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  1. Thanks all. Great ideas and i'm going to go the Comical Frog and Brat route as suggested by @Juggular and then get a Frog body....Practically 3 for the price of 2.
  2. So, I fancy a comical version of one of the following icons. Any preference or are they just exactly same with different bodies? 57409 - Lunch Box 58666 - Hornet 58662 - Grasshopper 58673 - Frog Now the idea being is that i'll also buy the "normal" equivalent. At the mo. i'm swaying towards the Frog as i've always wanted to build an ORV chassis. (but then i also fancy the Brat for that!) Cheers Paul
  3. Nice to meet you Jason and thanks for a good deal. I'm delighted with this FAV. Cheers Paul
  4. Hi, I've got a vintage Terra Scorcher that is missing the body shell only. Any idea where I might get one (happy to get a re-re/copy one). Checked ebay and Kamtec but alas can't find anything. I've got a spare original Thunder Dragon shell, but I have already got an original Thunder Dragon and Thunder Shot, so just want the Terra Scorcher to complete the set. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Jason, Replied to PM. Look forward to meeting up. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Jason, I'll offer £110 for the FAV with the electrics, providing we can meet up. I live in Enfield but work in City. LMK. Cheers Paul ps. i can't PM you says you can't receive messages. Inbox full?
  7. Yes,Paypal charge a flat fee of £1.99 PLUS an additional 3.4% when using your associated credit card as a source of funds. See here : https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/cross-border-and-conversion-fees
  8. Hi, I've been trying to place an order using either my visa credit card or my Mastercard. Both have declined for same reason "1139 Authentication Not accepted". Now the only reason I can see, is that the billing address that you enter on their site is round the wrong way. To explain a valid UK address is in format : 99 Some road, Town/city, Postcode, Country However, when inputting billing address on their site it reads: Some road 99, Postcode, Town/city, Country Anyone know how to get round this? Don't want to use Paypal as it negates the savings. Cheers Paul
  9. I've just got a SandMaster from eBay and am pleased with it. Only cost me £30 + P&P. Had to add motor, esc & battery, but all in all i'm chuffed with it. (I do like Kyosho stuff though!). Think it's has some upgrades (turnbuckles, wheels/tyres and strengthened rear shock holder. Doesn't look like it's ever been run though - soon put that right!
  10. Another vote here for tamiya tool set 74085. Had mine a couple of weeks and so much easier with this set. This is a buy once and forget purchase. Got mine from Time Tunnel Models.
  11. Good job. Love all your Kyosho's. Just got my first Kyosho - a Scorpion 2014. Any recommendations for a motor. Not interested in fast, just something that'll be torque'y enough for off-road whilst maintaining the vintage feel. Would love to put a Le Mans in there, but stupid money. Quite like the Tamiya Dirt Tuned?
  12. Well after being so close to pulling the trigger on a Holiday Buggy, I accidently went and bought a Kyosho Scorpion 2014 , which turned up yesterday. Probably will end up will a Holiday Buggy at some point 'cos I do love their look (already got an unbuilt Street Rover). Probably going to order some hop up's for the Scorpion (led lights, roll cage and bucket lights).
  13. Thanks for welcome. Funny you should mention it, but i'm parting with the whole lot, as i've just listed it on eBay (http://r.ebay.com/KRoLMa). I used the manual just to check everything was there (it was). My father-in-law also gave me a vintage Thunder Shot (and another QD Thunder Dragon - already up for sale)), which I also intend to get round to checking out complete and then selling (it looks like the same running gear as the Thunder Dragon, but with different shell and wheels?) These "futuristic" looking cars don't float my boat, much prefer buggies (Sand Scorcher, Beach Buggies, Wild One, FAV's etc) Cheers Paul
  14. Hi, I'm going to order the Holiday Buggy soon along with some bearings. Is there anything else I should be looking to order/do when building. It's going to be used as a fun/basher car whilst I restore some vintage Tamiya's. I've read about upgrading the motor to a 540 ,but what motor in particular? What about the suspension? (not fussed about the holes in the body). Will it need any extra weight as I intend to use li-po 2s to run it, as I have a few of those. Also what are it weaknesses (ie. what breaks easy and what spares should I order?) Cheers Paul
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