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  1. I’d like to buy a King Cab, anything considered. Runner, wreck or shelf queen. Thank you Simon (UK)
  2. I think the WW2 wheels were in chrome to tie it into the original WW which had chrome wheels on box art picture. I suspect most WW owners left the wheels white out of ease and cost. But I do think the chrome wheels make it more fun visually as a toy grade car, if it had authentic style wheels it would have been less appealing to parents and kids.
  3. I’m pretty sure I have all 4 parts in my spares, but I won’t be able to check until next Tuesday when I get home.
  4. The problem Jen is having is that model wood not run.....
  5. Hi Ritchie, I’ll pm you. All the best Simon
  6. I’m struggling to picture the BB on a DT03 chassis, the body shell is big, tall and heavy. It would be able to sit lower though which would make it look more realistic.
  7. My rere SRB gearbox became tarnished after running it in the surf and in the sand. I figured it was a standard pot metal reaction with a corrosive substance.
  8. I guess with a boomer you throw into a corner and it just naturally comes straight back to you? 😉
  9. I really enjoyed watching the film last night Mokei thanks for sharing the link. It is amazing how many of the vehicles were turned into RC models back in the day and how the sport caught the imagination of hobby, which still holds true today.
  10. I definitely don’t any, nice save by NIAM!
  11. I wonder if the BB body could be mounted in the clone Bruiser chassis.
  12. Doc, I’m pretty sure I don’t have those parts now I’ve sen the picture. I was rummaging last night for someone else on TC and I don’t recall seeing this bits buddy.
  13. Doc post a picture up of the part and I’ll have a look tonight for you.
  14. It will never happen as a rere imo. Too expensive, too heavy, too old fashioned and limited appeal world wide at the price point I reckon. I think a rehash has some slim possibility, watered down and stuffed on Bruiser type chassis. I’ll ask my wife she is always right 😂
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