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    Cars, trains, planes and boats (Anything that moves essentially). Getting started with RC cars now and hoping to have some fun! Also enjoy a good rally so will be attending a few through the year.

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  1. Yeah? I've got an orion battery and it's good, thanks for that
  2. Found a couple of delta peaks, won't be able to afford that one unfortunately (still a bit short of money) but found this one http://www.modelspor...-products/39235 and this one http://www.modelspor...products/369437 which one is better?
  3. Yeah they are good, bought my chassis off them. Looking at a higher ampage battery charger as mine is 300ma and it takes ages, will a higher amp charger (1amp) damage the battery as it looks to do the same job much quicker? Thanks for the advice by the way
  4. Alright groovy, will have a look at them. Rebuilt the chassis today and took it out for a play, ran out of battery quickly though and was thinking of getting a bigger on, are these any good? http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1436.l2649 as mine at the moment is a 2200mah?
  5. Thanks, I've got 1 chassis in the postal system but it's got lost so they're sending another. Ok how long will the shaft seals be useful before they start leaking? Not sure I quite want to buy something from the USA yet as I'm having enough trouble buying something from blooming Birmingham! What wt oil do I need for just jumping and messing around?
  6. Are these the shocks I need: http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1436.l2649 with these O rings: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4abcd7de5b Do I need oil for my shocks or will it be included?
  7. I'm a newbie too Rod! By the way nice work with the man cave/hobby room
  8. Didn't I see one of those in "Thunderbirds?" Looks like a right beast!
  9. Meant the Ackerman plate, sounds like I got my my steering knuckles the right way round in the end, the instructions were not that clear when I looked. Got myself a new chassis which should be getting here a couple of days ago (Bought it off ebay so all my fault haha). Going to buy a pair of springs and upgrade the front and then the back in a month or so. Been running it on block paving at the moment and will hopefully be taking it to a few of the side roads my county is full of (North Lincolnshire). Got an idea for a gravel track near me that I should be able to use as no one ever goes there, will I need Rally Block Tyres for fine gravel cos they look cool as badword but might just be pointless?
  10. With the 3mm spacer it looks that it makes the spacing between the steering knuckle and the steering bar smaller, I mounted my steering knuckle upside down to make the gap smaller and I'm thinking that maybe this is why my suspension mount broke. What did you do before fitting the 3mm spacer as the gap between the steering bar and steering knuckle was huge and didn't look right at all?
  11. Got mine and thought once I'd built that would be the end of the expense, now after new parts, new radio crystals, paint and decals I thought the expense was over, and then I find out about hopups... :')
  12. Yeah? Thanks for that, I will save up a bit a do one maybe every couple of months, done my shell today which I'm pretty pleased with! Just need some interesting places to take it now, got any advice on the sort of places to look for?
  13. Ah that explains it, dont think i'll bother getting that then, what advantages does the 3mm spacer bring? I struggled with that bit so I mounted mine upside down when the manual appeared to say the other way round, seems much more satisfactory that was as the spacing is smaller It's certainly got me addicted now just want to get out with it without being scared of it breaking for no reason
  14. Thanks for explaining the comments, makes sense now gonna get the chassis off ebay now and slowly upgrade to better parts as I go along, also I don't have a damper stay on my M05, will this help or is it not much use for a casual sort of driver?
  15. I'n in the UK, gonna do my profile tonight. By the way is this how I reply or do I quote? Haven't quite worked it out yet
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