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  1. Thanks for all the info, i have checked the set and it does indeed have the chrome rear wing of the CS, so it kind of figures that the white set i saw was the non CS set.
  2. Hey Scoobybooster, That is a distinct possibility, I had not thought of that. I will have a look and see if the kit has the chrome wing from the CS kit.
  3. I recently purchased a lot of rc cars and parts, and in the lot were this Toyota LB Turbo body set and the Lamborghini set. I know the white Toyota set was issued at the 2009 model fair in Japan, but I have seen both white and black versions of the Countach body set. The original release in the artwork box from the 1980s was a white plastic shell, so does anyone know why Tamiya released this body set in a bag, in white and black plastic, and when?
  4. I think the Countach shell was a show special edition like the Toyota shell, i may be wrong, but i have also seen the same set with a white shell. The McLaren is mint, everything just has a layer of dust on it..... I am just being patient now until he decides it's time to sell the rest.....
  5. I got a call from the local man i have been buying from recently saying that he had been back to his storage unit and pulled some more stuff out. He asked if i was still interested in old rc cars..... erm In the first picture, the Ralt, Lotus 79 and Ferrari 312t have been run, the others are mint unused... In the second picture, the srb chassis with no body is an early twin rear bearing type.... Tthe rest are what he discribed as just a load of bits in bags... Apparently, he still has a lot more, including NIB kits.... He is my new best friend...
  6. It kind of looks like a gear bag from one of the F1 series of cars
  7. It does have almost the same chassis as the Super Alta. I think it came almost completed and ready to run, with just the shell to be painted and a few bits such as wheels to be fitted. It has had little use, but the paint is flaking off of the lexan shell, so its on the resto waiting list.
  8. Someone asked in this post why no one has managed to match the quality of the original Tamiya items. As far as I am aware, the originals were screen printed using various ink bath processes, a system which is now obsolete. I always have to laugh when someone says that things aren't like they used to be because the technology doesn't exist anymore. Hang on, aren't we living in the 21st century? How can we not replicate old technology? Instead of trying to achieve the same results with a PC and printer, why doesn't someone just screen print some decals?....🙄
  9. In essence, it will always be the same model, you replace parts as you run and repair it, but it is still your model, so it never really dies. 😊
  10. I just dug out my copy of Mpdel cars monthly from 1984. Anyone fancy a Blazing Blazer for £99.95, or the full kit with TX, battery and chargers for £175.00?? Oh how i wish i knew then what i know now...
  11. I know where you are coming form on this topic... i have a JPS lotus box which is so squashed and damaged, but im loathed to throw it away even though i know its too far gone to be rescued.. In the past when i have had a box that has been out of shape or a bit creased, i have ironed them from the inside to flatten the creases and make them more rigid again. As for as the water dmage and scuffing though, there isnt much you can do really. Because they have sentimental value, why not cut the front of the lids off and put them in frames? That way you can remember them from your youth while not having to store boxes which are getting damaged.
  12. While discussing models that never really cought on, i mentioned that i have a Kyosho Super Lazer Porsche 956. I never thought of asking on the Kyosho thread before, has anybody ever seen or had one before? I cant find any info on this, and i cant find another anywhere on the net. I wondered if this was a Japanese market only kit, or whether is was just produced in low numbers for a very short time.
  13. I have a Kyosho Super Lazer Porsche 956, i think from the late 80s. I have searched in vain to find another and there isnt even any infomation on the net about this kit, no pictures, listings or history even on Kyosho's own site. Does this make it unpopular ar just plain rare?
  14. While looking for info on this model, i have found a Japanese modeller on youtube known as Jenic who has documented his build of one of these. Its over about 10 parts, but his skills are something else, every detail is perfect. Its worth watching... Just type in Tamiya Caterham Super 7 BDR 2017 and it will come up.
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