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  1. I think you are both right. The ranger in the earliest picture from Tamiya that i have seen, even had the early black bumper, but this was most likely pre production, as i dont ever remember the Ranger with that. I do have quite a bit of early SRB stuff, so i think i build it that way for curiosity sake. Thanks guys. J
  2. There has been much discusion about the 'MK1' or early SRB chassis, with the double bearing rear wishbones and the screw adjuster front uprights. The first Sand Scorchers and Rough Riders used these chassis, but did the early Ford Ranger with the short wheel arches use this chassis? I am restoring a short arch Ranger and when i got it, it had the early gearbox and wishbones, but the later front end. If you look at the first press pictures released by Tamiya of the Ranger, it would appear that the early front end was used, but in the guide books, it shows the later type. Does anyone know if the early Ranger should have the early type chassis? J
  3. For me personally, the joy is in the restoration, and to run a vintage hard shell model would just undo all the hard work the first time it rolled or hit something. Can you imagine after having spent ages searching for the elusive mirrors for a Cheetah only to knock them off and loose them? ๐Ÿคจ For that reason, I dont even fit radio equipment to them once they are finished, as they are only going to be shelf queens anyway, so there's little point in fitting any. J
  4. I have been collecting vintage remotes for some time, but never really fell in love with the techniplus.... I have a fair few mk1&2 Acoms units, but only 1 boxed techniplus. Isn't it strange tho, people who were into Tamiya tended to choose Acoms stuff, whereas if you were into Kyosho, you went for Futaba. As far as I'm aware, the manufacturers weren't tied to each other's products. J
  5. Wow, your collection is growing at quite a fast pace..... before long, you will be building an extension to house it all.... I wouldn't know about that tho.....really ๐Ÿ™„ J
  6. I probably wouldn't use it, but i have to get myself some 'Bad Horsie' diff lock grease... what a fantastic name...
  7. The one i have fitted is a plastic outer gear with screwed in planet gears. Can you identify it from the pictures? Do the re re Scorchers use a differential? If they do, it may be this is where its from. J
  8. I just picked up a couple of early Rough riders to use as spares, and one of them has a differential fitted. This is the first one i have had in one of the SRB gearboxes. Any ideas who make these, and if anybody else uses one, would it make a big difference to the handling of my Sand Scorcher? J
  9. I'm with you moffman, the modern one will never be as good as the original. Besides, if its an improved 'modern' version, then its not the exact same body and sticker set... I'll stick with the rare originals J
  10. Went and collected an original 1985 Bruiser from a couple of streets away fro my house. Its in really good shape, so very pleased with it. J
  11. Are the blue stripe decals of the re release identical to the original? I know some re re decal sets had differences to go with body changes. I dont mind mixing the re re stripes with some vintage sponsor decals. J
  12. I live about 25 minutes from the Clanfield off road track and have gone and watched a couple of times, they seem to be quite relaxed and have a lot of fun. On the other side though, there used to be an outdoor on road track in Southampton and back in the 90s I went to watch the ic nationals, but it was a different world, with teams and their sponsors taking it all really seriously and getting angry at the slightest thing that caused there car to spin or not be as fast as the next teams. Although I can see that if you are racing you want to win, but at the end of the day, this is supposed to be a hobby and a fun thing to do, if it means after a bad race on a Sunday you are grumpy for the next few days or have to appeal against someone under taking you, it's time to find something else to do..... PS, I did try a couple of races once, but I am more suited to the beach or the local car park... I was rubbish...๐Ÿ˜„ J
  13. I have just been fortunate enough to purchase an original 58048 Bruiser from just a couple of streets away from my house. It is very clean, but some of the decals have peeled, and finding an NOS original set is probably going to prove impossible, so my question is; Who in your opinions make the best aftermarket or repro decals that have the original look? If anybody out there does have an original set tho..... J
  14. Its obviously a ****htening word...
  15. The postman delivered something special to me today... I have been trying to get one of these body sets for ages, and when i finaly found one online i had to have it. J
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