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  1. Ha - No way! I was just about to order a set of tweezers, I'd love to take these off your hands!
  2. Very cool - but where did you get the smaller driver from?
  3. I built the Clod back in February, but it's undergone some significant changes since and it now finished (I had to wait quite a long time for the correct body, headlock rings and stickers to arrive)... Mods: New Bodyshell, wheels, tyres, chassis extension, suspension lift, TGM-02 shocks and on-axle steering servos... (Sort-of Build Thread here: )
  4. I think I'm going to go on the hunt for some fake monster jam style exhausts like on this 1:24 toy, but I have no idea where to start... any ideas anyone?
  5. They are really good - but I've fitted the JC golden years tyres and tribute wheels with the full foams inside - and although the shocks are great, the tyres make it a little bouncy still... Not great for big jumps. but for stoppies, wheelies and bicycles - awesome!
  6. For Sale - Rere Monster Beetle - it's only been run around the garden a few times, MIP Ball Diff fitted, Speed Passion Sensored Brushless motor with Tamiya TBLE02S ESC, Ball raced all round Kyosho Syncro Transmitter and receiver... Has Blackfoot tyres fitted (long story) (I can also include the original box and a couple of alternative body shells that I kept from my blitzer beetle if you're interested) Looking for £210 post in the UK...
  7. Paint and decals finished... The decals aren't the most accurate or best fit - but it's going to be bashed, so I'm not too precious... I think I now almost have my dream clod buster!
  8. Same thing - article here: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/354848/tamiya-and-little-car-company-pair-create-wild-one-max?_mout=1&utm_campaign=autoexpress_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter Looks like it might be road legal too!
  9. Finally my new body shell and decals arrived and I can build the monster truck tribute I wanted from the beginning... but the shell doesn't quite fit and so I've had to trim the chassis a bit...
  10. New heat fins arrived in the post this week... fitted to the rear motor... fingers crossed that helps with the super hotness...
  11. Aaaaaaannnd.... I've discovered something very strange with the front servo - given a bit of encouragement it waggles.... Check this out!
  12. I've fitted some new body mounts and dropped the Hoonicorn tribute right down and I still have the lift kit fitted... I think it looks better, perhaps it needs raising up a half inch... But now I have the option!
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