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  1. As usual, you are right, they sold reverse servos, maybe in both beige and black, I’d have to look into all my old junk. 🤣
  2. Happy birthday, Crash!

    Hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones and RC collection :)

  3. This is a post to pass on some details about the failing health of TC member VINTAGE NUT Howdy fellow TC members. I was getting back into some Tamiya things at the beginning of this year, but once again have found little time to follow through with anything substantial in building or even organizing. Besides that point, I had recontacted Lee Collins AKA VINTAGE NUT here on TC. He and I were figuring out what I would need to get my vintage Hilux back in action and he started to look for the few bits I need. Well, fast forward to just about a week ago and I had not been in too much contact with him for much of March. It would seem he didn't forget about me, but rather he had a 3 week stay at hospital. It isn't looking great, he had one lung removed many years ago and his final lung isn't doing well these days. He has given up "feeling sick" and taking treatment, so it could only be just a matter of time before he is gone from here on Earth. I don't know where to actually put this other than OUT HERE in the forums and I hope if you feel so moved, perhaps you can send him an email message via TC mail or directly to his email at nitrotoyshobbies@bellsouth.net Best of intentions and regards, Chris aka CrashCramer
  4. I've driven NEAR Centerville Ohio, maybe I need to pop in on them sometime in the future. LOL
  5. I'm a bit confused about collecting a Hilux in your 1:1 bumper, but what happened Tamiya, you forgot to give us the PS # on that Gray paint???
  6. Well now, I must have missed that note about the end user. That is some great work for someone else you have done and I pretty sure they will be over the moon about it. It makes me remember my gift of a FJ40 to my best man quite a number of years ago, in fact, so many years ago that Tamiya didn't even make it as a kit, I bought the body from Proline and fitted it with help from other TC examples onto a TA02 chassis, 2006 to be exact as I just revisited my own post in my showroom. I admit to giving my finished product more than a servo check indoors, but what he doesn't know wont hurt him.
  7. Ditto on this, I won't say they couldn't afford it as much as they WOULDN'T afford it, I had to earn my first one and it could have been a reason I longed for and still long for something to build/rebuild/repair/enjoy.I agree with the other member talking of the fragility of the RTR that were available to us in the 80's, ever the Arrow buggies from Radio Shack could be repaired to a degree, but they were RTR and fragile all the same. The newer RTR are much more robust than 30 years ago, some of that is due to better plastics and then there are others factors too, but regardless, this hobby IS NOT FOR KIDS who have little to no income to keep something running no matter how gentle they treat it when the adrenaline of racing gets you going over curbs and BMX jumps etc. I had a good laugh at this, but it is quite a thought that EVERYONE should have heard of TC by now, but I guarantee you there are scores of USA folks that don't know about it at all. Now onto my own twocents worth of useless opinion, it may or may not keep going, this RC business, but that is more due to PROFIT and Loss issues over passion and doing. I mean, look at art, people still fling paint and varnish onto canvas and folks pay for it, weather it is by Bob Ross or Monet, someone wants to enjoy looking at something so much they pay for it, even some crazy rich person has a 2/3 shredded painting courtesy of Sotheby's earlier in the year. LOL What makes things fade is "progress", I mean real cars don't actually DO anything more than the cars of 100 years ago, but the WAY they do it is so much more comfortable and efficient etc, so you will see the hobbyist car guys have that saying BUILT, NOT BOUGHT when it comes to how fast or souped up their car/truck is, so there is that faction as they are a relatively small group of folks driving around in the world these days, not unlike us that find time and fun in building model running cars. There are people that build puzzles, then there are folks that build Lego, they are almost one in the same depending on the result one is after, you can CREATE with Lego or just build it per instruction, you can usually only build the puzzle to instruction, no creation, so there is still another factor to consider in that hobby, the will or want to CREATE something that is more individual than the next person. I would have said sometime ago that FORMAT would suggest a demise, but with the up tick in Vinyl records popping back on the scene, I might be wrong on that, I'm still waiting on 8 track to be offered again so I can retrofit it into my new car. LOL I don't know that we do any harm or any good in worrying or wondering if this hobby will stay alive, because we will ultimately find demise ourselves, but we could sure enjoy the ride and try to be better about hanging out with folks we share common interests in. Not to drag this post down, but I just found out that ebay seller JSourbeck had passed away in August at only 54 years old, so we all have an expiration date, of which we don't know when or why it will be, so let's enjoy the ride.
  8. Well that is quite nice looking and the fact you found a clear windshield, well that is a miracle in itself isn't it. Looks great in that color scheme and will you drive it is the next question I have for ya??
  9. Happy birthday, Chris!

    May today bring you life, love, and maybe another Hotshot ;)

    1. Crash Cramer

      Crash Cramer

      Thank you buddy to the great white north, right back at ya


  10. Am I the only one that sees this truck with those TEETH formed by the fog lights??
  11. Yep that is pretty dadgum UUUUUUUUUGLY, LOL reminds me of a Cylon
  12. What is the ugliest TX ever made???? Let me see
  13. I’ve seen slight angles on the bagged parts before, but not the barcode paper inserted yet, would that mean there is no barcode printed on the backside of these then? It has been sometime since I ordered parts or decals from folks other than kit breakers.
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