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  1. I noticed on Tower Hobbies' website that there are 11 Tamiya kits available for pre-order that come with a Hobbywing ESC. I tried searching and didn't find any info on this. Anyone know why they would do this? Tamiya kits w/ Hobbywing ESC's
  2. What about a Grasshopper 2 Black Edition? Here in the US they are $110 and come with oil filled shocks. According to Google that should be about 80 pounds (sorry don't know how to do the pound sign).
  3. I'm an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in an elementary school.
  4. The Fox came out around the same time the RC10 did. Tamiya probably quickly realized that the chassis design was nowhere near as competitive as the RC10 and that they needed to go another route.
  5. I have owned my TRF201 since 2013, which is the longest i've owned any RC Car. I still run it from time to time and recently added the TA06 gear diff which I love.
  6. I'm pretty sure IG, though it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't end up on YT after.
  7. For those who don't follow Tamiya USA on Instagram...
  8. I remember reading that most of the original molds are gone, which is why it have never been re-released. It would be interesting if they made some new ones to release this.
  9. I found this while searching for dampers for a friend's DT-02. Associated B4 dampers.
  10. ...And the Lunch Box lives to run again!!! I spent nap time putting everything back together. I had an ESC from my Duratrax Baja Bug laying around and threw that in. Surprisingly, the servo with melted wires and the receiver with a partially melted case still work. I installed everything along with the Sport Tuned motor. After I washed the tires/wheels and body and put the truck back out in the garage for my son to discover. His reaction will be worth all the work. When funding allows, I still plan to get the Traxxas XL-5 esc so that both of us can enjoy it. We'll hope for no more fires...at least not this month.
  11. I was using the stock Lunch Box pinion. Here's some info on the Traxxas XL-5.
  12. I've started the process of cleaning the truck up. So far everything has cleaned up well. The chassis is currently in pieces after its bath in dish soap. Aside from a few melted spots and some singing on the shock bodies, it looks like it will be fine. My next step is to put it back together, rebuild the gearbox and regrease it. I'm going to buy a Traxxas XL5 esc to put in it. The training mode is very attractive to me and we don't need brushless.
  13. He's 2.5! The Sport Tuned was really too fast for him too. Maybe a 35T motor will be in store for the next go around.
  14. My son was driving my Lunch Box yesterday. It was running the stock ESC, Tamiya Sport Tuned motor, 2s 30c/5000mah lipo and Airtronics radio gear. After a few minutes of him playing with it, I hear it take off full throttle. It gets stuck in a bush, but still full throttle. Smoke starter pouring from it. Immediatly, I thought it was a lipo fire and put it down and waited for the truck to burn to the ground. Very quickly, I realized it was the ESC that was on fire. I put the fire out and surveyed the dammage. Not really sure what happened. I know my son has a tendency (when the truck is stuck against something and can't for forward any longer) to mash the gas and hold it for several seconds. Maybe the ESC overheated, but it should have thermal shutdown. The good news is that the truck will run again. The chassis got melted in a few small areas where the ESC was. The rest is still fine. The top of the body where there skylight is got melted a bit, but it's still going to be fine. The casualty list includes the ESC(!), servo (wires melted) and possibly the receiver (part of the case melted).
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