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  1. That was my first Tamiya ever and i regret having sold it many many times. I do have to say though that the MSC on mine at the time was an older model (with the winded resistor).
  2. I have been in the game for quite some time but nowhere the numbers some of you posted. I have become more selective over time of what i want to add to my humble collection. I buy restoration projects but when i feel they don't fit the bill, sell them off again, latest being a vintage Fox, just because i didn't like it. Now looking for quite some time for a WW or WW2 and/or a Sand Scorcher/Rough Rider but i don't want "nearly new" or "mint shape" projects. I want to be able to revive an old beaten down car, like i did with my previous restoration projects.
  3. Going through my stuff i came across the Transpeed MS 10T. I once bought it to mount into a TA05 ver. II but eventually sold the TA05 chassis so i have no purpose for it and since my overall Tamiya activity is on a low i am not foreseeing to use it at all. It is brand new, never mounted/used in original box with manual. Before i throw it in fleabay wanted to give TC members first right to buy as these are pretty rare and they don't come cheap. I would settle for 70 Euro / 80 USD + shipping. Paypal as a gift preferred. Let me know, DD
  4. Largely depends on what you need. I have some in my stash.
  5. i would restore it to its original glory without changing any parts that are not original. Strip it down, clean, grease and change the switch back to original condition.
  6. And my dad's Cortina and Taunus! The Genk factory didn't have to close but the Ford management was too scared to touch Cologne as their had a CLA and their unions are very strong.
  7. Izegem is a bit off (like 150km off) as i live in Genk, the East of Belgium. Only known for it's former extremely large Ford factory and the local team being the cradle for football players such as De Bruyne and Courtois
  8. i need 2 times 2.6 (or 2.5) mm x 4mm countersunk to fix the main gear of my 2-speed nitro. I am more then willing to pay for shipping, but 10GBP is just over the top. Probably an envelope to BE wouldn't be more than a couple of GBP.
  9. the issue is the shipping costs. whilst shipping 2 of these would be a very small cost, vendors like kay charge 10GBP to get an envelope from the UK to BE.
  10. I know this is maybe an odd request but i need a couple of those ( preferably 3, 2 will do) and can't find them anywhere under a 50 or 80 purchase quantity. Any chance that a TC member has a couple spare? I searched my entire stash but no luck Let me know, DD
  11. I had these on my Top Force until i finally found an original set hicaps which were the correct hopup for an original Top Force. I'll take any reasonable offer and ship worldwide. Paypal as a gift prefered. WYSIWYG.
  12. They came with a Nitro car i bought a couple of days ago. Some research learned me that they are from a Kyosho GP Ultima ST Racing Sports. Will take any reasonable offer and ship worldwide. I accept paypal as a gift.
  13. Well, i found out it is not. This is a Protech XT4 or also an OFNA OB4 or a Hong Nor OB4 or also a Serpent OB4. Bottom line, i bought it and whilst it is partially disassembled, it is absolutely complete with onew ballend broken. Aparently this baby should go very fast. LEt's wait and see.
  14. From the front wheel hubs, this looks like a Kyosho but i cannot pinpoint which model. Anyone has a clue?
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