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  1. Mine have all turned into shelfers over time for various reasons: 1. I spent so much time and effort restoring it that i don't want to risk damaging it 2. Parts are hard or impossible to come by if i damage something 3. Time constraints Fact is that apart from my TA04S converted into TRF, almost all of my cars are Tamiya vintage originals and the only one i run occasionally is a Protech XT4 nitro. Also vintage but i have no emotional attachment with it, bought it for cheap just out of curiosity, it is fun to drive and very very fast and last but not least, it is quite robust, actually better quality than your average Tamiya and if i crash it eventually it is good for the bin as parts are impossible to come by.
  2. i like this build a lot. It's like a smal adventure. Keep it going!
  3. I am looking for some parts to bring a Kyosho GP Ultima RB back to live that i recently acquired. Specifically, i am looking for the spur gear and clutch parts, one of the steering rods, and possibly wheels and body. If anybody has them, let's talk. An entire donor chassis would be considered too. Leading the quality transformation of all global operating units within the PowerQuality Product product portfolio.ď‚·Driving systemic and operational problem solving
  4. I actually have a brand-new set for sale here
  5. I can really relate to the posts above around prices. I have always been on the hunt for "near-death" vintage model to safe and bring it back to its original grace loving the chase at times more than the catch. I bought Avante's for 50 Euro and several of the other classics too. Nowadays however, everything is way overpriced. Everyone who bumps into an old Tamiya RC on the attic, one of the classics or not, instantly think they have struck gold and is expecting gold. It made the hunt a lot less fun for me and has nothing to do with how much i can afford to pay for it, but how much a realistic price is to me. In any case, there are a couple of models that i definitely want to get at some point in time, an SRB for sure and a WW or WW2. I am still convinced that sooner or later i will bump into an affordable one...
  6. Brand new never used. 25 Euro + shipping cost.
  7. Hey Wez, still looking for these? I have a brandnew set of white lightweight wheels. Interested?
  8. No problem. I will make you some sharp closeup pics tomorrow and post them in this thread. I also have the You-G front and rear shocks on mine. There was also a You-G blue alu sidebar hop-up to complete the set but i haven't across that one for sale but if i do, i would buy it instantly. I bought this car new middle of the 80's. It was my 2nd Tamiya, my first one was a Sand Rover. Never knew where that went.
  9. I like it a lot. It is a great tribute to the Dynastorm. One of my all time favourites. Mine is still fully original except for the front arms which are the Nimrod carbon reinforced versions. It used to have the Nimrod lower deck but i went back to the original.
  10. Blasphemy! Who would ever want to convert an original Avante 2001 into an Egress?
  11. The really good finds are the accidental ones, such as the Novak that came with this Dynastorm. The car was an excellent find on its own but it came with a couple of very nice extras such as this ESC. Fully functional and in great shape. On this pic, the Dyna is fully restored. This was definitely not the shape it was in when i bought it
  12. i still have some Dynastorm slipper clutch parts in my stash. Let me know what you are still missing and i will have a look.
  13. There used to be a hopup for that from You-G. I have it on mine.
  14. Cleaning up my stash: 2 Marui Hyper Traction 800-320VR block tires. No visible sidewall cracks. 10 Euro + shipping.
  15. Have you checked the receiver output, e.g., if the steering servo works fine, have you switched the steering servo connection and the ESC connection on the receiver around? To determine if it is in the TX/RX area or the ESC?
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