I'm sure you'll like what you see!
  20. Looking good! Gotta say though that I wasn't impressed with the same sway bar when I fitted it to my GH2.... Basically it just stops the suspension from working as it's so rigid You're doing a great job on this though
  21. And me......plus the old crystals remind me of being a kid again, hoping you got the right one for the model in the TX and more than half of this hobby, for me, is about feeling (and acting) like my ten year old self!
  22. I don't like keeping batteries in the fridge or needing to have a fire extinguisher as part of my Tamiya tool box so I'm sticking with my trusty old NiMH packs for now
  23. I'm a bit of a hoarder too I think it's almost reassuring and comforting knowing you can keep your cars going if they grt wrecked once or twice There are two key secrets to success with hoarding for me though: 1) ) don't ever ever add up what you've spent on parts! 2) ) don't let the missus know how many little packages regularly arrive!
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