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  1. I would just like to make it known, that i have had contact from vdubclub explaining his situation, so he is definitley genuine. I wish him all the best. J
  2. There have been a few new members offering parts etc, and then turning out to be not genuine, so when someone offers me stuff and then disapears, it looked suspicious. I'd rather give a heads up and be wrong, than someone else on here get scammed. Quite what my TC name has to do with it, im not sure. J
  3. I had an advert on TC asking for F2 parts and kits. A newbie member called 'vdubcluvb' replied and said he had a large amount of stuff for sale. He sent a few pictures, then asked me to contact him on an external email address. When i said id rather carry on through TC, he vanished. No replies to mails, and no further contact. He may be genuine, but it seemed a bit suspect. J
  4. I think the Dancing rider qualifies as a ridiculous kit. I mean why...? J
  5. I have purchased a couple of items from Japanese sellers in the past. Once the item enters the UK, the tax and duty system kicks in, and then the price pretty well doubles. If its a very rare item that i'm after, fine, but otherwise its not worth the money. J
  6. Does anyone have a metal bumper bracket as fitted to the front of the 58040 Lancia Rally available? Its the metal upright that the plastic holder bolts to. J
  7. If any members have any vintage Tamiya F2 cars they want to part with, please let me know. I am trying to build all of the team liveries and drivers. I dont mind if they are restoration projects, and i will also buy body sets and parts. Many thanks J
  8. I have never owned a Wild Willy, but i keep seeing mention of the early M38 short wheel base, and the late long wheel base. How much difference actually is there, and why did they make it longer? J
  9. The other thing to consider with the older F1 models, is that a lot of the components were metal, as opposed to the later plastic parts. If you go back to the late 70s and early 80s kits, the chassis plate itself was metal. If you want to go short wheelbase, consider one of the 80s F2 kits from Tamiya. Quite rare, but lots of fun. One thing to remember though, the older kits are getting a lot harder to get spare parts for. I have a collection of vintage Tamiya F1 cars, but would never use them for that reason. J
  10. Hi Parky, As long as the the 3 peice wheel diameter is the same, they should fit fine. Most of the early Tamiya buggy type rear tyres designed for the split rims, will fit most of the models. J
  11. Hi Sven, I tried to send a PM, but it says you cannot recieve messages. Im not interested in the Ranger stuff, but i will definitely buy the buggy tyres. Let me know the total with UK postage, and where to paypal the money. Regards J
  12. I just got the same new member replying to an old wanted add, suggesting i contact another TC member, but giving me another email address to contact. Beware J
  13. Welcome to the club. Nice find there. The F2 cars are probably my favorite kits from Tamiya, and i have a few of them. I love the simplicity of the body shells, but when done right, they can look great. As for spares. good luck finding them. If you are missing parts, you will be hard pushed to find any. J
  14. Some years back, i had to sell my then collection to pay bills. Since i started collecting again, i have got all of the models i sold again, except a Blazing Blazer. I sold my whole collection for less than £500 at the time, and Blazer prices were quite low. To buy a good one now, would cost me over £1000. I seriously regret selling that. J
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