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  1. After some bad experiences with Orion switched to Vapextech. Good run times and reasonably priced. About 22 quid off ebay. (official vapextech seller). Dont think you will go far wrong with these.
  2. Got the sport tuned in my re re Hotshot.Gives a good performance increase for a cheap motor. Only issue I have is overheating/cut out. Using a TEU-105BK speed controller. 15t Pinion. quick enough for wheelspin and drifting anyway.
  3. Very rewarding to build. Looking at about 12-16 hours completion. Just purchased mine from modelsport. Radio, receiver etc, bearings and sport tuned motor came in at £295. Plus battery off Ebay. Vapextech 4300.They look amazing when new.The childhood memories come flooding back which is probably why I like them so much. Just a shame its not for me !
  4. Hi all. Just finished a 2nd hotshot for my wheelchair bound nephew. After having a spin on my lads hottie he just had to have one so he saved his pennies and this is the result. Didnt start it till yesterday afternoon and been on it all day until completion. Be a shame to get it dirty. Well earned beer tonight and motd! Thanks for looking. Hope the link works, not used photobucket before. http://s1329.photobucket.com/user/mattharri/slideshow/
  5. Just purchased a sport tuned motor ( 53068 ) to fit in my re re hotshot, Ball raced. Currently running standard 540 silver can with 15T pinion and 105BK esc. Should I gear down to 13T or will it be fine. Maybe in time will upgrade further, when money allows. Hoping for a performance increase for my 20 quid tho. Thanks in advance.
  6. ESC is a TEU-105BK. For motors over 25 turns.
  7. Evening all. Been away on hols for a week but just taken delivery of a vapextech 4300. gave a good slow charge @ 0.5A for 7 hrs and Hey Presto the beast is flying again! Just wanted to say thanks for everyones input. Happy days are here again .Think its actually quicker than when new suggesting battery was a bit duff from new. Wont be getting another one of them. Looking for a motor upgrade now, was thinking gt or dirt tuned ? Not looking to change the esc so think super stock may be too much. Or will it ? Am also thinking of getting a little brother for it to play with. Like the old school stuff eg Fox, Falcon, or was thinking maybe a super shot. Really enjoyed the Hotshot build and cant wait to start the next one. Sooo addictive. Look forward to your replies regarding motor or should i maybe start a new topic?
  8. Battery charger is a Vector AC/DC NX85. Charges from 0.5A to 5.0A. Only ever had it up to 2.0A.
  9. Evening all. Battery has been tested and is not holding charge at all. Need to buy a new battery but don't want same thing to happen again. Old one was an Orion sport power 4000. Dudd after about 10 charges. Any recommendations for a replacement. Also thinking of a motor upgrade.Was looking at the Tamiya super stock RZ. Need a battery to support this should i buy both together. Would I need any further upgrades (pinion, esc ) or can I just plug in and play? Looking at 50-60 quid for both, all suggestions appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Think we are getting close to the answer now. My charger can charge at a rate of 5A but was advised to not go above 2A to prolong battery life.I will repost when I've tested battery. Thanks everyone for the support.
  11. The esc only felt slightly warm by the way.
  12. Just tested car and within about a minute it was stop/starting and beeping from the esc which then reset itself after about 5-10 seconds. I will try and get battery tested or may have to wait till Monday till I get back to work.I remember on one particular charge a week or so ago that the battery got red hot whilst on charge but has been ok since. It just seems to charge too fast.Maybe it is just the battery?
  13. Thanks alfagta. I have put the battery back on charge and within no time it was saying fully charged? On further inspection I noticed one of the cables coming out of the battery was split/torn where it must have dragged on the floor. I have taped this up and have put back on charge and is still charging now. Could i test this with a voltmeter? Good idea about buying battery first. I was going to get a spare at some point anyway. I will see how it charges and try again and post again this afternoon.I'm using a Vector NX85 and set it at 1.0A. As I type this it has come up as fully charged. Will give it a quick try and let you know.
  14. Morning. I have reprogrammed the esc. (never programmed it from new!) told you I was a novice. Problem still persists. Reading the esc booklet it appears I have a overheating problem which causes loss of power and also causes the motor to be stopped automatically. Am now looking for a new esc. Can anyone recommend one for me. Ideally from modelsport which is where i bought the kit from. If you can re-assure me that this is the problem that would be good also. Feel better for knowing what the problem is now. Would it be my fault for not programming it from new? cheers guys.
  15. I don't have another battery to try so I'm a bit stuck with that one.Haven't checked the esc for temp. its a TEU-101BK. As I have mentioned I'm very much a novice. Its a pity I don't have a collection of spares so as to eliminate different things. I think all I can do is reset the esc tomorow and then maybe check the gearbox out. If all seems ok then will maybe have to bite the bullet and get the wallet out AGAIN for some new parts. battery, esc, motor perhaps.Unless anyone has a magic wand!
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