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  1. I’ve got an ultrasonic cleaner and I use it religiously on any strip down, both for metal and small plastic parts. Mine came with a jewellery cleaner fluid that works well enough imo.
  2. A bump before this goes on eBay @ the weekend 👌
  3. A bump before they go on eBay this weekend 💥
  4. Now sold, thanks @Andyfish2000 Always a pleasure catching up with you 👍
  5. As you see it, never used. Surplus to requirement. £7.50 posted in the UK.
  6. As you see them lightly used shock set with NIP TRF O ring set to fit. The shocks did leak and these O rings are the TC recommendation to solve the leaking. Surplus to requirement now. £15 posted in the UK.
  7. I bought these as for my Sand Scorcher and never used them. They are mint and a really nice bit of kit. £25 posted UK
  8. Great tips gang, thank you. 2 cars sold artr and one car sold as a rtr bundle. Thinking on selling 1 more car this year as I like even numbers, but a little unsure as to which one to rehome. Possibly a Wheelie as I have 4 variants of these, but then they are such great models...
  9. Got a message this morning to say FAV2 arrived safely and we have a happy chappy as the new owner.
  10. Packed FAV2 tonight ready to be sent to its new owner @Only4Fun 💥 And brought the reserved RR wheel set down for collection by @Andyfish2000 sometime next week 👍
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