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  1. I actually have a conversion kit to fit coil over shocks to the frog. I have no ide who produced it, its just been in my parts drawer for a while. If you are interested, PM me and make an offer. J
  2. Today, the postman delivered a vintage VW Golf eacing body set. The body had already been opened and cut out very well. An added bonus, was the pair on NOS racing wheels and Diplo tyres, very hard to find now. J
  3. I am counting all the vintage body sets in that 100. I would need a bigger house otherwise... J
  4. At getting on for 100 kits, either built or nib, vintage body sets and parts, i know i have too many... until i see the one i dont have but just cant live without. Then i dont have enough... J
  5. What sort of cars does your collection consist of? Are they on road, off road, vintage etc? J
  6. Just about finished the resto of the second Ford Ranger. This one is the rarer short wheel arch version. The shell was in great shape, but i'm not happy with the chrome front panel or rear bumper, there is too much damage to the chrome, so i will find better ones. The side decal set is a repro that i got from Canada some time ago, it was going to be imposible to find an original short arch set. I have to say though, they look and fit great, and the colour is spot on. J
  7. The peak year for me personally has to be 1983. It was the christams i got my first rc car, the Tamiya Frog. Its what got me hooked and i havent stopped collecting since. But as far as peak for stuff that was available, i think 1986 with the relese of the Porsche 959. What a masterpiece, and that led onto the Toyota Celica Gr.B a year later. J
  8. The big Ford diamond is a yes, but its the small oval Ford decals that go on the front wings that i am missing also. They would have been the number 7 decals on the sheet. Are they original decals? J
  9. Thank you for your kind comment. J
  10. Just about finished the resto of my Ford Ranger shell. There are still a couple of details to do, i am missing the small Ford decals for the front wings, and the large Ford diamond for the rear deck (if anyone has any spares...). When it arrived, it had one of the worst paint jobs i had ever seen, and had i think been lacquered with nail varnish, so i am really pleased with the way it turned out. J
  11. Ok, not my one. Mine was missing the driver. J
  12. This is my finished restoration. J
  13. I think that may have been mine. I had one that i built out of the old spares that were left over from the resto of my good one, so i stuck it on ebay. It did sell for more than i expected and is on the way to Poland. J
  14. I got up this morning and put the finishing touches on the latest restoration. This is my 58018 Ralt Hart. I decided to go with the more uncommon livery of Rad Dougal. I purchased some parts, and they came with an original Rad Dougal helmet sticker. The Honda F2 is up next. J
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