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  1. My kids had some similar joke loo’s and if squidged the poo with your finger, it made a farting sound 😂
  2. They are a heavy car and prone to tipping over when you turn, I think a ST will be plenty in it 👍
  3. Great looking model, just shouts out ‘fun’ to me 👍
  4. Looks great as it is! Shame to paint and cover up all the goodness underneath it 👍
  5. Great fun this chassis imo, I’ve had a few WW2’s and a few other variants over the years. To me it’s a bit like a Lunchbox in so far I think everyone should have had at least one in their Tamiya hobby time at some point.
  6. Not much, struggling with work load but packed up the Honda last night ready to send out to its new owner. Enjoying all the TC threads and input from new members as well as regulars.
  7. This looks really good. Have you had a razz around the garden yet with it?
  8. I realised today I haven’t driven a Tamiya since last August 🤦
  9. I’d say finish the JK 1st for quality time with your son and then the Mini is for quality you time.
  10. Just sold my Honda City Turbo. I’ve really enjoyed owning it, but I didn’t want to run it and I don’t really want anymore shelf queens. Having bought a Lunchbox recently I felt it was time to rehome this one. Keeps me @ 10 Tamiya, 5 Rere & 5 Vintage 👍 , so I’m not hard done by 😂
  11. Prices have been pretty bonkers across the range for a while now, but that is Charlie Bananas! Unfortunately I don’t have any of these lurking in my wardrobe otherwise they would definitely be getting sold 😂
  12. Ist bit of Tamiya for feels like a while, but not really...just relisted my Honda City Turbo for sale on eBay with better pictures and a revised price. Just missed selling it by £5 last time round ! Intense workload and packing for our house move along with several other spinning plates take priority right now, not complaining but definitely looking forward to less pressure and dramas asap!
  13. So many good threads to catch up on 👍 However, it is Valentines and we are going to do some packing today, so TC will be a treat for later 😊
  14. Superb thread! Great colour combo as well with the red and black 👍
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