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  1. Chuffed to bits with this arrival 🙂 One more to go 🤞🏻
  2. It's from a TB03-R kit the part number is 19804236 which when I Google it just shows a black steel turnbuckle!?
  3. It's a ta03f, difficult to tell if they are the elongated holes or as I can't zoom in enough
  4. Fronts will be the same it depends on how far back the holes are at the rear though, saying that the 03 can have posts straight up in line the centre of the wheel arch and cranked back. Have you a picture of the body? Just googled an image and they are cranked but I'm sure it'll fit👍🏻
  5. Touring cars and the odd direct drive, and have to be in a race livery. Had buggies as a child but now do nothing for me.
  6. Will it be a full on fast and furious bewinged orange monster with rear wheels wider then the body?
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