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  1. Kinda suits me, the bonkers prices-stops me buying things I don’t need to be honest. 

    I bought a SRB job lot and a Super Champ in May just to sell on for a bit of fun and pocket money which went well.

    Prices have started to turn again so they are slowly but surely starting to come down and I guess not long from now there will be a lot of part built, used once bargains 👍

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  2. 9 hours ago, berman said:

    Poor handling and lack of steering.

    Probably the polar opposite to what you are used too 😂 and berman is right the lack of handling is why you buy one in the 1st place 👍


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  3. 15 hours ago, Tamps said:

    That’s true. 

    I guess for me, we’re talking initial outlay, as I’m starting from scratch, I’m buying quite a lot in a short space of time at the moment.... and just getting a feel how all of this and the community works. But you are right... it’s such a simple but effective mod... the £17 is probably worth it... but if I can get it for less whilst helping other TCers too, all the better. I will end up getting this for sure!!! 


    2 hours ago, jellon said:

    It's a nice simple mod to do yourself... and free! Also, it keeps the bouncy character of the suspension quite well.

    I'd have at least a few goes without any fix - just to see it as nature intended :)

    It is very easy to get obsessed and spends a lot of cash on any model.

    I would keep it simple and add bearings and alloy body posts- enjoy it and then develop it as you go a long, that way you know what you have, what you are working with and you will have a true measure of the improvements that you have made.

    There is a really good YouTube video by 1 of the TC'ers with cheap or free mods by Shenco well worth watching- 


    I've had 9 LB's now and my daughters is pretty well specced with bearings, lights, torque tuned motor, alloy body posts, CVA's, 5th shock mod, uprated wheelie bar, etc, etc- does she care no she just likes it- the mods were all about me.

    I am just about to build a NIB which will start out almost bog standard and then over the next few years it will get run and run and slowly developed.

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  4. 54 minutes ago, moffman said:

    I bought a wild willy 2 as a XB because it was on special offer at the time and it was very cheap I then began (over a period of time) changing it and OMG the build quality was amazing or ridiculous because I was fighting with every screw or glued part to get it off even the wheels had their own fight with me:wacko: It was obvious the way tamiya intend things to be built


    We had an XB built WW2 as well, we used run it quite a lot and it stood to the rights of family life faultlessly 👍

  5. 1 hour ago, KEV THE REV said:

    I've got the AmPro / Shapeways fitting on one of my LB's and a 5th shock mod on the other . The AmPro fitting is by far the easiest way of correcting the problem , and no purchase of 5th shock and fittings needed

    I’ve got a NIB LB kit to build and I like the idea of buying the AmPro fitting but the cost always put me off. 

    I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying one though. 

    Is the diff lock worth buying?  

  6. Packed and sent out the recently sold Super Champ yesterday.

    Back down to 12 cars which is good, pondering over another potential sale and purchase at the moment. 

    I’m might move a wheelie along as I have 5, 2 which are waiting to be built and then replace it with the M05 chassis I would like to buy. 


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  7. 2 hours ago, Farmerbrown said:


    I can get hold of this for you - 84424

    That's great, but it will come down to price- the 84424 is the Pro which I don't want.

    If you supply the kit at a lower cost then Time Tunnel as in my original post, then by all means let me know.

    UK, NIB delivered under £87/88 is the brief.  

  8. I am going to buy one of these shortly, but it is worth asking to see if anyone has a kit or chassis they want to move along.

    The 2CV, NSU and MX-5 kits are £87-£88 delivered without an ESC from Time Tunnels, my plan is to sell the body kit, decals and possibly the wheels as I won't have use for them.

    Let me know by pm please if you have something for sale or if you will have any interest in buying the redundant parts as that will have a bearing on which kit I buy.

    All the best



  9. 29 minutes ago, Re-Bugged said:

    Cool 😎 

    I was just having a last read through last night, not sure what happened but the TC server broke or something???

    Just a bit more thought to add to your decision making, have looked at the MF01X chassis?


    It can be 210, 225, or 239 wheelbase, it’s rear mount motor ( may not accommodate a Mini shell ) 4WD but you could possibly take the prop shaft out and be rear wheel drive?

    The Rally Beetle uses this chassis and could be a cheaper option than a XV01?


    I've just pulled the trigger on the body shell, it was the last  one in stock so I jumped in quick.

    That's a good shout on the MF01X, but honestly it has never struck any interest in me.

    I think it will be an M05 for the Mini as it is cheap to buy, FWD and almost but not quite a front mounted engine.

    I really like the M06 as well, the idea of a big fat engine hanging out the back of the Mini makes me think of the Haybusa engined Minis a few years ago. 

    In the long run I want one of the those HPI Datsun 510A as well, the look so good! But that is definitely mid to long term. 


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  10. 1 hour ago, Re-Bugged said:

    Ooofffff, I was reading this thread, got to this bit and suddenly forgot everything else I'd read.....The one that always gets away...anyway the hot water tank just died so there it goes again :huh:. One day maybe.


    I think the 911 shell is 250/257mm to fit the TT02 which is beyond an M06's max 239mm wheelbase.

    The 934 body is 230mm but I'm not sure how the width would work?

    I figured the 911 shell might be too long, just a passing thought really.

    My wife has said sell the SC then I can buy something else, the SC is a great project but I’ve got the SRB thing covered and I’m hankering after a road based chassis and a new build now.

    That phat Mini shell really inspired me 👍

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  11. 2 hours ago, Badcrumble said:

    M05-RA 2CV Rally and keep the body?

    Of course, I can’t talk - I’ve ditched mine for a Swift!

    The honest truth is I really don’t like 2CV’s.

    Other peoples are nice, but it’s not one for me.

    I get it and I love French cars, but just no 😳

    But I do like Swifts 😉

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  12. 1 hour ago, TurnipJF said:

    If you are considering an M chassis, you might also take a look at the M06.

    Rear wheel drive M chassis have a reputation for being hard to handle, possibly well-deserved in my opinion considering how difficult it was to tame my M04. However the M06 is a lot easier to drive, and also handles rough ground and jumps surprisingly well.

    I was running mine at the last Robin Hood Raceway meet before lockdown, and it was brilliant on the buggy track, easily out-performing my mate's M-05.

    That’s a great shout- it would make a Mini a ‘Z’ cars Mini 💥 which I would like a lot.

    The M05 is a bit cheaper though and It would give me a FWD chassis to try out.

    I am thinking about buying the 2CV/NSU/MX5  kit and then selling the body set off. 

    Do you know if a 911 body would fit the MO6? I really like the chassis and  engine configuration for the Karmann Ghia, Beetle and Type 2. 


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