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  1. OK - Latest upgrade... Shocks... I got pretty fed up with the rattling and overly stiff springs, so I took one off each corner, removed half of the rubber tube to give more travel and added a mild lift... It worked really well, but it was still very bouncy... So I started searching for alternatives... I noticed that shocks are pretty polarising, with about a 50/50 split between those who like the 8 shock setup and those who prefer 4 shocks... I found out that TGM-02 shocks are the same length as Clodbuster springs, so I've ordered 2 pairs of them to see what they're like... That ticks 2 boxes for me - Tamiya original equipment and blue - in keeping with the super clod buster colours! One set has arrived and in my haste (I'm just too impatient) I've fitted them onto the back axle... so to try and remove some of the bounce from the frond axle, I fitted an old set of DT-02 CVA shocks along side the original clod units... Been out for a bash, and so far I'm liking how it handles!
  2. Thanks for all of this - I've had a look at Andy's thread - looks like nothing lasts well with him! but... all of that will save a lot of mistakes and bad purchases... I was only looking at the 550 size motors because they had the voltage rating, but now I think I see that the general consensus is 3s and silver can or 2s and low turn count motors - like HPI firebolts or similar... I just have to find some good 3S LiPo's - I think I may have used that one now thought, I found these and they are bang on the correct size to fit in the stock battery compartment! (and they already have deans connectors... so no soldering required!) https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=425407
  3. @Carmine A OK, OK.... Scrap my last post! I googled them... they are available in the UK, and they do look pretty awesome.... They are now firmly added to the wish list!
  4. Whaaaaaaat?????? Crawler motors, aren’t they going to be a little on the ‘slow’ side? As I understand it crawler motors have a higher turn count, and are slower (more torquey) than ‘race’ or ‘stock’ motors? Am I missing something?
  5. Hi All, I’m looking for a pair of DT-02 or DT-03 Rear 100mm CVA Oil filled shocks for a Clodbuster upgrade... Or... 4x 110mm oil filled dampers for the same Clodbuster upgrade... Let me know if you have anything knocking around...
  6. I don’t know.... (I think you asked the wrong person)... But, I have seen this knocking around on the interwebs, so something must be possible!
  7. Finished this a couple of weeks ago now... although, will it ever be finished?
  8. That explains why my 3s silver can experience was a super hot, smelly burning motor - I was running on grass and gravel, lots of hill climbs, lots of wheel spin, donuts etc... I have considered a set of traxxas titan 550’s as they do a reverse version of the 21t and they are 14.4v rated... I’ve been messing around with Tamiyas now for a fair few years, but this is my first Clod... so first multi-motor setup, and with more choice for modern electrics and batteries and so many different setups and preferences, it’s a bit of a mine field getting it right first time! I think I’m getting there though!
  9. Thankfully, I don’t have any high output LiPo’s at the moment, I was planning on getting a couple of 100c 2s packs after watching the Trigger Kings youtube vids, but now I’ve done the maths, I know I don’t need to go that far... Right now 2s on silver cans means nothing is getting hot, when I start dabbling with 3s, heat sinks are a great bit of advice - thanks, I completely overlooked that... I already have a fan on the ESC heat sink, although it’s not plugged in right now... As you can see in my photo, I’ve also added a LiPo alarm and a castle BEC, all to ensure battery safety and a good stable power supply all round! Luckily I’ve had a good amount of experience with LiPo’s, whilst flying drones and I’ve seen first hand, what happens when a LiPo gets damaged... 💥🔥🤯!!!
  10. Good thread - lots in there to help and advise! I did a lot of reading before choosing the Buster, I was considering an Axial SMT10 or a Losi LMT - in fact, I will probably still get an SMT some time down the road, to build a Monster Jam tribute truck... Based in the UK, there hasn’t been much monster truck stuff going on, RC or IRL, we’ve had a couple of Monster Jam shows in the last couple of years, but nothing on the same level as in the US... But most of the TV coverage is appearing on Youtube now, so I’m enjoying that! But I digress... I chose the hobby wing 880 ESC because it has a little bit of programmable functionality, it can run up to a 4s setup (Which I will never need) it’s waterproof, relatively cheap and I’ve had really good experiences with the 1060... I did think about running 2x 1060’s with a y-cable, but that would actually have been more expensive and less reliable... While watching some youtube videos I noticed people with loads of Clodbuster experience were running castle BEC’s so I grabbed one of those too, and I see in your thread, you had some issues with glitching in your steering servo... I wanted to run 2 on axle steering servos, again, I was going to go down the y-cable route, but decided to sell a couple of my 2 channel radios and went for a Futaba 3PV, which has everything I need and more! Good to hear that the turnigy 3s fit in the battery holder... I have a 3s that I can try if I fancy it, but I think I’m going to stick to 2s for a while... being in lockdown limits driving to my garden, and 2s is fast enough!
  11. I spent a bit of time this weekend tidying up the electrics and programming the ESC... I swear, when I was a kid things were never this complicated!!
  12. The thing that really got my attention here was the dual esc’s... I wonder how they’re connected to the RX...
  13. I like the idea of 3s with stock silver cans, but I have read that they’re not rated for the extra voltage and a few years ago, when I tried doing this on a buggy with a hobby wing 1060 esc the motor got ridiculously hot and really smelled like something was burning... (it was really fast though!) The other thing is - what battery do you use and how do you get it to fit in the chassis? I purchased a couple of HPI firebolts to try, I’ve had really good results with these in the past on buggies and Lunchboxes, so I’ll probably try both permutations (3s with silver cans and 2s with firebolts, my HW 880 will let me go up to 4S!) and see which works best for where and how I drive it... I’m going to work my way through your thread tonight, I’m looking forward to seeing what you did with your Clod!
  14. This is definitely on my list of mods, but I think I’m going to wait for a while before doing it... I’m quite enjoying how it drives now... I might experiment by removing one spring from each corner to see how that is...
  15. Ah... That’s a shame - I wasn’t sure if what you needed was there...
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