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  1. A set of 4 white CVA shocks for my HCT shelf queen arrived today, thanks to @toyolien.
  2. Arrived safe and sound today, thank you. Gratefully received and destined for my Honda City Turbo 👍
  3. If you do run out of projects and you would like one of mine, then don’t hesitate to let me know 👍
  4. Work is starting to slow down for me now, pretty much as I anticipated to be fair and by the end of next week it’ll be tumble weed in my office. However 9am-6pm with no travelling is a joy, with 1 designated job around the house and then an evening, a real novelty for now. Progressively setting different things up for the kids to do, stretching it out. I reckon next week, exercising will almost certainly start and some Tamiya. Kidda work, wife/kids, house, then me.
  5. Are you going to sell the white CVA shock set?
  6. The radio box does not have a rubber seal of any sort.
  7. That’s a fabulous looking Blitzer 💥
  8. I’m still working flat out, but this is my 2nd weekend off this year so I can get some of the house jobs jobbed and set up distractions up for the kids. This will please my wife and I now know 2nd time round that ‘happy wife = happy life’ Might even get some Tamiya time next weekend!
  9. Watching with interest and intrigue 👍
  10. A quality plan, a little Tamiya a day keeps the boredom away 👍
  11. I’ll do some jobs around the house and garden, kinda 1 or 2 a day pace and a little bit of Tamiya hopefully each day as well. I won’t finish what’s in the cupboard so I shouldn’t buy anything either. Ideally finish setting up the LB 1st and then some paint and then finish the WW2. Hopefully post a couple of projects out and maybe sell a couple on. All famous last words of course 😉
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