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  1. thanks for the link mate....i like the blue head for the .32 engine would look great in my tnx
  2. did anyone actually get pics from the hobby fair?ive seen on redrc every brand but no tamiya so far
  3. i was kinda hoping for the 1/8 buggy and truggy..... but i personally like the cruiser chassis.a trayback would have been better than a shorty but
  4. the add says "in 2008,tamiya will conquer new ground" well, they have made a 2wd competition buggy (dyna storm) 4wd trf buggy,1/8 truggy,nitro monster trucks,and various nitro 1/10 cars. about the only thing left will be a 1/8 buggy maybe thats part of the reason David Jun and Jimmy Jacobsen havnt been racing the TNX lately.they might be doing full on R@D on a 1/8 race buggy
  5. it will be a 1/8 buggy i bet.they have pretty much made everything else. lets just hope it is TRF worthy that add is on the Tamiyausa site now too.i wonder how long until we find out what it is.
  6. today i cleaned up my buggy work space a bit, watered some of the yard,painted my hotshot re re shell and layed a few more coats onto my HI-Lift shell. tomorrow after work i will put 2 last coats on the Hi-Lift then leave it for a few days then mask the shell to paint the bonnet and tray,maybe even a stripe down the side of some sort, not sure yet.after thats all done, a few coats of pearl clear should finish it off nice. what have you done today?
  7. in australia we have a problem with some of the youths actually spraying the paint into coke bottles and sniffing it.
  8. i think the way they have set the body and little wheels,it will be much easier to add bigger wheels to it.
  9. today i done some more moving. then i done some watering in my new yard,1 acre requires some effort haha. started getting my TNX 5.2 ready for racing tomorrow,going to race the new one i bought off www.tamiyatrucks.com to see how she goes.should be fun. then i spotted the 1/8 R/C XBG TNX5.2R Champagne Gold Edition ,wonder what that looks like. what did you get up to today ps Madaz,when you get the Hotshot i will have to come up so we can take the hotshots for a run ive got an old blue endbell endurance motor in mine,looks kinda like a sport tuned
  10. anyone got any clue as the what a RC DB01 Durga is? http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/coming_so...hp?sub-id=36450 i couldnt find this anywhere here but if its a repost,please delete looks like there will be a TT-Gear Hotshot http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/coming_so...hp?sub-id=30100
  11. ive just bought a house and have been moving.first load was all my rc gear. looked at the room where they are to live and gave it a sweep.room needs some work.its a 2 level house and the buggy room is downstairs.it needs sealing up properly and painting and an aircon in the future. anyway, 4 ute loads and 2 trailer loads so far and we have gotten most of the large gear moved,what a mission.now its getting all the small **** and putting it in boxes or whatever so we can clean the old house up and get the bond back.cant wait to just be finished moving,and sit back on the verandah with a Jim can and listen to the silence. next doors dog almost lives at our place which makes my life hard,its friendly but i have 3 dogs myself and the yard has no fences as yet.so i put them out on a runner but with the other dog wandering around freely, mine get jelous.so a fence has got to go up soon.1 acre block is a large fence lol. gona be a while before i get to bust out the buggies but i might try get the TNX 5.2 up to race in townsville on sunday next week. what did you do today?
  12. you have some really sweet RC10's there mate
  13. my first nitro was a silver snake, and then i got a great vigor bone crusher as a backup (also same as duratrax) it used to chew out the idler gear if you were doing lots of doughies but usually it was pretty good.i had a force factory pro .12 in mine and it hauled ***. overall they are a good bashing truck
  14. haha, yea madaz, you wont find much in stock for tamiyas anywhere,sad but true.and what toyworld has is really dear. as for radios,spectrums these days are the big one, they dont have crystals and dont suffer from glitching etc,quite good actually. most batteries that Herc hobbies have are pretty much matched racing batteries,ive been hasseling them to get in cheap packs but im not sure if they are listening.ive also been hasseling them to get some mod motors etc too, as most of the ones under the counter are high maintainance race motors.my mates part owner of HERC Hobbies (High End Radio Control) so i have been trying to get him to get some other stuff apart from full spec race gear,but if you dont see anything,a lot of the time its in boxes as they are about to expand the shop. these 2 mobs are aussie and sell good stick packs that have lots of power cheap http://www.feralbatteries.com.au/category.aspx?id=%2022 http://www.harrisrc.com/Batteries-1.htm as for what i have dont today,ive started packing my buggy room up as we just bought a house and get the keys on the 3rd of september.my last move, no more rentals YAY once im settled in i will make a small track in the backyard for me buggies (bought a house on an acre)
  15. that would be me madaz,and replied on ADX. i could be found guilty of buying new race gear as i race at the 2 clubs when i get a chance.just bought my second TNX 5.2 the other day too have to catch up one day and go for a run somewhere with a buggy or 2
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