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  1. Followed the link to your site .... excellent, especially the photos of your trip to Tamiya HQ.
  2. I know of a few people here in New Zealand who have bought nitro engines and parts with no problems, haven't bought anything myself ......yet.
  3. Hanging is too good for people like him .... should have been handed over to the relatives of the people he had tortured.
  4. I am looking at buying an old tether car, possibly UK made, can someone id and value it, have a couple of photo's to send. Thanks Paul
  5. Thanks for the good 'oil' on gold Jerry, might be time for a little investment. []
  6. Got hold of a PS2 and some rally games, haven't found Richard Burns yet. Also bought what seemed to be a reasonable quality steering wheel but it has a 'dead' spot at the centre position, and a couple of degrees either side of centre ... makes driving impossible. I'm looking at a couple of Logitechs, has anyone used the 'Driving Force Pro' and is it much better than the basic 'Driving Force' ?
  7. Well honey, after 2 months at sea I figured you'd want to see me ASAP.
  8. Very sad news about the crash that has claimed the life of another 'Aussie' legend. Also a legend here in New Zealand, many of us would have followed the career of the great driver, just the mention of 05 and you knew who was being talked about. Many hours spent in front of the TV on Bathurst day, knowing that during those winning years, even when things weren't going quite right on the day somehow he would come out on top. The motor racing world has lost one of the good guys.
  9. Received a reply from one of the buyers of the kit from 'Dragonshophk' and he has sent payment and was told it will be sent on Tuesday .... game on []
  10. I've never used a PS2 console and see that there is a fat and slim version ..... is there much difference between them, would either be better for rally games or wouldn't it matter ?
  11. Thanks for the links .... had a look at some of the videos and agree that Richard Burns rally looks impressive, am looking for a copy now. And that steering wheel set up is amazing. the wheel I used to have was just a Thrustmaster.
  12. Just checked again and it's now showing up. I saw the auction straight after he listed it so I guess there's a time delay before all the info goes where it has to go.
  13. Thanks for that guys. Funnily enough Colin McRae 1 was one of the games I used to enjoy (on PC though), the other one before that was Network Q (or something like that). Hope this isn't a stupid question but if I buy a PS2 machine now, is it likely the games designed for the new PS will work on it ?
  14. Has been a few years since I played any rally game and I'm sure they are a lot better now. Looking to have another go, what would be the 2 most realistic rally games from a driving point of view, doesn't matter whether they are X box PC or PS, I'll buy whatever is needed to run it. Also what is a good steering wheel ? Thanks Paul
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