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  1. That's some red alright 👍 Loving the belt
  2. I've a few more on my wish list but because of the tobacco sponsor ban it'll never happen! (Not with Tamiya anyway). Rothmans Opel Manta and the Escort RS
  3. It says CVA's does that mean no fancy blue dampers🙁
  4. Get a body set, I'm sure there's a fella on here that has recently got a ta04😉
  5. Agreed, but fingers crossed for a body set separately 🤞
  6. I've been PM'd by new members with zero rating/likes about wanted items i'm after, after asking for more details they usually disappear. i'd say name them.
  7. That's just showing off😅
  8. I've messaged them before with text, got answered within half an hour
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