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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.......finally I get how to work out the FDR.....I was having a serious brain fart with those......but with your explanation...and....kerching....I heard the penny drop, and it all fell in to place.
  2. Hey guys, lots of good feedback again...grass running will be minimal and only when sort , mainly to get from one bit of tarmac/gravel to the next . seeing as you've got the hang of this FDR thingy, 5.5 equates to which gear, 27t as I originally thought and work down, 26,25,24.....or start higher, 28,29 , and work down. also, on retrospect ....should I have gone for 13.5 instead of 17.5.... ???
  3. Again....lots of advice...interesting....if not confusing...still don't know what FDR translates into tooth count for the pinions. And I don't get why you say I can't use one of the 6 pinions that tamiya say to use with "there" slipper clutch and supplied spur gear that is designed for this chassis. What is the point of selling it, if you can't use it.
  4. Never even thought of opening the packaging to the slipper clutch......(you must be in management). I'll have a look...👀
  5. As I said......all still in boxes or packets......can't wait though...last kit(Tamiya) I built was a holiday buggy. My axial deadbolt 1/24th crawler...was a strip and rebuild with carbon and alloy......that was fun.
  6. Thanks for all the replies...very informative and helpful, Pylon, your reply before editing was great advice, I have attached the clutch and the pinions that you can use, as no one has actual experience of a 17t with that clutch I think I'll try the 27t. As you can see.....still in the packets.....along with everything else....so might be a while....got to get the front diff on my SBR 2 sorted out first.
  7. Just acquired an xv-01 chassis kit, i have bought all the recommended upgrades, and all the unnecessary ones, and all the totally frivolous ones. The question I’m asking is, the slipper clutch has a 77t spur gear and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a pinion gear for general tarmac/grass and some loose gravel surfaces. motor and esc….. HOBBYWING COMBO XR10 JUSTOCK G3 ESC/JUSTOCK G2.1 17.5T
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