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  1. It does seem a shame JB to make it a shelf Queen again, you had a lot fun running it and there will less guilt next time.
  2. This superbly filmed, I’ve seen it before and made my wife watch it 😂 Simoly brilliant, why wouldn’t you buy a LB after watching that 😳
  3. Just superb, great opening shots and classy all the way through. A SC doing what it was meant to do 💥
  4. That’s very cool, a nice mixture of terrains and a beautiful location. The sheep dog is a great touch too 😂
  5. That’s a quality video, it goes to show you can have a lot of fun with the more accessible lower cost models as well.
  6. It looks so cool in the opening shots, even though it is not moving! The perfect terrain for it as well.
  7. Got up @ 4am today as there’s a lot going on at the moment. But anyway started the masking of the HCT shell and realised how involving it is!
  8. Superb video, doubly superb when the 2 KC are in the same shots. . The Jump in the closing frames is a classy way to sign off!
  9. Amazing location- Hog Heaven! Great Video too I can see why it is your favourite.
  10. Made a start on dismantling the body shell ready to mask up another evening. Fast ‘n’ Loud and Tamiya, quality Monday evening 💥
  11. This is cool as well, simple effective detailing and the lights are just right. It looks very capable- a fun truck for sure!
  12. That’s very cool, immediately make me want one!
  13. Interesting reading this, I tried getting my Super Champ with its vintage servos and msc to run using my Flysky radio set a couple of months ago. No signs of life of any description. Sold the car, kept the radio gear.
  14. Yes I will definitely get another BB, I’ve had 7 over the years, 4 BB and 3 Stadium Thunders. It’s model I keep coming back to, but I’ll keep the next one and aside from that I love air cooled VDubs 👍 Great video choice as well, made me chortle on train 😂
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