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  1. I dunno, my 9t lunchbox wheelies much easier than a silver can
  2. These also do the trick. The proline ones were out of stock when I ordered mine, but I'm more than happy with them and a perfect fit too. http://www.modelsport.co.uk/schumacher-1-10th-truck-2.2-foam-tyre-insert-soft-/rc-car-products/16890
  3. Tyre inserts are already in. Not pro line but some generic ones. Have helped already but still a long way to go.
  4. Well she lastest a whole 30 seconds on my first run before I broke a plastic end on the front right shock. I might have to invest in alloy shock ends if there is suck a thing. I think this brushless set up might be a bit much for the little truck to handle. Any sort of turn at speed will see this girl go flying head over heals! This is with 4000mAh NiMh batteries too. I don't think ill bother going Lipo after seeing it run. A FX10 has to be my next mod. [media=] [/media]
  5. Wow looks like it handles lovely. I like the idea of turning at speed without toppling over! Definitely on the list to do!
  6. Sorry, I can't help with your questions but your truck looks superb. I'd love one of them!
  7. I suppose this story started off in about 1990 when I got a Tamiya Bearhawk as a kid and I loved it. I drove it into a lake and abused it like there was no tomorrow! I was in the toy shop a few months later and I seen the Lunchbox and the promotional video playing above it, I wanted one of them!! I never got one until 2009 when I bought one and built it myself, took me a few evenings but I got there, brought it out to the beach the next say....... and boy was I underwhelmed! (Sorry about the quality!) Not as fast as I remember! So I painted it up but never really played around with it for the next 3 years, it kinda just sat there and gathered dust. Until I got bored one weekend and decided enough was enough. First off was an upgraded engine, I settled on the 23t Supersport BZ as I knew nothing about engines, ESC's, batteries etc. Now we're getting somewhere! So now I caught the bug, Over the last few months I went and bought/installed: 2.4ghz W6 Ansmann Racing system 75mm Ansmann Racing Oil filled shocks all round. 75mm Ansmann Racing 5th shock Ball bearings all round. foam Tyre Inserts Glued Tyres to Rims Ansmann Racing Waterproof Steering servo 2 * 4000mAh NiMH Ansmann Racing Batteries So I took it out for a spin and it felt great, so much smoother and handled (almost) like a dream. I eventually got bored of the BZ motor and wanted badly a brushless system. As I knew nothing about these I wanted to go with an EZRun system but my friend recommended a Etronix Photon 2.0 9t system. I went ahead and ordered it and I just installed it. Fingers crossed it goes as well as it looks, I'm waiting for the batteries to charge right about now. I think the other things left to do if the system matches my expectations are: Wheelie Bar Upgrade of some sort Some sort of lipo Battery Strut Braces Alloy body mounts Futaba-FX10 front end conversion Here's some pictures!
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