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  1. hot glue! but why only the rear? for drifting?
  2. wich diff did you locked? i just got a second hand blast tc and only the rear diff is locked and i dont know why
  3. Here you find the only 4 pics that existence https://tamiyabase.com/forum/17-identifications/20457-tamiya-58001-porsche-rsr-prototype-info-wanted?start=0 Why do you want to see it, maby i can help you?
  4. Hello all! As some of you know I am building the 58001 Porsche 935 prototype. First of all, I just want to share this with you but unfortunately I am currently not getting any further with the controls. I've tried everything but I keep coming up with things that are not right. Of course that is possible because it is the prototype but I still want it to be correct and often it works better with the help of other people The car that matters is this one! On the right! I already have a topic about the construction of this car on tamiyabase and I would like you to have a look at it. https://tamiyabase.com/forum/17-identifications/20457-tamiya-58001-porsche-rsr-prototype-info-wanted?start=0 It would be great if someone has an idea on how to steer the front wheels I have really tried everything but I can't figure it out. I will continue with my story later because it is late and I would like to go to bed now. In the meantime my head is overflowing and I need a little rest I think :D Thanks for watching and see you later!
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