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  1. Leave it mate it looks great, maybe a well placed sponsor sticker over the affected area!?
  2. As long as the blue are the same shade!! @ChrisRx718
  3. @BuggyDad I have some Michelin stickers if you want any!?
  4. That's really decent of you. If Chris wants a set I can forward them to him.
  5. I had no idea those parts existed! If Chris doesn't want them I'd have off you but I have a feeling he will😳
  6. Ford Escort Obviously πŸ™„
  7. Sliced bread is the expression this side of the pond mate πŸ˜‰
  8. It does, thinking about it a Focus wrc03 I did may have been precutπŸ€”
  9. I'm guessing the later xv01 has some missing sponsorship decals probably the Michelin!? And I'm pretty sure tamiya never did or does precut but happy to proven wrong. I've seen a Tamiya book from the 90's showing workers cutting out decals for the factory finished bodies.
  10. As it stands now
  11. I'd say that's probably one of the best reasons I'd consider Facebook, eBay fees are not funny anymore πŸ™„
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