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  1. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Wheel axles and shafts next. Glad I bought the titanium axles a couple of years ago as they are really expensive now😳 Very easy to build, I may have another set of aluminium shafts which I might fit on the front too, not going to use this chassis so no chance of them getting bent.
  2. They look the same as Escort Repsol wheels just silver!
  3. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Agree with you about the wiring but I never cut wiring or body posts in case I want to swap anything around, which is fairly often 🙄
  4. I've used the front reinforced one on the rear.
  5. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Hit a bit of a problem with the Pro Mod rear suspension arms! Firstly the stabilizer bar from the kit is to short! Found a red bar from one of my other builds probably a tb evo II!? And I think there is to much toe in so I'll swap the rar block for a A block. Used the titanium coated shafts inner and outer.
  6. svenb

    TB evo IV MS

    Really struggled with the wiring, not much room to wrap it neatly!
  7. Do you mean the bottom eye? If so yes.
  8. That's from the carbon damper mount set, any TB evo, trf, or ta05 onwards will fit
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