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  1. I'm letting this collector kit go for a cheap price. It's new in box. I'm in MN and only ships to lower 48 states. Local pickup is available if you live in twincities area, we can find a midpoint place since I'm in North metro. $200 shipped and PayPal please. Thanks for looking. In case you're wondering about my selling/trade history, my ebay ID is daveyokomo. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=daveyokomo
  2. I'm letting go of this rare kit $300, tam 92200, it even has drivers cockpit detail parts, very cool and unique. 94 Castrol Celica WRC PM me for shipping cost, USPS first class or priority whichever is cheaper for the buyer. Shipping weight is going to be close to 8lbs including box and packing material. Unboxing video credits to rcmart https://youtu.be/2mhAMxfAJSA For more info on this kit, see the following official link:https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/off-road-buggies-36450/rc-castrol-celica-94-92200 Thanks for looking, Dave Paypal or fund transfer via bank (Wire transfers - domestic)
  3. 10 years ago I bought 2 Durga kits, one to race leisurely at local tracks and one to keep for parts or hoping kit becomes vintage someday. I had a few Tamiya hop-ups on the racing one, the car drove nicely but I was not super serious with r/c racing at the time; unlike some 20 years ago where I used to race much more in middle and high school with sponsorship. I followed similar approach: asking about the track tires choice, playing with setups (gearing,springs, shock oil, diff lube, etc). DB01 ran strong in sportsman class, I didn't want to spend tons of money on r/c racing. This Tamiya article lists some good performance parts, worth a read even though you got the RR kit. https://www.tamiyausa.com/articles/competition-db01-by-andrew-kuntze-414?article-id=414#.Wj1GNCOnFhE If the goal is to limit shock travel amount, there are few options beside using the carbon high mount shock tower. If the goal is to make the car lighter and more rigid, then carbon shock towers will give you that advantage. If someone ever need DB01 part(s), just shoot me an email or PM. Thanks, Dave
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