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  1. I took the Ranger body out of the bowl of brake fluid where is has been gently stewing for two weeks. There was so much paint on it, i thought i'd go old school and do the brake fluid thing. I had to wet and dry a couple of places where the paint was very thick, but i'm really pleased with the outcome. J Considering the amount of crap paint and varnish that was on it, it came out ok.
  2. Today the Ford Ranger shell arrived. I won this on ebay, and although i paid quite a bit for it, it has never been used. The paint however is shocking, so it is going to be stripped back and repainted. The decal sheet is only missing the large diamond ford badge, and two small ford badges. I love the original price tag for £12.95, i have seen these sets in mint condition for £600! J
  3. I actually contacted the manufacturer who are in the UK after the stuff disapeared off the shelves, and although they said they werent really suposed to talk to me directly, they gave me the number of the distributer, who told me it was more of a logistical problem they were having rather than it being withdrawn. Anyway, all is well again, i can get on with stripping the paint from the next resto. J
  4. I have spen a lot of years, and a lot of money restoring the vintage Tamiya models, searching out the rare and hard to find parts, and building them all exactly as the box art suggested. I would be absolutely gutted in i ran one into a kerb and lost a mirror, or cracked the body shell that had cost me a couple of hundred pounds. All my restored or original built models are strictly on the shelf to be looked at and enjoyed without fear of damage. Some do have period radio equipment, but most do not. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me. J
  5. I reckon you should be proud of a job well done. Its turned out great. Thing is though, where would we be without 3D printers? Can you imagine trying to replicate all those parts just by hand? J
  6. I got up bright and early, and put the finishing touches on my March Bmw restoration. Sadly i couldnt get original decals for this, and i wasnt about to cut up the set out of my original body set, so i got repro vinyl decals from Tamkyo-Reprodecals on ebay. I have to say that they are really good quality and stick well. The only issue, was the side stripes werent long enough, so i had to cut and join two sets. J
  7. I put the finishing touches on the Martini Renault restoration. I had to use one of my nos body sets as the original was too damaged to achieve the look i wanted. I hate cutting up 40 year old decals and destroying a complete vintage set, but sadly thats what i had to do. J
  8. They also did that black motor with a blue end, which was classed as the endurance motor, and had a lower top speed, but lasted longer on the battery, so better for distance racing. J
  9. Thats looking really good, nice job. Not far to go now till its all done. J
  10. The red bell motor is not period correct for this kit, it was usually to be found on the group C cars such as the Porsche 956. It would originaly have been fitted with a standard Mabuchi RS-540 silver can motor with a white end. The chassis you have on the car is the original version of the compettion special, whereas the new one, which is also a competion special, was a generic replacement for all of the cars that used the CS chassis, so it had to have the extra holes at the back for the different rear ends fitted to the various kits. Yours would have had a plastic upright panel screwed onto the end of the chassis under the wing with the gearbox, brakes and exhausts on. It is the same chassis and gearcase as the Countach, Celica and Porsche 936 CS. The new gearcase you have is the one that was fitted to the non competition specials, such as the Ferrari 312T3, the original CS type is very rare and hard to find now. The non CS type fitted to the Celica and the Countach is simillar, but the CS type is unique in its design. I have attached some pictures of some of my spares with the part numbers, and the missing rear panel so you can look out for one. #124 is the original chassis fitted to your car, teh little slot at the back in the middle is where the rear panel should locate with the two bolts either side. #86 is the gearcase you have, and #65 is the non CS type gearbox which is simillar to the original one on your car. J
  11. I'd love to contribute to this thread, but after lots of indecision, i cant decide what to say... J
  12. That body set is a late re release, and doesn't come with the alloy side pieces, Tamiya stopped supplying them in the body sets due to cost, instead they supplied a printed template so you could cut your own. It doesnt have the full vintage decals either. Way overpriced. I do have a complete rear wing set up spare if someone wants to cross my palm with gold... J
  13. I finished the restoration of my Ligier JS9 CS. I have to send out a big thanks to @Purple_Rob for sending me his original decal sheet, i dont like using repros if i can help it, and as it was, no one is making any of these. I'm missing one of the brass body mounts, but i will fit this when i find one. J
  14. Does anyone have a couple of spare brass lugs for the vintage F1 type shell mounts? The attached picture shows what i am after. J
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