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  1. Great thread this and it’s got some legs on it as well πŸ‘
  2. If was me I’d try some very fine sand paper on the new paint to try and age it a bit or maybe a very thin coat of light paint to give it a washed out faded look. Then I would run it in the dirt, get some scuffs on it and keep it dirty.
  3. I’m pretty sure @mongoose1983 is a big fan as well if these πŸ‘
  4. Search - Tamiya In - Radio Control and RC Toys I only ever buy used and in the UK - personal preference πŸ‘
  5. Good shout, I’m fairly close to the end my never ending jobs...then I can get listing as well πŸ‘
  6. Nice, hope the listing goes well πŸ‘
  7. One of my all time favourite chassis’.
  8. Absolutely brilliant on every level πŸ‘
  9. This was in my doorstep when I got home today -
  10. Arrived home to this today - Rere Fire Dragon, servo, ESC, bearings, after market shocks and the kit CVA’s. Small split to the rear corner of the shell, looks like one of the cheap, thin, prepainted shells similar to the red Toyota GF-01.
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