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  1. I have a few of the original labels from the old kits. PM me your address, and i'll post them to you. J
  2. I have to confess to having been a bit obsesive with collecting. The collection currently stands at over 100 vintage kits, either new built, restored, or new in box. Then there is the collection of vintage body sets that stands at 45, and the collection of vintage radio sets at 30. Trouble is, the collection is already too big, until i see the one i dont have, then its not big enough. Anybody know a good therapist... J
  3. The kit is from 1975. OS engines have been going since the late 60s. If you look on OS website, they have a timeline of their engines, and the OS 60 fsr as fitted to the heli, dates exactly to 1975. J
  4. Im not entirely sure, but it uses an OS Max 60 motor. The kit was made by Kavan, who are long since defunct, but there is a company in the US which has started reproducing the kit at $1000. J
  5. My latest build isn't a Tamiya, or even an rc car. I have taken on the restoration of a 1975 Kavan Jet Ranger rc helicopter for a friend of mine. This last flew 20 years ago, the engine is siezed and everything is covered with old fuel and cobwebs. I put a Lancia rally next to it to giva an idea of scale. I'm looking forward to this one. J
  6. Hey Exit, I have used a TBG Audi shell in the past, and while it was pretty darn good, and very true to the original, you will find that you have to modify the indents for the air intake grilles on the bonnet. The moulding has rounded corners where the original was square, so when you try and insert the plastic grille pieces, they dont fit flat. I had to cut through the body to make them fit, but once they are in, they look ok. Keep up the good work. J
  7. Welcome to my club... i had to rub down and re paint my Lancia 3 times! In the end, i used Ford Glacia white automotive spray, and got a great fininsh. I also painted my March BMW with the same paint, and was really pleased with the outcome. Tamiya white is best put in the bin. J
  8. As is always the way in this country, if something looks like a success and people are enjoying it, it will be torn up to be replaced by faceless flats. J
  9. There is the Clanfield off road track about 30 mins from where i live, but off road just doesn't do it for me. There used to be an onroad track about an hour from me where they used to hold the worlds, but that closed years ago, and there is nothing else close by. I buddy of mine has an rc drag car, and he's always spoken of starting a club for those, but the lack of areas to run has made it impossible. J
  10. I have a soft spot for the on road models. All of mine are vintage though, my collection stops at the F103. F1: I have all the early F1 and F2 cars, and the Road Wizard in all liveries F2: I have the complete set of F2 B2b: A complete restored one Goup C: I have an original Toyota Toms, and a Porsche 956 And a huge collection of vintage F1 body sets. Have a look in my showroom. I'm not obsessed though... Honestly J
  11. I will try that, but there is always a step when the masking is removed. I have had enough of it for the time being, time to move onto something else. J
  12. I was up at the crack of dawn to complete my vintage new build Honda F2. It was all going very well, till i discovered the blue paint has shrunk and cracked. To repaint means taking if the hens teeth decals, so it is staying as it is for the time being. J
  13. The latest build for me is my vintage Honda F2. J
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