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  1. Depends on what uprights you are using mate, the later tb03 uprights are slightly deeper so suits the 54076. Sounds like you have the earlier ta05 uprights so you need the 51092. Ive a set of 4 you can have😉👍
  2. Does the servo twitch randomly by its self?
  3. As above a 49171 1700mp racing pack battery.
  4. There's a company in the UK called ChromeClad (I think) who spray a chrome finish on like water but results are brilliant.
  5. That's correct just the white dish wheels no tyres.
  6. Inbox cleaned👍 And yes you may
  7. As above, I don't have a m05 but some how have a set of chassis stickers🤔 Free to a good home👍
  8. either is fine ,ball connectors are obviously quicker to get on and off plus winding ab screw in and out will lessen the grip over time but! the ball collers are a nicer fitment.
  9. Added this to my showroom after getting the CR tuned in the post today 👍
  10. As above wanted any Tamiya stick type/racing pack battery boxes. sven
  11. Don't look very well machined so I'd say not Tamiya
  12. This beauty with a lot of help from @SuperChamp82
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