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  1. Don't want anything for mine either👍
  2. I've got a black one if a red one doesn't turn up👍
  3. I've built Ta05ms which isn't that far off a 49400 and found that ta05 vdf titanium screw set is closest 👍
  4. I see now👍 thin lock nut or thread lock or a machine thread screw and a ball nut.
  5. I can't see your photos so I was guessing that you used a 51000 set!? If it is then a screw through the middle. If it's a aluminium arm then same applies provided it's a tamiya direct servo arm.
  6. Slightly thicker screw, 3mm!? A lot of savers are held in with a 2.6mm tapping screw.
  7. Looking good mate, grey gearcases are a lot easier to get hold of these days, I prefer the black though 🙄. Are you using the tamiya step screws? I had fitted step screws to mine as I used the upper camber links but I'll have a look.
  8. I was tempted by those for my audi a4 but description says black! Yours look grey 🤔, the colour I wanted!
  9. Agreed they do look good, I've one and only criticism I have is the weight and lack of blue😕
  10. Yes I can, but I was talking about the TB evolution(the first one) not the evo IV. As far a can tell with the IV unless you get creative with extra long posts ie heat and bend or 3D print something your stuck with the bumper mounted post position.
  11. If you come across a 49414 milky blue ta05 stabilizer set I'd be interested 👍
  12. Are you UK based? If so how did you manage to get Siedel to post to the UK?
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