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  1. For me Iā€™d say just out of basic reliable fun, Blackfoot Xtreme and Lunchbox. Very closely followed by Stadium Thunder and WW2. All easy to maintain, robust and fun to run.
  2. I read on TC a member would just used the kit bushing instead of bearings when he took any RC to the beach and I thought was a smart idea šŸ‘
  3. Feeling ambitious, just order a replacement passport šŸ˜‚. Looking to get two overseas holidays in next year all things being well šŸ˜Ž
  4. Packed and sent out the Konghead today. It looked great and it has definitely been one of my top 3 Tamiya models to run šŸ‘
  5. There are some Tamiyas that are must have in my mind and an SRB is definitely one of them, especially the Sand Scorcher šŸ‘
  6. Thanks Kev šŸ‘ Honestly not so Tamiya bothered at the moment, happy to move a few along for others people to use and enjoy. Enjoying TC as it keeps my hand in and I can enjoy the hobby vicariously until another time šŸ’„
  7. Ah yes young @turnip rescued my Sand Scorcher after some beach fun šŸ˜³ Before that I always ran our Blackfoot Xtreme šŸ˜Š
  8. Well my Konghead was sold last night so it will get packed and sent out shortly. Genuinely sorry to see this one go, I think it has probably been my most enjoyable Tamiya to date. Pointless keeping it for another day imo, too many other bigger things on the agenda that need my time and focus 1st.
  9. A bump on this one before I put it on eBay šŸ‘
  10. A bump before it goes onto eBay @ the weekend šŸ’„
  11. A bump before it goes on e Bay this coming Saturday šŸ‘
  12. Now sold ā˜¹ļø Will miss this one for sure šŸ¤¦ Consolation comes in the fact it will get used and enjoyed šŸ‘ Black Lunchbox next šŸ‘
  13. My 1st time selling on eBay since the rules changed...I just accepted an offer but the buyer has 4 days to pay but the listings is no longer live šŸ˜³
  14. Looking at the advice above and thinking of some ground clearance, then the GF01 would be my choice. Iā€™d prefer to take the GF06 but the prospect of cleaning it and sand getting into every component put me off šŸ˜‚
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