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  1. My Blazing Blazer rood turned up which I’m really pleased about.
  2. I bought a cheap Blitzer Beetle to go with the other one in my wardrobe 😂
  3. There has always been a history of bonkers asking prices, but there seems to be a lot of listings now with prices that I think are punching well above their weight. But I’ve had plenty of good deals over the years and they are still out there, some bought and some missed recently too 👍
  4. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this modest project and I have come close to selling it a couple of times. But at the weekend I settled on drab olive and new stickers as the way forward, with a freshen up of the driver. It will still be a while before it gets a look in, but for now it’s staying 👍
  5. Much more than a Sports tuned and NiMHs I struggle to enjoy driving anything tbh. I don’t want to keep breaking and repairing my cars anymore, it gets time consuming and expensive.
  6. Great trucks, strong as anything. It’s a waste wrecking it though as they are coming hard to find in good order. I’d keep it nice or sell it tbh.
  7. I bought a Blazing Blazer front roof section last night as it had the elusive piece that fits under the leading front edge. I could have gone Shapeways but I don’t have to now which suits me much better. I’ve had this BB 4 years, it is in great original shape and ripe for a light restoration sometime in the future.
  8. In the BBC new today it says Which discovered only 1 in 20 offers was really a genuine Black Friday deal ☹️
  9. A pair of Sand Paws for my Blitzer Beetle. Just need to pick up a spare set of rims as and when they reappear on eBay.
  10. Don’t forget your nitro RC with their blow plugs 🤪
  11. Thankfully there’s never 20% off the items I would buy 🤪
  12. Hi Barney, It went in the post 1st class yesterday. All the best Simon
  13. A pair of Ribbed Proline front tyres with foam inserts. Old stock for sure but £10 delivered I can live with 👍.
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