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  1. Hey all How do actually build a shelf queen..? I have two 801xt's and all the option parts, one is a runner and the other is still NIB. So do I build the SQ minus all the fluids/lubricants?
  2. Has anyone tried fitting the 801x wheel hubs, what wheels do you use...? I have tried my Badlands 1/2 offset Proline wheels, which don't work.
  3. N-411

    DF-03 Rebuild

    G'day Percymon, its great to see an Avante MK.II/DF03 rebirth! Nice build! I have always loved the chassis design of the DF03. If this chassis was made of the same material as the DB01 I am sure this thing would have been much more competitive and we would be seeing more evolutions of the DF. I was hoping the re-re DF03-MS was going to have better materials but what a disappointment. I really like the way you dressed the MK.II shell. Great use of the decals, I almost feel like I need to rip-off your design for my car... I think Avante MK.II design is cool and very unique. More photos would be awesome.
  4. Where can I get the set other than GForce? And how much is the set?
  5. Hi all Question about hop-ups Has anyone bought the GForce aluminium hop-up parts (steering bellcranks, front knuckles & rear hubs and front & rear gear box covers)?
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