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  1. I am after the set of stripes for the side of the 58013 March 782 BMW F2. I will buy a complete decal set if you have it, but i really need the stripes. Attached picture borrowed from Tamiyabase showing the stripes. J
  2. The lancia rally had the same chassis and that steering arangement, and as Kev said, it also had no diff. J
  3. Nice haul there. Enjoy the restorations and keep us posted on progress. J
  4. I already have a member interested in them, but he is in Australia, so if he doesn't want them, i will let you know. J
  5. I think so, im not entirely sure though. I dont know what tey came off of. J
  6. I have a pair of hi cap dampers available. PM me if they are what you need. J
  7. My collection has grown to the point of having to build another room for it.. My missus is ok with it, so long as it doesnt invade the rest of the house. I have taken to sneaking new models in through the garage when she is busy though.. J
  8. Bump. £25 to anyone who wants them, before i put them on ebay. J
  9. In the years that i have been collecting and restoring vintage Tamiya, i have seen or had pretty well all of the first 100 in various states. For the last year though, i decided to start collecting original body sets for the models that i have, and it struck me that although you could buy replacement sets for virtually all the vintage rc kits, and indeed there were some that were never released as a complete model, the Essex Lotus 79, or the Porsche 908 for example, i have never seen a body set for the 58023 Holiday buggy, or the 58024 Sand Rover. Did they ever produce body sets for them? It seems strange they would produce a body set for the kit that came before and after, but not for these. Does anyone know of another early model that never had a body set released? J
  10. Today Mr Postman brought me the vintage XR311 body set that i won on the bay, and also the long sought after Honda F2. A big thanks to TC member Grizy for answering my wanted shout, i've been looking for the elusive Honda for a few years. I now have the complete F2 set. pics coming soon. J
  11. There are still a couple of adjustments that need to be made after the panel has been cut out, but it's quite straight forward. I never bothered to read the instructions before, so I'd missed that conversion for years.... J
  12. I picked up a customised Super champ that i am returning to original, and so have this carbon fibre chassis set and custom alloy gearbox guard for sale. Offers invited. Note, this is for the chassis plate, mech deck, and gearbox shield. None of the other parts or fittings are included. J
  13. I picked up this curious device today along with a Super Champ. Someone has taken an early short wheel arch Ranger body, and grafted it onto a crawler chassis, along with some led lights on the back, and some rather well fitted headlights, all of which appear to work. The interior has been scratch built. Not sure what to do with this one... J
  14. No, unfortunately problems with a business partner and other factors saw the demise of it about 5 years ago. I still trade stuff either online or at auctions from time to time, but that chapter of my life is now closed. J
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