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  1. that looks a lot better. whats the car wrap trick?
  2. My wife bought one of those heart shaped ornament displays, not my cup of tea really but she asked me to clean it up and paint it. I think she'll be pleased πŸ‘
  3. Thanks James Yes it's the rear uprights, they came in the R trf kit so never had the plastic version to compare and obviously the kit came with the longer pins already.
  4. The outer pin isn't long enough, I'll post a photo later.
  5. Have you seen the reinforced gearcase 49203? Apart from being reinforced it comes a with a blue aluminium spacer.
  6. Will you be painting it magenta like your green top?
  7. Don't know why but i have the titanium set on mine and they are not compatible with the aluminium rear arms!
  8. There's a lot people who can relate to that!
  9. HPI vintage wheels (5 spoke) look good with Pantera body.
  10. Not in my case mate, straight to the top. Some say I'm over qualified but I don't want to bragπŸ₯’
  11. I'd go along with the bearings and if possible the motor heatsink(if your going to run a rapid motor. One of the best hop ups for the ta03r has to be the urethane bumper, but the chances of that being rereleased are quite slim 😐 I slightly over hopped my 03 R but had a head start as I bought a trf R to start with.
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