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  1. As is always the way in this country, if something looks like a success and people are enjoying it, it will be torn up to be replaced by faceless flats. J
  2. There is the Clanfield off road track about 30 mins from where i live, but off road just doesn't do it for me. There used to be an onroad track about an hour from me where they used to hold the worlds, but that closed years ago, and there is nothing else close by. I buddy of mine has an rc drag car, and he's always spoken of starting a club for those, but the lack of areas to run has made it impossible. J
  3. I have a soft spot for the on road models. All of mine are vintage though, my collection stops at the F103. F1: I have all the early F1 and F2 cars, and the Road Wizard in all liveries F2: I have the complete set of F2 B2b: A complete restored one Goup C: I have an original Toyota Toms, and a Porsche 956 And a huge collection of vintage F1 body sets. Have a look in my showroom. I'm not obsessed though... Honestly J
  4. I will try that, but there is always a step when the masking is removed. I have had enough of it for the time being, time to move onto something else. J
  5. I was up at the crack of dawn to complete my vintage new build Honda F2. It was all going very well, till i discovered the blue paint has shrunk and cracked. To repaint means taking if the hens teeth decals, so it is staying as it is for the time being. J
  6. The latest build for me is my vintage Honda F2. J
  7. The most spent in one go was just about £3000 on a collection i purchased. I have since sold a few of the models. There's lots of stuff i regret not buying, but i look forward to the next opportunity, i dont dwell on what has passed. J
  8. I have a couple of new old stock body sets for the Essex 79, I will scan and send you a set. PM me with your email address to send to. J
  9. I'm impressed with the results of your labour. The original lotus 79 driver is one of the rarest and hardest to find. I had to buy another complete car just to get the one i was looking for. What are your molds made of? J
  10. This morning, my friendly postman delivered a NOS body set for one of my Lancia Rally 037 restorations. This came from japan and is one of the limited releases from 1992. J
  11. Ebay can be a fickle place, i list a lot of rc stuff there. I can list an item one day, get a single bid and make no real money, but i can list an identical item a few weeks later, and it goes crazy. It just depends who's looking at any one time. If one person wants it, its not worth a lot, but if ten people want it, its worth loads. J
  12. There seems to be a trend at the moment of people buying 3, 4 and in one case i just saw, 8 kits of the same model. I am moved to ask why? Whats the point? The kits that are being bought, are re release, and not likely to be going out of production any time soon, so why on earth would you want to spend what must have been a fair amount of money on that many of the same one? I have tried to build my collection by having one of each of the models built and perhaps one new in box, but the need to stockpile lots of just one kit is beyond me. J Happy new year by the way.
  13. No. the Chris Craft are cold moulded wood, wheras mine is glassfibre. Mine is 27ft with twin inboard engines. The picture is from the begining of the year when i lifted it out for the winter and started to strip it for repaint. J
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