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  1. Thats a good looking truck. I prefer the open rear wheels than the all over guards. What is the colour? It gives it a real vintage look. J
  2. Having looked at it, no body has actually done the full conversion. There was one where they did it on an srb chassis, but none that i can find on the Champ. J
  3. I hadn't really got as far as thinking about a paint job, although i was thinking along the lines of seeing if i could transfer the original decal style off of the Champ onto the Subaru body. J
  4. That is the unfortunate side effect of our hobby, there is always something to be bought or another kit that catches your eye and makes your wallet tremble... J
  5. As has been mentioned by others here, a lot of us are now stuck at home because of this virus crap, so it's a good opportunity to get some of the long term projects finished. Now, I have a habit of buying another project before i have finished the one i am already working on, so the list gets pushed back and i end up with a queue of models waiting to be finished. I have just had a bit of a stock take, and worked out that if i work flat out everyday for the next three weeks of this shutdown, i will probably get half of them finished. I currently have 36 unfinished projects! Am i the only one here that has lost track of how many projects i have on the go? J
  6. I've painted a few of these, and i dont think one of them has been without problems. Masking around the curves and getting the edges sharp is a ******. Good luck with yours. Have you decided on a colour yet? J
  7. Its something i was curious about, and i sure wasnt about to cut apart one of my originals just to find it is a crappy conversion... J
  8. Does anybody know what the paint number is for the alternitive blue box art colour on the Original Subaru Brat? I have an original body set that shows it, but the set is in japanese and the paint code is not mentioned. J
  9. I made the first trip out of the house for three days to collect a re re Subaru brat for a conversion i am doing, and while i was there, scored a rather nice Grand Hauler too.
  10. Ok, i found a sacrificial Brat body to do the Superu Champ conversion with. A guy about an hour from me had it for sale. its built but unused, but more importantly, the hard plastic shell is untouched. I wasn't going to sacrifice a vintage one... Watch this space for the results. Oh, and while i was there, he asked if i knew anyone who would be interested in an unbuilt in box Grand Hauler kit. Well, it would have been rude not to buy it really... J
  11. I bet that was easier to paint than the 1/10 shell... J
  12. Nice job. Is it just the shelves up there, or do you have the other essential man cave accessories, i.e a large TV, sofa and beer fridge? J
  13. You've made good progress. Is this your first RC build? J
  14. Just on the point of them not being rare, I have a mint chassis that needs a body shell, could one of the people with the many that were made and that are stashed in the cellar let me have one... i cant get one anywhere for love or money. J
  15. I just turned the quality down on my camera and managed to get a picture posted just under the 1.4mb limt, but then tried to start another thread with a simillar picture, and was told i could only upload 935.567mb! Whats going on? J
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