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  1. I’ll 2nd that ⬆️
  2. Is it because the car is heavier @ the back?
  3. Food for thought @Saito2 It’s and easy one for me to answer, it the model is vintage and destined only for shelf duty then MSC’s, 2nd servo and resistors complete the car in my mind. However if I want to run it then I would choose ESC’s and modern radio gear to hopefully keep the model in one piece 😂
  4. Nothing hugely exciting, but I’ve just bought the 2 part chassis plates for my Sand Scorcher, decided to stick with vintage as my wallet is hurting this month 😂
  5. This might be the truck is in such condition everywhere else ⬆️
  6. I know, I know, it’s not very TC but I’m not especially cultured either 😂 Does anyone on TC have one or owned one and run it? I want to know more please!
  7. 4 new tyres for the SS, I don’t need the rears but as all 4 delivered was £13 I thought I might as well 👍
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