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  1. Flat olive paint for my WW2, a TC recommendation 👍
  2. I like the look of the Comicals, but the WW2 wins every time for me. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve never tired of it as a model, it was one of the few models I’ve regretted selling and then replaced. Lots of customisation possibilities and mods, but it looks great box art and is fun to run with just a set of bearings as an upgrade.
  3. Ok so I have put a self imposed ban on eBay, specifically Tamiya searching. I end up buying models I have no hope of ever getting round to doing anything useful with and then I have the time loss of selling them on, instead of spending that time doing something useful with a model I already have. It’s gonna be tough, tantrums, tears...but it has to be done 😂
  4. Thanks WC, no not yet just a quick test drive today to see if I liked it. My plan is to pick this one back up soon.
  5. Had a quick play today in the street. It’s runs and is fun, will get the kids out using the standard silver can, chipped wheels and battered shell. And then sort of work backwards from there. I promised myself to sort out the WW2 steering before getting distracted by any other Tamiya 😂 Love the ESC’s, colourful and retro much more interesting than my others to look at.
  6. My wife is keen to get 2 of our children out with a car each which is great news for me 👍 I’ll dropped the ball yesterday and missed the only HPI Peugeot 106 Shell in the UK which was really stupid 🙈 Are there any other known options? I want to keep this wheel base really, keep the budget low and I’d prefer a hatch back or rally style shell if possible.
  7. Bought the paint today. Hopefully I will get time to adjust the steering this weekend, then just paint when the warmer weather arrives.
  8. I bought another set of wheels for my Blitzer Beetle to mount my beach tyres on.
  9. That settles it for me then XT60 on the modern stuff which is all modestly powered and Molyneau on the period shelf duty models.
  10. I still run NImh batteries and then only once in a blue moon. The swap over was more to rid myself of the Molyneaux connections as they are a pain in the butt. I’ll leave the vintage models alone as they are only for shelf duty.
  11. This has made me think about using XT90’s instead of my proposed XT60’s. I can see the 90 is bigger but is it to big? Which one is the better choice?
  12. Had a small amount of time last night to check the car out in more detail. Radio gear, both ESC’s and all 3 servo’s work and it runs around the house quickly. 2 extra sets of wheels and tyres, 1 wheel in 2 sets is badly chipped, but the tyres are all decent enough. The chassis is in good shape and It has CVA’s. The box is in great order, both motors look to be hop ups, that just leaves one loose motor to test now and hopefully a run in the street at the weekend. So all in all not to bad for £45 and an hour and half round trip to pick it up.
  13. Well I cleaned up the heavily damaged shell, the front is battered and split. I’ll test the existing electrics and spares next, throw away whatever is dead and then look to give it a run at the weekend.
  14. Dropped the Blitzer off for the courier to collect tomorrow. Used baby wipes to clean up the batter Corolla body shell.
  15. Yes it’s that Tamiya delusion..I’ve been around long enough to know almost any resto is a money pit 😂.
  16. Packed the sold Blitzer Beetle ready to send off. Collected a grubby, beaten up WRC Corolla to hopefully run.
  17. The box says it’s a TA03F-S and the wheel base measures up at 235mm.
  18. I just ordered one of these, looks like a great idea 👍
  19. I’ve just sold my spare Super Champ steering rods and I’m now wondering if I should have kept the for my WO. Enjoy supper 👌
  20. I’ve just reread this and I used to race 106 Rallye which would be super cool to replicate 1/10 style.
  21. It’s come back up for sale so I’ve made a bid 👍
  22. They are really under whelming the steering arms as well. They look they need beefing up imo.
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