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  1. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/vaterra-twin-hammers/472402-my-twin-hammers-starting-upgrade.html offers on the hammers , please read the whole thread if interested as the build changes a few times before getting to the finished truck ,probably the most modded hammers out there thanks pm please
  2. a lot of losi parts are same as vaterra parts even part numbers coincide !!
  3. great stealth bomber !! were the shocks painted or dyed with rit please ? cheers shaun
  4. great vid !! love the reverse adjusts in the air great skils
  5. just thought you guys may want to see how perfect these are !!! they are exactly spot on
  6. thanks greatly for the info guys , i only use the lipos about two or three times a month and dont mind waiting a yonk for them to charge , as long as its safe !! the batteries in question are only turnigy 4200,2s shorty packs and dynamite 2200 , 2s ??
  7. i use a balance cherger that is made by dynamite , the only lead is the power lead to the charger from the mains , you plug the balance lead only in it to charge , and when the battery is full there is a series of 3 lights that turn from red to green when fully charged , after charging i check on a seperate lipo alarm , it always shows charged cells as 4.2 and 8.4 for both , i store the batteries charged , is this correct ? please help , i have never had a pack swell , puff, smoke, or even get warm when charging , never ever had a seam open up , not even temporarily , on average i use the packs twice a month , then never discharge them , after use in the car , they are removed when the alarm sounds and just recharged in the same way ?? they are always charged in a fireproof bag but not stored in one ?? please help
  8. i have set the front damper on soft and fitted a 6mm clip on shock collar in red from a super sabre or hs2 mate
  9. if you copy the url code , its at the top of the photobucket screen indicated by a link symbol the pics will appear here , and bigger
  10. looking great mate !!! cant believe the state on the inside of the spur cover and gear plate !!!' shell came out good , definately worth saving !! following with interest
  11. mix some red and white with a touch of yellow to get a good flesh colour dom , best to finish the driver before assembly or if your like me you will look at him for evermore saying " i will have to finsh him one day" ,,,,,,,, and never do it lol
  12. ye guys now available in lexan bought mine a few days ago, big thanks to all involved in getting this into reality and jeff green who burned the holy grail for the greater good !!!
  13. thanks loads mate for your help and time , i followed your DS restore intently lol , i had full radio gear in this one but decided to remove it , just left the front servo and motor , the new scorcher srb kits are £125 complete!!!!!! from banzai now ? cheers shaun
  14. thanks greatly dave , your spot on mate , paitence has brought me the car so i will sit tight , just hoping someone here could help me out with an odd decal or partial sheet , ddaenden ( domonique) has been a huge help to me with this quest , just like to say a big thanks to dom and you guys for your time and input , cheers shaun
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