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  1. Great tips gang, thank you.

    2 cars sold artr and one car sold as a rtr bundle.

    Thinking on selling 1 more car this year as I like even numbers, but a little unsure as to which one to rehome. 

    Possibly  a Wheelie as I have 4 variants of these, but then they are such great models... 

  2. Tough love today, cleaned the FAV and photographed it and a spare set of wheels so they can go up for sale. 

    I have to start studying today for an exam which if I don’t pass then I loose my Job at the end of February 🤪.

    Better crack on then 😂



  3. Rere FAV built in VGC.

    Sand Blaster 915’s on the rear.

    Wild One shocks, servo, ESC, r/x, Jerry cans, VW engine, etc.

    It looks like it has been run very lightly, no marks underneath. 

    £120 plus £12 postage UK or collection welcomed from Surrey. 






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  4. On 9/29/2019 at 6:45 AM, Busdriver said:

    Will Subaru Brat wheels and tires fit? Are there any other options? I like the look of a slightly wider front wheel than stock but would like all 4 wheels to be similar!

    I’m pretty sure the rear wheels discs are in the box in red.

    If not then I may have a spare pair.

    FAV/ Rough Rider/Sand Scorcher and Ranger wheels will then all fit I believe. 

  5. I spent yesterday morning and this evening packaging up my paperwork for the accountant to get stuck into. 

    Pleased my part is done, I can get on with the studying I need to do next ☹️.

    Thinking about keeping the Blitzer Beetle as an all round runner, tarmac, grass, beach etc. I’m not sure what else you really need apart from a bit more ground clearance and maybe 4WD. 

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