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  1. I feel smarter by osmosis now having caught with this thread 😂
  2. Great, fun, as always - the bar it set high. Mrs F is a keeper for sure 😎
  3. Love this! Hope you are feeling better 👍
  4. One of my favourite runners in years gone by. We ran ours very hard and a lot, for many years, beaches, car parks, ramps, golf courses - the lot. Box standard with rarely any issues or repairs needed and with little or no maintenance, not quite bomb proof but close in our experience.
  5. It is really coming along well.
  6. Absolutely superb in every way 👏
  7. Let’s say ‘expensive, but worth it’ 😂
  8. I live just over a mile away and it’s a something occasionally my daughters would come to with me, next year will be just me and wife 2, wife 1 wasn’t interested 😂
  9. Felt like a worth while punt @ £13.50 including delivery…
  10. I’ve just booked my 16 year old BMW in for an MOT next month 😳
  11. The blue and chrome work well together. I might have some KC decals buried somewhere, happy to look and send some to you if you need any.
  12. Thanks Kev, just ordered a couple. I’d be interested to see your chassis mod as well, if you don’t mind?
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