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  1. Well I bit the bullet last night and I bought some Pro Line Sand Paws tyres for the rear and some Ribbed tyres for the front. The idea is too use my Blitzer but the temptation to buy another Lunchbox is lurking in the back ground 👍.
  2. That looks really decent, I’d be tempted not to sticker it up and just revel in the glory of the chrome 💥
  3. Thanks everyone for looking in and for contributing 👍 If I was buying then the Lunchbox would probably be my 1st choice now, cheap, reliable and not much metal to rust or corrode. Or maybe if the budget stretched to it a SRB that was a little play worn already as they look the part on the beach. However fortunately I have a decent ReRe Blitzer Beetle sitting in a wardrobe that I didn’t pay much for and it is one of my favourite all round chassis to run. Must put some Sand Paws on my Christmas list 😊
  4. It’s coming up 136 x 64. I don’t want anything for it Barney. Happy to post it to you FOC.
  5. Interesting answers guys. I hadn’t considered a wheelie for the beach! And the Rising Fighter and Mad Bull are really good value Tamiya.
  6. I often day dream of running a Tamiya on the beach, it very rarely happens these days but the prospect that I will find time to again helps keep me sane. In the past my most enjoyed beach runners have been a Blackfoot Xtreme and my rere Sand Scorcher. I have a Blitzer Beetle in my wardrobe that I think would be great for the beach and I have bought countless Wild Ones and then not wanted to run them as I didn’t want to spoil them. So my TC friends my questions are- 1. Best budget beach runner 2. Best money no object beach runner What do you run and what would you buy? Gratuitous sunny beach shots welcome 😊
  7. I think the cover to the RHS might be what you are looking for?
  8. I might have this items, I’ll have a look tonight if I don’t get back to late and let you know.
  9. I’m looking forward to the build thread on this BD 👍 If I had the spare time or cash I’d buy an XV01 for sure.
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