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  1. Quality stuff. I really like the clear deck at the rear as well
  2. This looks superb as I have come to expect from your builds, the attention to detail and neatness is enviable. I have a CGH NIB to build which I am looking forward to building at some stage.
  3. I’d be interested in a price of the chassis delivered to the UK without the wheels.
  4. It is very easy to get obsessed and spends a lot of cash on any model. I would keep it simple and add bearings and alloy body posts- enjoy it and then develop it as you go a long, that way you know what you have, what you are working with and you will have a true measure of the improvements that you have made. There is a really good YouTube video by 1 of the TC'ers with cheap or free mods by Shenco well worth watching- I've had 9 LB's now and my daughters is pretty well specced with bearings, lights, torque tuned motor, alloy body posts, CVA's, 5th shock mod, uprated wheelie bar, etc, etc- does she care no she just likes it- the mods were all about me. I am just about to build a NIB which will start out almost bog standard and then over the next few years it will get run and run and slowly developed.
  5. We had an XB built WW2 as well, we used run it quite a lot and it stood to the rights of family life faultlessly 👍
  6. I’ve got a NIB LB kit to build and I like the idea of buying the AmPro fitting but the cost always put me off. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying one though. Is the diff lock worth buying?
  7. I always fit my ESC on the rear rising wall of the bucket which works well for me.
  8. Buy the GT3 C for £40 delivered from China. It the best value handset and you won’t have to trade up from it. Comes with its own battery pack and a 10 r/x memory.
  9. Packed and sent out the recently sold Super Champ yesterday. Back down to 12 cars which is good, pondering over another potential sale and purchase at the moment. I’m might move a wheelie along as I have 5, 2 which are waiting to be built and then replace it with the M05 chassis I would like to buy.
  10. That's great, but it will come down to price- the 84424 is the Pro which I don't want. If you supply the kit at a lower cost then Time Tunnel as in my original post, then by all means let me know. UK, NIB delivered under £87/88 is the brief.
  11. I am going to buy one of these shortly, but it is worth asking to see if anyone has a kit or chassis they want to move along. The 2CV, NSU and MX-5 kits are £87-£88 delivered without an ESC from Time Tunnels, my plan is to sell the body kit, decals and possibly the wheels as I won't have use for them. Let me know by pm please if you have something for sale or if you will have any interest in buying the redundant parts as that will have a bearing on which kit I buy. All the best Simon
  12. I bought a Mini body shell and I just sold my spare Super Champ- happy days
  13. I've just pulled the trigger on the body shell, it was the last one in stock so I jumped in quick. That's a good shout on the MF01X, but honestly it has never struck any interest in me. I think it will be an M05 for the Mini as it is cheap to buy, FWD and almost but not quite a front mounted engine. I really like the M06 as well, the idea of a big fat engine hanging out the back of the Mini makes me think of the Haybusa engined Minis a few years ago. In the long run I want one of the those HPI Datsun 510A as well, the look so good! But that is definitely mid to long term.
  14. Utter genius these repairs, proper old skool fixes out of your dads shed 👍 The models have gained some weight with the extra metal in them now but hey so have I as I’ve got older and more broken 😂 Hope you are well, it’s been a while 👌
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