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  1. I obviously don't spend enough as I've had the same yellow parcel rubber 5 times!
  2. That's a good idea, look forward to seeing them
  3. Nope, me too Does nothing for me
  4. That's an ace looking body 👍🏻 pity there aren't the MICHELIN decals included in the kit! I had some replacements made up, couldn't live with being on the original release and not the rerelase
  5. That's what I did. Regarding the wheel extensions I suppose it depends on what wheels you want to use
  6. Bit of a mouthful. The round SSG plate is required for me to finish a build, fingers crossed there's one out there🤞🏻
  7. Yes Carbon chassis TA02 TA04 TB Evo III I've converted a few different chassis's to 251mm to fit the Capri body, but the two above are a factory option with carbon chassis hop up, the TA02 will need TA01 rear arms though and the TA04/TB Evo III needs the ss rear arms.
  8. Thanks but its the box I really want
  9. @GToddC5 will rename this thread My collection is not bigger enough 🤭
  10. I have about 30 shelf queen's, 2 runners(almost). My interest is the hunt for rare parts especially titanium screws, tamiya branded electrics and body sets, always in box art and only touring cars. The value in some of them means I could never run them but I completely understand anyone who does.
  11. Think it's 5.8mm if it's the TRF dampers
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