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  1. 99% reassembled the HCT last night whilst watching Fast and Loud. Just need to test the gearbox, fit the steering wheel, give it a wipe and then I’ll list it on Sunday if times allows. Looking forward to putting the Wild One on the mat next and checking it over.
  2. Nice easy evening reassembling the HCT, bearings all round, body parts refitted just a little more to complete and job done 💥. I’ll hopefully complete it @ the weekend.
  3. I've reduced my spares right down progressively over the last 4-5 years as I have had less and less time to tinker or run the cars. As the need for spares has reduced enormously- I try and buy only what I need as and when I need it now. Like most of us I have Tupperware of black Tamiya spares and a tub full of screws etc of which both come in handy for Tamiya Club members, myself and the odd DIY fix at home I have managed myself off the wheel and tyre collecting element of the hobby- where you literally end up with more wheels and tyres than you would ever expect to use! Every now and then I buy the odd hop up as a bit a of treat as I am not over run with cars, kits or spares- but it is a slippery slope I am trying not to go down.
  4. Put the HCT gearbox back together 5 screws and 6 bearings- it is so smooth and quiet. The simplest of tasks but none the less very satisfying. Hopefully a little more can be done this evening 😉
  5. Hi waterbok, Can you remember the which spring set you put on the front at all? I’d like to get some as the standard springs are just a bit too soft. All the best Simon
  6. Well my daughter has said I can drive her Lunchbox and continue to tinker with which is sweet of her- stiffer front springs is 1st on the list. Pulled the trigger on a new Wild One front bumper, the plan being to turn it back to stock and maybe sell it on 50/50 on this plan 🤦 Bearings arrived today for the Honda City Turbo today so the plan is have a bit of quiet time one evening this week and reassemble it- again with a view to moving it a long- time for a change? Just realised season 3 of Rust Valley restorers is on Netflix so will watch that when everyone’s in bed.
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. I jumped on eBay and bought one today. All the best Simon
  8. Thanks Sven, that’s awesome. I have just found them for sale, so if it is a hassle to post it out then don’t worry. My brain wasn’t functioning particularly well yesterday I should have looked in line before asking 🤦
  9. Chris if it’s a hassle to find and post I’ve found them online now with @67CamaroSS info so please don’t put yourself out 👍
  10. That’s great Chris, thank you. I’ll happily cover postage as well. All the best Simon
  11. I am looking for a new standard Silver can 540 motor please. Cheap as possible please- just looking swap the motor in my Wild One before putting it up for sale. Happy to trade parts if I have anything useful. All the best Simon
  12. Hi All, I need a ReRe Wild One front bumper please. Looking for as new looking as possible please. I can’t remember the other models that use the same part, but if anyone knows then please let me know! Thank you Simon
  13. Sold my NIB Lunchbox, decided that I’ll use my daughters for the odd time I would drive it and hers is a nicely hopped up dust collecter- better ask her 1st 😂 Inc my daughters LB I’m back down to 10 Tamiya which suits me better. 5 Vintage and 5 Re-re’s. 1 left to restore and some fettling on others but no massive time sinks or money pits 💥
  14. Now on the bay of plenty 😊
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