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  1. All mine are vintage shelf queens, and i dont run any of them... Having spent years finding the original parts to restore them, it would be a ****** to crash one and break or loose something small and hard to find.... The enjoyment for me is restoring and admiring them, and to this end, i am converting the loft of my house into a display room...
  2. I tried to get on the Tamiya101 site this evening, and it appears to have gone. I know it has not really been that active for a couple of years now, but i use the site a lot for reference to box art and model info. Could it be that the site has finally closed? That would be a crying shame after all the efforts Moosey & Co put into it. It's the end of an era.....
  3. Hi Hudson, I just looked at your post in the vintage section which i had not seen, and the motor i have is identical to the one you already have. I would have to agree with other wiser heads about the earlier motors having a plastic end cap. As far as i remember, they started out white and faded to yellow with age, and they were embosed around the edge with Mabuchi, but had no stickers or labels. I do have one in my spares box, but its well used, so not what you are looking for. Hope you turn up gold soon. Regards J
  4. junkmunki

    Vintage Tamiya decal sheets

    I had never noticed the difference in the print of the decals, that goes a along way to answering the question. I had wondered about sun bleaching the backing paper too. Good tip from Superchamp about laying them on wet, i hadn't thought of that. The only thing i will say about repro decals, is that from experience, they sometimes seem a bit thicker. Maybe i just have too much time on my hands......
  5. Hey all, While going through some of my vintage Tamiya decal sheets looking for particular stickers for restorations, i noticed that some of the sheets had better stick than others. I then started noticing that there seems to be a difference between the colour of the backing sheets, and that the decals on the green backed sheets tend to stick better than the ones on the yellow backed sheets which i find have a tendency to peel or crease. I wondered whether there was a difference depending on the year of production, as i have multiple decal sets for the same vehicles that are different. Attached is an example of sand scorcher sets. Has anybody else noticed this? Regards J
  6. junkmunki

    Anybody meeting up on the south coast of UK?

    Hi Scarecrow, No, no interest really, although i have since discovered you have a track in Shoreham, so i think i'll make the effort to get over there and see what is happening.
  7. I forgot to attach the pics.... Here they are
  8. Hi Hudson, I have a new old stock Mabuchi RS 540SH motor, that was test fitted to a kit, then removed and never used. It does have a pinion attached, but thats easy enough to remove. Its available for a small offer. Let me know if you are interested. Regards J
  9. junkmunki

    Castrol Celica #58129

    The holes are bigger and also round, where the originals were oval. The hole in the of can be covered by the decals, but its going to be harder to hide the holes in the rear window if i use this for the original TA-02 chassis.
  10. junkmunki

    Castrol Celica #58129

    If i can find an original, i would sell this set rather than re drill the holes for the original 58129 fitment. If any body out there has an original set they want to trade.....
  11. junkmunki

    Castrol Celica #58129

    Hey Juls, I thought you might be interested to know, Tamiya did re release this shell for the TT-01 & 2 chassis. I have one of the sets. I was looking for an original and was contacted by a TC member with this. Its identical, except for the rear mounting holes have been moved to the middle of the rear window, and there is a hole in the roof for the aerial. All the decals are as per the original, and are even still dated 1993. Regards J
  12. junkmunki

    Lanicia rally original vs re-release decals

    Thanks for the info guys, I think i will keep searching for an original set. I would like to get it right, so if anyone has an original set they want to sell.... Regards J
  13. Hi all, I am restoring a 58040 Lancia rally, and obviously the original decals are nigh on impossible to find. The sponsor decals in the re-release kits are different, but does any body know if the Martini stripes in the re-release decal sets are the same as on the 1980s original? There are lots of these sets around, and if they are the same, i will use one. A happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to all. Regards J
  14. junkmunki


    No problem, Thanks for the message. Regards Jason
  15. HI all, I am trying to find a set of original gears for the 58023 Holiday buggy or the 58024 Sand Rover. I would prefer a new old stock set, but would consider a used set if they are mint and clean. As is always the case, i have watched loads go by on Ebay, but when i actually want some, there are none about... Regards Junkmunki