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  1. 53008 850 bearings 53030 1150 bearings 5400 M chassis Damper 54044 titanium piston rods 53876 Alu damper retainers 49308 damper top end 49310 Alu spring retainers 54183 reinforced wheel axles 53382 stabilizer set 53389 Heat sink 54120 Alu servo horn 53823 Alu wheel clamp 53390 hollow carbon gear shaft 54213 titanium suspension shafts 54212 titanium suspension shafts 49443 Alu servo stays 54249 3x32mm Alu turnbuckles 54489 low friction adjusters 53601 low friction adjusters 54577 hard coated pinion 53907 5x8mm Alu hex ball connectors 53642 5mm ball connectors 53222 m chassis super slicks 53223 m chassis tire inserts 53448 4mm hard lock nut & spacer set 49442 Alu rear uprights 53346 quick release battery holder 53267 TA03 ball diff 53219 Alu pressure plate set 53124 3mm tungsten diff ball set 53217 hard joint cup set 53681 titanium wheel axles 54410 30mm Alu swing shafts 53500 Cross joint for universal shafts 54177 Alu front uprights 54227 m chassis reinforced gear set Titanium screws 53011 53012 53095 53014 53017 Titanium step screws 3x10mm 53272 dyna run racing stock motor 45015 CPR-160f 1400sp battery Think that's it
  2. I'm surprised! I've used them loads of times and fast first rate service
  3. Finished a L&L models RS500 complete with their wheels. Quite pleased with it, it's not the usual Tamiya standard as to be expected, it's a little thin at the bottom and it's not perfectly square. The 3D printed spoiler needed warming and straightening and the wheels are a bit rough. But it's a RS500 😍
  4. Very different those two! Might not be the case but the tb04 feels like twice the weight of the evo4.
  5. Very little can cross over except diffs, suspension arms, hubs, uprights etc etc. Bulkheads seem to be the unique feature along with chassis plates and some steering arms. Saying that I think it's possible to convert to a TB02 using a tb evo III chassis deck.
  6. Nothing non tamiya on mine at all πŸ˜‰
  7. Few on the back but loads more besides. I'll do a list laterπŸ˜‰
  8. There's a surprising amount of hop ups that fit the M04, I think I've got 36 tamiya hop ups on mine. Edit; just looked at it in my showroom and it's got 41😲
  9. Sounds like you've got it sorted πŸ‘ It'd look nice with the red/pink low friction dampers or even a pair of the trf blues on, but that'd mean two spare!.
  10. Forgot to add, put the longer universal shafts on the rear to stop the Escort pram wheel issue and it fills it out nicely πŸ‘. This body belongs to my TA03 I've a Tiger striped for this.
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