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  1. I’ve been away from the hobby for about 5 years and am coming back to it now but as part of that process I’m evaluating my collection in what to keep and what to move on. One that’s potentially on the chopping block is my Shark Mouth FAV that I built in box art, to a high spec with lights, ally shock, etc… I don’t see them being sold at all so have no idea whether they are sought after at all, any advice appreciated. Some pics for reference
  2. Seems a shame as I absolutely detest using forums in the browser!
  3. Met fellow TCer 'Taffer' in a dodgy car park deal and acquired this little gem!
  4. Put some new wheels and tyres on my tiger stripe Cossie
  5. Wow! That Mini looks great on there, the wheelbase is spot on! I'm sure it's been done before but I don't recall anyone ever doing one.
  6. Still loving watching you work on this matey, keep it up!
  7. Essentially yes, I used F103GT uprights however lots and lots of mods required. Build thread on its way!
  8. Legend has it that Tony Stark originally was going to use the Conrad in the Iron Man suit but it was too powerful so had to design the Arc reactor instead!
  9. Finished the front hex hub conversion on my DT-02 cage racer, looks awesome with FTX Vantage wheels on!
  10. I always go for SAL for low cost stuff and I've not had anything go missing yet. It does take about 3-4 weeks to arrive however!
  11. I knew about the Beta but not the LC2. My S4 is actually a Rally Legends one but it's still good quality.
  12. Great work Sandster, you really should have done a thread on this!
  13. Ooo we like rally car build threads, looking forward to this!
  14. Yeah I had to to the mod as the wheelbase would have been shortened further had I not. I'll do a full write up once happy with it so you can see the entire process I've gone through with it. The damper are nothing special, 3racing/yeah racing jobbies IIRC. Still way better than the stock friction shocks though.
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