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  1. I have noticed that nearly all the hobby/model shops around now, seem to cater more for model railway. Not many carry stock of plastic or RC kits. This begs the question, how long will it all last? There is a thread on this site about the members getting older and getting out of the hobby, so does this go for model railway etc? if so, the whole model industry will slowly fade away, as children and younger people aren't generally interested in modelling. J
  2. Thats a real shame. There is something nice about being able to go in and see the stuff on display and chat to the staff. J
  3. I was out and about last week, and happened to drive down Fratton road in Portsmouth. In doing so, noticed that Fratton Model shop has closed down. After looking online, i discovered it was earlier this year when it actually shut, after the owners could not find a buyer so they could retire. I have been in there many times over the years to buy parts, and they were always agood source of vintage stuff. Although the last time i went in they had got rid of the most knowledgeable person there, they were always willing to chat and offer advice. Isn't it sad that model shops are considered a thing of the past, and are closing as a result. As far as i know, there are only a couple of model shops left in the south of England. J
  4. Hi James, I can help with some parts for this. I dont have the main chassis any more, but i have the axle parts. I will dig them out and get some pictures over to you. J
  5. The ones on the left are built, but everyting from the middle across to the right is NIB. I might even get around to finishing the room one day. J
  6. Hi Clobbo, I spent a few hundred to get new old stock plastic parts, and cleaned or reconditioned the metal parts as required. The biggest expense is going to be an original body. I have seen these advertised for anything up to £800 for a new old stock boxed set. Ridiculous i know, but i will only use an original. Its the same with the Celica, although not as expensive, i want an original new body. J
  7. My most expensive purchase in one go was actually a collection that i purchased from a gentleman who contacted me. The lot came to just short of £3000. I had to buy the missus something nice after... J
  8. I will be 50 this year. People say its ok to be in touch with your inner child. I am my inner child J
  9. I got the 959 as a complete car, but after restoring the chassis, the body was just too far gone to be of any use. I have seen a couple of new shells around, but have missed out on them. The Celica is virtually a new build, i spent some time collecting all the new old stock parts, and replaced just about everything. I have a couple of original used body shells, but i would rather find a new old stock item and do it right. J
  10. I have just completed the restorations of my Porsche 959, and Toyota celica GrB chassis. They have been totaly stripped and rebuilt using only original new old stock parts. The 959 has its original speed control with its melted balloon type bag, but i left this detail, as it is original. I have several Celica bodies, although none are up to the standard that i am looking for, but i dont have a 959 body at all, so if anyone might be able to help with either, send me a message. J
  11. Pretty certain that would be the re release version. The originals had a plastic tube aerial that pushed into an aluminium holder on the chassis, and the reciever wire ran up through the middle. J
  12. I have a collection of NOS vintage spares and decals, and it really pains me to open them and use them. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. J
  13. The shelving units i am using at the moment, are from Amazon. They are metal frames with wood shelves, and they are the perfect depth to put a kit box with about 1/2 an inch either side. I can get two boxes side by side and one stood up on its side, or i can get 4 completed cars side by side on each shelf with one accross behind. Once the hobby room build is complete, i will keep them for storage, and the cars will all be on purpose built shelving. J
  14. I have a 1/8 Stockmaster project that i'm never going to get around to. It is complete, but dimantled. I will post some pics for you. J
  15. If i had his money, my collection would be a lot bigger! J
  16. I'd love to arrange a club weekend somewhere, where we can get together as a group and have running sessions and a good laugh. J
  17. 😟 That would be like loosing a body part for me. 😄 J
  18. I think there's a steam ship leaving sometime in the next 6 weeks, I'll book you a cabin...😄👍
  19. After i was asked to prove the size of my collection, it occured to me, that we have these collections and hobby room setups, but no one ever gets to see them. So my idea is this, if you live on the south coast of the UK, are traveling past, or just want to make a trip down this way, PM me, and you are more than welcome to come and see my collection, have a cup of tea (or a beer) and just spend a few hours chatting about Tamiya. Perhaps other members might like to do the same. It would be a great way to meet other people from the TC community. J
  20. Believe it or not, some of us tell the truth... J
  21. I am including vintage body kits in the collection by the way. This is the stuff that is out, there a few others still packed while the loft is converted. The plastic boxes to the right have two on roads each in them. I will post a picture of everything once it is out. J
  22. I dont think a dream collection can ever be finished. Once you have the one thing you dreamed about, something else catches your imagination, and the chase starts again. I have over 100 vintage tamiya kits in my collection, but the one thing i still believe, is that there is always time to dream bigger. J
  23. My worst 'Oh no' moment, although it was a lot more expletive filled, was when i fitted the fresh built shell on my restored Opel Ascona for the very first time, and the roof cracked around the mounting. J
  24. That is the problem i had. Someone i know close by has got a drag car set up and asked if i would be interested in getting one and racing, but there is nowhere really flat and smooth enough round here. I'm not going to lay out a bunch of money for something that cant really be used properly. If there was a dedicated track somewhere, i might give it a go. J
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