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  1. Restoring a Falcon . Body is done . Wheels done
  2. Finally done my Optimus prime themed konghead shell
  3. Well if anyone wants them they are free to a good home
  4. do these have any value before I bin them.
  5. bit of fun with the brother in law . Better get my konghead finnished
  6. Hey nito. Winter is here so hobby time
  7. Liking the look of the mud blaster restoration Also do I’m wondering if the old Futaba radio gear, msc and resistors are of any use to people on here as I’m going 2.4 and esc
  8. Fresh coat or clear satin and wheels colour coded
  9. took the pumpin off the wall for a drive gave the madblaster a clean before inspecting it
  10. Lol . The track has two separate tracks in one. Custom modified by me . One track is for fast cars that can make the loop. The other is slower . The crossover is at the bridge .
  11. Found a cheap set £6 for 2 Of tyres to replace the old ones on my perished project
  12. Correct in all accounts . It my cave and no wives allowed lol
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