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  1. Cleaning up my stash: 2 Marui Hyper Traction 800-320VR block tires. No visible sidewall cracks. 10 Euro + shipping.
  2. Have you checked the receiver output, e.g., if the steering servo works fine, have you switched the steering servo connection and the ESC connection on the receiver around? To determine if it is in the TX/RX area or the ESC?
  3. Cleaning up my stash. 35 Euro each excluding shipping. 90 Euro excluding shipping if you buy all three of them together.
  4. This can be archived. Motor has been sold.
  5. I don't think you can exchange the metal parts separately. I do have a couple of Acto's. I will have a look tonight. To my knowledge, the endbell needs to be replaced as a whole. Why would you want to replace it? HAve the wire tabs broken off?
  6. Unfortunately not. The Sand Rover was from before TC times in the late 80's and i haven't got a single pic of it anymore.
  7. I made mine of styrene at the time, painted it black and added foam strips on the bottom so it sealed off the gearbox properly. It did work great.
  8. Bumping this again. I thought about assembling it in my TA04 but i don't have an ESC that could handled that motor and honestly, wouldn't know which Tamiya ESC could.
  9. Actually, it was an official hopup. My first Tamiya was a Sand Rover. It came with a 380 but there was a hopup bracket to mount a 540. I eventually equipped it with a RX540 Technipower which made it fly. Unfortunately i sold it at the time, something i do regret dearly now but i do remember that i built a custom gearbox cover as it was open and collected a lot of dirt and sand when running it. I have searched quite some time to buy one again but never got to it. Lately, my Tamiya activities are on a low but recently, been thinking about picking it up again.
  10. That was my first Tamiya ever and i regret having sold it many many times. I do have to say though that the MSC on mine at the time was an older model (with the winded resistor).
  11. I have been in the game for quite some time but nowhere the numbers some of you posted. I have become more selective over time of what i want to add to my humble collection. I buy restoration projects but when i feel they don't fit the bill, sell them off again, latest being a vintage Fox, just because i didn't like it. Now looking for quite some time for a WW or WW2 and/or a Sand Scorcher/Rough Rider but i don't want "nearly new" or "mint shape" projects. I want to be able to revive an old beaten down car, like i did with my previous restoration projects.
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