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  1. My wife rang me as she saw the blood stains in the garden and then rang me whilst I was waiting for the stitches to be done 😂
  2. Sadly not RCing, couldn’t use CA as it wouldn’t have worked as the wound is at the base of the finger were it joins my hand.
  3. Yep, 2nd days DIY in a longtime but all’s well. Got that job done and pleased with my weekends labour.
  4. I enjoy the regular photos of your showroom, and in particular the M38 group shots 👍
  5. I just showed my wife the pictures of your workroom, I can’t repeat her exact words but let’s just say she was impressed 😂
  6. 4 stitches in the base of my finger 😳 Thank you NHS for putting sewing me back up 💥 Amazing people and I’m very grateful 👍
  7. A really good kit choice 👍 Great looking and really nice to run as well.
  8. Lovely thread and great sharing. I don’t have a space to share, but when I have I will 👍
  9. I quick look this morning shows a cost of £45 give or take a little, this is without insurance though.
  10. Well we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel with our house. Scaffolding has just been taken down and both the builder and decorators finished next week, so I’ve spent my day doing DIY, still quite a bit to do but I would say we are on the home stretch and the best part 90% there. My god has it been slow, expensive and trying 🤦
  11. Is it worth considering finishing the motor bike and some of the static kits before pulling the trigger on another kit?
  12. Sorry to read about your back still giving you jip Jeremy. Hope it gets sorted out ASAP. I’d go for a Grasshopper as it’s such a classic, but not much of a build for you.
  13. New price to clear £100 collected or + £15 posted in the U.K fully insured. UK only. No offers. Paypal gift or plus fees.
  14. Fantastic photos! 4th one is my favourite 👍
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