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  1. I had a ta02 for fun and not so serious racing at local track in mid 90s, then switched to 1/12 and F1/Indy plus offroad stuff for rest of 90s. Started working at LHS in early 2000, built few TA04 kits and some TL01 kits for customers. We (LHS staff) built a parking lot track next to the store by putting down some white paint, corner disks(tamiya orange ones), and cones. Lots of fun on weekend, seeing people driving/racing r/c cars and having a great time, not full blown serious racing. I had TA04S, it came with carrying case (bright yellow color), I recall there was Corvette and MR-S TA04S kits at the time. Coworkers were Corvette fans, so there were about 4 on the track with same body because that kit came with finished body.
  2. Pretty much the start of the brushless trend.
  3. One thing I learned from the past seeing customers upgrading tmaxx/emaxx/savages and other rc cars from plastic to aluminum parts, if arms were upgraded to aluminum then bulkhead/mount will be next thing to change over to aluminum.
  4. I don't recall this body on a TA02/01 chassis back in early to mid 90s. Is this the first time Tamiya releases a kit with this body?
  5. Looks like a miniz track in the background. Where is this shop?
  6. Great to hear, I will start looking on Asiatees. Can't understand how expensive shipping cost is for RCmart, both stores are in HK I believe.
  7. What's the shop name in WI? Lots of good shops MN during 90s.
  8. The street price for brick and mortar hobby shops in US who are distributed via horizon hobby are 30% off Tamiyausa full retail price. There could be some agreements that stores have to sell at certain price set by their distributor. When I add the shipping cost from rcmart plus the price of tt01e MAN truck, the price is more than the 141.40 usd.
  9. does your throttle servo center anymore? sometimes servo goes bad and won't center, also try cleaning the mech speed control with rubbing alcohol
  10. I don't think active powersport is as good as amain and horizon
  11. I don't order from shops outside of US so my experience is limited. horizon, tower, stormer, amain, hobbytown, sheldons, superiorhobbies, bruckner, bp hobbies, banana hobby. I fly planes too so the last couple shops are plane focused.
  12. Found a battery pack from the garage
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