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  1. It's hard to find one of these short carbon chassis,Xray m18 is old now. I've Google and surf on eBay and was lucky enough to get one at a local rc club, so good luck to you finding one mate.
  2. Here's some thoughts on the TGB Porsche 959 1/18 lexan body; I am very happy that they make them this size, it's not 959 rally looks but actually it's a copy of the "normal" 959. But with the excellent decals from mci_racing they make a great combination so many thanks to TGB and *******! That all said, this one is for bashing, already have ordered new body for shelf queen. Thanks for watching and enjoy my beauty shot. Cheers.
  3. Well, it's such a "large" body so it's finished all ready lol. Final round: Aaaahhhhh, sexy Size does matter... It's all in the family...
  4. @Tamiya1/10: It's 1/18 scale. @matman: Go for it mate but this body only fits on a 140mm wheelbase, I believe the pro is 150mm.
  5. Thanks folks for all nice reactions, starting with less nicer works, masking. What I did was sticking the side stripes decals on to protecting foil of the lexan body to know where the white and the blue colors comes together, makes masking a bit easier. Not to worry, I can re-use the decals later, they are so tough it shouldn't be a problem. Blue applied.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Tamiya Porsche 959 but I love it even more when it's smaller than Tamiya one, so let's shrink the sucker :-) Starting with a Xray m18, make it shorter with new carbon chassis plate (wheelbase 140mm).Adding ***** 959 body and nicely printed decals.
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