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  1. Many thanks guys......I had the dyna Storm brain wave last night, and did a bit of digging on Google to find the parts I needed in Germany. So they're on their way to me, and I can relax again! I always wanted an astute as a kid, having seen one at my local hobby shop, but I never quite saved enough to get it. Then the tamiyaclub chat room came to my rescue last year, because someone had spotted one going for a low buy it now on flea bay, so a couple of clicks later and my wife was moaning about another car in my collection. It's taken me a year to start the build.....so now I need to finish it. I'll get some photos up when done.
  2. This looks like the prefect thread to ask a question. I'm rebuilding a a super astute, and have gone the Hi cap route for the shocks, because they look so good! The question is, what parts do I need to mount the top of the shocks? I
  3. I struggled finding a lipo to fit my top force and then stumbled upon a core rc.com stick pack lipo 7.4v. Works a treat and fits like a glove in the standard battery holders, so no need to mess around with the dremel! It powers my castle creations 5700kv brushless a treat, and she flys. Oh, and I'm with you, these things are made for driving.
  4. Nope, but it just bought one! Wow, that is cheap for a lipo ready esc
  5. Nice work, I'm just pulling the bits together for one of these at the moment. And I'll be making a fast one as well......these machines are there to run.....and run fast. Can you let me know what lipo you went for that fitted the standard set up?
  6. I hope someone can help, I went to my local rc club recently, and they had a micro car race going on. So I thought it was time to unleash the gb01 frog and gb03 hotshot. They've both got aeration dampers and some other trick bits, but they are slow! Now I've gone the brushless lipo route with nearly every other car I have, and I want to try the same with these. I reckon the ezrun 18t or 12t is the set up for me, although the 12t might be too much?!? I'm also struggling finding a lipo to fit the battery bay. Can anyone help? It needs to be 100mm x 32mm x17mm. Many thanks in advance
  7. I hope someone can help. After much deliberation I took the plunge and bought a used topforce. I'm going to do a full strip and rebuild, and run it with a brushless set up and 2s lipo. Has anyone got any suggestions for the battery tray fittings to get the lipo in. my current lipo dimensions are 136x45x22mm, so it's just a smidgen too long for the standard battery end bars. Many thanks
  8. Sorted. E clips off, c clips on and it runs a treat. If I did it again I probably wouldn't use the c clips, because the drive cups do still pull out a bit, I'd just run it without. But to be honest, the gearbox has been apart quite a bit over the last few days, and now it ain't broke, I won't try and fix it. I suppose the other option if you're upgrading your old fox is to use the novafox gear set. Many thanks for all your wise words, now time to play!
  9. I used the e clips. I'll strip it apart and rebuild and let you know how it goes.
  10. I hope someone can help. I thought I'd upgrade my old fox drive shafts with the new novafox dog bones and drives cups. Now, I've built and rebuilt a few foxes in my time and never had a problem. So this one has me scratching my head. When I put it together, with nice tight screws, the diff ends up being locked. So I loosened the gearbox screws a bit, and it improved slightly, but not much. I've downloaded the novafox manual, and There's nothing different in the set up, so I'm not missing a part. I've put a new gear set in, and it's sill the same. The only thing i think it can be is the old gearbox casing!? Has anyone else come across this issue? Help, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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