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  1. Whats the difference between XX and XX-CR. I think this is a XX-CR regarding to the decals. I want a doubel-x with hydra drive and this is the closest And with the car I got a transmission with a hydra drive and dogboens and many parts. So can some one here tell me what was the difference between Double-X and XX-CR and what parts are CR specific. On some parts it says graphite, upper front chassis, underside of chassis and rear shock tower. The front bulkhead is white and the one I had was it black. Two pictures of it. A Swedish text for my Swedish friends here. Och för mina Svenska bekanta som kan tänkas läsa detta. Så nämn det inte på rsb eller på annat sätt innan träffen i mars.
  2. Mr.Orange

    Kyosho TF2-R

    I got today a TF2 Type R and I don´t remember what year they came. I bought one for my self I think it was the first year at Kyosho Sweden it would be the autumn of 1996 then. It sounds familiar that it was that year. Some pictures of the one I just got from Germany. It is in a very good condition and hardly no scratches on the chassis. And the body is perfect I really like the Mercedes 190 DTM. I had a MB 190 with Promarkt sponsor decals from Tamiya on mine. I´m now on the hunt for a TF3 Type-R as well and my hope is that I can buy back my own TF3 Type R.
  3. It looks like a standard text on every TT01E. In the video for RC JAS Motorsport Honda Civic - FF03, it says 30 seconds in. JAS Honda Civic on Youtube I hope that someone that has this car see this thread. Then we might have some answers on what it says in the manual and parts listing.
  4. Thanks for the help. The following I have found regarding TT-01E. It feels like there might be a small chance that you can mount LED:s in it. LED components are not included. (Available separately)
  5. Hello, I just wonder if any one here has got this car yet? I want one, and need to know if you can mount LED:s in it. On one home page I read in the text that you could put in LED:s in it. And separate LED inserts was available. So if some one here knows the number on that LED insert as well as the wheels on it. I would be glad. I haven´t found a manual for 58505 to download any where. And one more thing is there a part number for a complete pair of TRF touring shocks? Or is the ones on it good enough.
  6. How is it with the F103 bodys Type-M, L, C and T. Do they fit the F104 chassis? -->>> 666 I can do a more accurate comparison soon... So we meet each other on the tracks. May the best driver win. Regards
  7. I just got an answer from Adviser Champ and they did not find the number. So can someone check again the number for the Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jägermeister model number 56708. Regards Niklas
  8. I´m locking for the number on the decals so I can order them as a spear part.
  9. In what order and names did the Ultimas have. Ultima Turbo Ultima Ultima II Ultima Pro XL Ultima RB5 Ultima RB5 SP
  10. It handle good this wing I used a LA242 High down force wing first and it worked. This JConcept wing looks better and maybe works better when all wheels are on the track. The LA242 did make the car fly horizontal in jumps and that was a big plus. Now it want to dip the nose so I have to compensate with throttle. I have universals kyo W5061 in the front and dog bones rear. I´m thinking on getting universals in the rear as well later, not now. An other thing that gets the car to handle better now, is that the shocks are more vertical then being placed out on the hub carrier. That is way I have cut down the shock body 5 mm so they fit well where they shall be on a MID Optima.
  11. My race Optima is now finish I will just change the ESC to a Jeti car 3000+. Turbo Optima Mid Special spec. 2009
  12. Hello, I have a runner that I have search for replacement parts. It´s not easy to find. The part W5061 is still available in Swedish hobby shops and cost 470 SEK (Swedish kronoa) Many Optima parts is still available in Swedish shops. The Ultima and Lazer parts I have tried out on my Optima but they are not so good to use. To long or to short and need modification to fit. Try to find W5061 or use the original OT006 I use the W5061 in front and OT006 in the back.
  13. This might be a bit Off Topic.. I have in my Optima LWB one Speed Passion 7.5R motor and a Feigao / Himoto / HSP 60A ESC, and TrakPower 4900 30C. The motor and ESC runs cool and have no problems. I have also put in a Sentry Novak data logger and logged data from running it. The temp on the motor and LiPo was max 28 Celsius on motor and 25 on LiPo. Outside condition was sunny and about 23 Celsius with track conditions lose gravel. The motor had a 18 to 20 pinjong (don´t remember) and the spur is 82 or 86. It´s the blue SST spur that has been modified to fit the axel and 48 pitch.
  14. Now have i received one more part for my Optima carbon fiber chassis, the parts are from Fibre-Lyte.
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