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  1. My first Tamiya kit was a Frog when i was 10 or 11. The only part of it i have left is one of the rear dampers (I know its the from that car, because my dad repaired it for me). I have no idea what happened to the rest of it. J
  2. I had a message from a new member called SonnyStitt, offering me a body set that i had advertised for in December. They told me they were in texas and would send everything for $60, all i had to do was transfer the money. They were a new member and it was their first message on TC. Be vigilant people. J
  3. After partaking in the amber nectar and browsing ebay one night, i found a seller in the states who was selling some new old stock Tamiya Audi Quattro rear tyres. He had 5 sets and asked if i wanted them all. The beer said yes and i woke up the next day to find i had spent over £300 with the shipping. J
  4. Hi Alexei, I am, but i think the FF-01 body is slightly different, as the mounting hole are in a different position to the later chassis cars. Can anyone confirm the fit is the same? J
  5. I have a brand new in packet FD-22 starter holder in the UK if thats any help. J
  6. The F103 didnt come out until 1993, and that tray was never used on the early F1 cars. It is a feature seen on the F103 RX and RS chassis cars. J
  7. I get these from the local Range home store. J
  8. Does any body have a body to fit the Tamiya ff-01 Opel Vectra? It must be either new, or in mint condition, and has to be the FF-01 for the body post spacings. J
  9. I have noticed that nearly all the hobby/model shops around now, seem to cater more for model railway. Not many carry stock of plastic or RC kits. This begs the question, how long will it all last? There is a thread on this site about the members getting older and getting out of the hobby, so does this go for model railway etc? if so, the whole model industry will slowly fade away, as children and younger people aren't generally interested in modelling. J
  10. Thats a real shame. There is something nice about being able to go in and see the stuff on display and chat to the staff. J
  11. I was out and about last week, and happened to drive down Fratton road in Portsmouth. In doing so, noticed that Fratton Model shop has closed down. After looking online, i discovered it was earlier this year when it actually shut, after the owners could not find a buyer so they could retire. I have been in there many times over the years to buy parts, and they were always agood source of vintage stuff. Although the last time i went in they had got rid of the most knowledgeable person there, they were always willing to chat and offer advice. Isn't it sad that model shops are considered a thing of the past, and are closing as a result. As far as i know, there are only a couple of model shops left in the south of England. J
  12. Hi James, I can help with some parts for this. I dont have the main chassis any more, but i have the axle parts. I will dig them out and get some pictures over to you. J
  13. The ones on the left are built, but everyting from the middle across to the right is NIB. I might even get around to finishing the room one day. J
  14. Hi Clobbo, I spent a few hundred to get new old stock plastic parts, and cleaned or reconditioned the metal parts as required. The biggest expense is going to be an original body. I have seen these advertised for anything up to £800 for a new old stock boxed set. Ridiculous i know, but i will only use an original. Its the same with the Celica, although not as expensive, i want an original new body. J
  15. My most expensive purchase in one go was actually a collection that i purchased from a gentleman who contacted me. The lot came to just short of £3000. I had to buy the missus something nice after... J
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