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  1. I'm sure it's a tuning thing. If it doesn't bind with it off I shouldn't worry about it
  2. Bump Lower price but open to offers
  3. TRF screw driver was $160 now $39 πŸ˜‚ Best avoided me thinks
  4. I think you'll find it easier to source a set of Mondeo wheels than the Celica set. Mondeo wheels do turn up on ebay fairly frequently.
  5. Slotting disc in a angle grinder to sand it down!? A bit extreme but does work.
  6. I remove anodising with oven cleaner. Leaves the surface nice and smooth πŸ‘
  7. Anyone got a set of these? Getting a chassis ready for sale and left a few bits on the floor! Dog chewed them up😲. Sven
  8. Nice, almost forgotten about this build! I'm a bit jealous of the trf2002 escπŸ˜• Is it new?
  9. I've shortened a 3mm shaft and used with a tb03 upright drilled out to 3mm, fitted to a ta04ss rear suspension arm. Pretty pleased with it, no binding. a Capri body will fit now. Thanks to @Jonathon Gillham I'm waiting for the trf420 parts to be available πŸ‘
  10. Drill the uprights out to 3mmπŸ‘ The later uprights are narrower than earlier jobbies which is handy because you can use spacers to help you with the wheelbase.
  11. Nice thread revival. Do you still want to know if the later trf415/6/7/8/9 rear uprights fit?
  12. TA03 F had some clear gearbox parts, very rare😳
  13. I've noticed a massive hike in the price of these, they've gone from 50 ish quid to almost Β£100πŸ˜•
  14. Big wig? Just a semi educated guess πŸ€”
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