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  1. speedy, I'm down in Charlotte, and I'm totally up for a get together. Perhaps at a track where we can have some fun. I know there's more than a couple popping up as of late.
  2. wow. My mind is blown. simply fantastic. I can't wait to see this one completed.
  3. wow, Jenny what a wonderful rig. Great job girl. You've given me some ideas... Cheers.
  4. sad day for sure. Time to start hoarding parts before they cost an arm and a leg. I was hoping this model would be continued for quite a while.
  5. Oops, didn't see you'd made a decision. Have fun with the build!!!
  6. I'd vote for the Nova Fox. My original fox took a lot of abuse. The old axles were crap, and I have no first hand experience with the new dog bones. I run a full Thorpe setup in mine now, because it's brushless now and a monster. Lol. No matter what, you'll enjoy what ya get.
  7. I know about the C vs E clips on the original and the re-re gear boxes... I'm more interested in the CVD mods.
  8. Max, I'm gonna head into the shop in just a bit. I'll snap a pic of the instructions and post it up.
  9. I see you found the diff which used the stock axles. I prefer the dogbone set up as the hexs get rounded off eventually. I'm hoping to figure out a cv or universal type set up at some point.
  10. That's not a bad price on the counter gear, I think I paid $75 for each if mine. But, that was a hard pull to swallow price wise. I had just eaten a second gear box and already had the axles and outer drive cups. Keep in mind that my fox is brushless and I know how I drive it. I'm not careless or a basher, but I do run it hard, fast and through the air. Lol, so I made up my mind to keep the speed, but that meant paying the price to do so. If you're gonna stay with a brushed set up, you can make the stock gears work and last. Proper grease and shimming goes a long way. Also pay attention to the rear suspension set up as I learned you can stress the diff with too much length in the rear shocks. Good luck and I hope you continue to run as enjoy your Fox.
  11. I have the Thorpe parts list and diagram for the Fox. Finding the parts is way easier with the part numbers as many of the parts are used in other setups (hotshot and supershot I think...)
  12. Let us know how the Nova parts hold up. I'm curious as I'm considering taking my shelf queen fox (the only SQ I have) and making it a brushed runner.
  13. Max I assume this mod would work on hotshot/supershots as well??
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