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  1. Looking smart👍 The rod stoppers go inbetween the bulkheads.
  2. Sure I've got one you can have👍
  3. Biggest con would be how they can round off easily and the price. Pro 🤔 light and blingy. If it's a runner no way I'd use titanium, but obviously perfect for a shelf bound build.
  4. You have succumbed to the greyish side
  5. Hundred Acre Wood!? Your not Christopher Robin are you 😅
  6. If it's payed for via PayPal and it goes missing then I'm sure your covered for the purchase price👍
  7. Lovely 👍 Hop up ball diff balls!?
  8. No specific screw kit for it unfortunately, think I used a tb03 vdf pack and a few extra 8mm csk.
  9. Looking forward to this mate👍 But not tooooo slow eh!
  10. You my friend are far too organised 😲 It's a great looking chassis init? 😉 I built mine with all the bits scattered everywhere! Used titanium on mine for a wee bit more bling👍.
  11. I'm guessing this thread gets to 10 pages before the Escort even gets released😂
  12. 'Rear wheel drivers do it sideways'😂 Used to love broadsiding it in my capri racing my bro in his rs2000
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