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  1. Superman like strength while tightening the 2mm screw
  2. I remember, didn't the inner end separate!?
  3. Not mine you won't be
  4. Dave I may have a few bits including the reinforced joints to build a diff
  5. I've had the same problem and used De-solvit graffiti remover. Work really well but the paint was quite fresh. Only negative was the shell started to go a bit brittle, it was the chemical or the rubbing, I think the former. I'd carry on and remove every speck if possible, white paint behind will show it up like a boil on ya nose!
  6. Admittedly not a very neat solution! Working on a different more "factory" set up
  7. I've got one on a TA04, think I have spacers pushing the posts back. I'll take a pic
  8. Is that measured with the wheels on full droop on sat on its wheels?
  9. Going to be a busy boy then Matt! I've noticed a distinct lack of Ford's in your line up😳 I do hope you will make a mend, perhaps a Focus body on TL01 or maybe a F103GT??
  10. Just had another look and I'm short of one ball connector!
  11. There's a seller on eBay that's selling a rare lancia Delta yellow edition 😶
  12. As much as I'm a Ford man I do like the Opel badge , plus the coupe is a rwd V8 what's not to like!😉
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