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  1. I might have a drive cup laying around... not sure about the servo saver. why would it take so long to grab a servo saver? Gotta be a ton of those laying around.
  2. Great start to what is gonna be a great build. These are such fantastic trucks. I've got one in a box somewhere (no body)... i need to dig it out at some point. Can't wait to see this progress.
  3. Thanks Mongoose! I will finally be able to shake it down this weekend. I'm hoping it runs as good as it looks.
  4. I found ''em, RC Channel. Please post up the shocks and lengths if you get a chance!
  5. what arms are you using? Those look great. Also what brand and size are the shocks??? Great looking build!
  6. I have my Fox's suspension set up to be as stiff as possible, tho I don't run a front sway bar. I've found that the Fox needs the rear to be able to "drift" just a bit to come around on tight turns, so having tires that will do so on the surface you're running on helps. Be sure your front arms, links, etc are dialed in. The thorpe turnbuckle links make this much easier to do. I prefer the Parma front adjustable arms with traxxas turnbuckles.
  7. speedy, I'm down in Charlotte, and I'm totally up for a get together. Perhaps at a track where we can have some fun. I know there's more than a couple popping up as of late.
  8. wow. My mind is blown. simply fantastic. I can't wait to see this one completed.
  9. wow, Jenny what a wonderful rig. Great job girl. You've given me some ideas... Cheers.
  10. sad day for sure. Time to start hoarding parts before they cost an arm and a leg. I was hoping this model would be continued for quite a while.
  11. Oops, didn't see you'd made a decision. Have fun with the build!!!
  12. I'd vote for the Nova Fox. My original fox took a lot of abuse. The old axles were crap, and I have no first hand experience with the new dog bones. I run a full Thorpe setup in mine now, because it's brushless now and a monster. Lol. No matter what, you'll enjoy what ya get.
  13. I know about the C vs E clips on the original and the re-re gear boxes... I'm more interested in the CVD mods.
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