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  1. The KC is way cooler, although MR is far prettier. Looking good already @jonboy1 👍
  2. Yes definitely in road imo. All though another TC member changed his back tyres for a blast in the beach 😂
  3. Packed and sent off the Wild One to its new home, a royal pain in the backside with DHL today
  4. One of these sold last Sunday in need of restoration within a few hours @ £1100 on a 'Buy it now.' It looked complete and pretty good but in need of a nut and bolt strip down. The bits to look out for are- 1. The bonnet usually has a split where the front mount goes through it 2. The front wing tips usually get broken off 3. The roll cage can punch out the mounting points when it rolls 4. The rear lights are the 1st thing to get lost and the hardest part to buy as vintage and not resin repo 5. The roll cages usually have broken mounting points Other than that the roof and the servo cage are specific to this model. Hope that helps. Simon
  5. So mid Jan update- The Honda is as about finished as I want it to be, but if it stays in my procession then I will fit some mesh to the many front bumper and bonnet apertures and some leds front and rear, I might even try my hand at painting the drivers face as it is severely lacking right now. But next time eBay has a £1 selling fee offer then this little gem will go up for sale. The Wild One and my spares have now just been sold, so that puts some cash and time back in the hobby kitty, which is a nice place to be and edges my model count down to 9 for now. Now I’m thinking more about the things I have that I want to learn about, lexan, soldering and lipos.
  6. Am I allowed to say ex-wife, 5 teenagers and a new wife? 😉 Between them, there is little free time or money for RC 😂
  7. The R5 Turbo is still a thing of beauty even now 40+ years later 👍
  8. A couple of questions Matty as my cutter arrived yesterday 👍 ( £3.15 delivered from eBay). Do you fit the body shell to the chassis to set the ride height and then mark the wheel arch cut out using the diameter of the wheel plus a couple of MM’s for clearance?
  9. I accepted an offer on my Wild One this morning, just waiting for the item to be paid for now. I’ll try and not spend the proceeds straight away on another Tamiya 🤦 But as the WO was my next project that kinda does justify the WW2 kit I am hankerings after or do I buy a chassis for my Phat Mini body and try my hand at lexan...
  10. I think drivers add something positive to the models and make them more interesting and realistic. It’s the same as detailing for me, it takes what is a toy and makes it a little less toy like and this lifts the overall look of the model which makes it more interesting to look at. I also think as this is a hobby it means you end up spending more time personalising the kit and you ultimately get more out of it, both in enjoyment and value for money.
  11. A really pretty car the MX-7 and it looks good in 1:10 scale as well. Silver body great idea-black wheels?
  12. Superb! Really good feedback and a down to earth thread. Sounds like it was an enjoyable new build experience and now built it does what you hoped it would.
  13. Thanks for sharing this tool Matty. I have just bought one, it will encourage me to tackle my 1st lexan shell 👍
  14. I have got a pair of these, which you are welcome too. Please pm your address to me and I'll pop them in the post- realistically Tuesday at a guess. FOC BTW.
  15. Great little model, short and stocky. With a bit of detailing it really makes it less toy like as well. The chassis is a lot of fun imo and you can pick up some nice hop ups to lift the black plastics without breaking the bank.
  16. I’ll check my spares today and let you know.
  17. Hi Brett, Welcome aboard! They look like the 1st edition uprights to me with the small grub screw for the front axle spring to rest on. Apologies if my terminology is wrong, hopefully another TC member wI’ll correct me and will have the parts you need. All the best Simon
  18. Are you in the UK? I’m pretty sure I have some of these in my spares.
  19. I did exactly that 😂, I sold two WW2’s last year 🤦, but I’d really like a NIB kit as I don’t want the faff on taking something apart, cleaning it and repairing it etc, etc.
  20. Posted my sold wheel set out and hovered over a WW2 kit purchase....
  21. I came back to the hobby in 2008 during a recession, I couldn’t afford to race 1:1 cars anymore and with 3 small children I needed to be at home a lot more so Tamiya In the back garden was my more modest outlet 😂
  22. It’s a great looking model, prettier than the FAV to me anyway and my wife likes my WO as well. I decided to list it on the ‘Bay as there was a £1 selling fee offer at the weekend and I’m being ambitious on the price so I’ll sit out and see. That in its self tells I’d be happy to keep it 😉. Its my 4th WO and I’ve had 2 FAV’s so I clearly like the model, the other 5 were sold 5 to TC members so they’ve been kept in-house 😂.
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