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  1. Oooooo.... Yes please - I'll take these off your hands... PM me your PayPal and I'll get that wired over to you! (PM'd)
  2. Looking to move this on as it doesn't get much use these days - used only as a basher pretty much always on grass - It's in good condition, fully ball-raced, servo and quickrun 1060 installed with a silver can - I only ran this on a 3-cell Lipo I also installed oil filled dampers, pretty quick, good fun buggy looking for £70 including UK postage.
  3. I bought this from another forum member, it had been recently rebuilt. I planned to run it as a basher, but haven't had the heart to as it's in such good condition... Has been stored out of the sun off it's tyres, so the tyres are good, no cracks etc, has a servo installed, and what looks like an interesting motor installed too, I'm just looking to re-coup costs so it's £110 inc UK postage...
  4. I have an M-chassis but I don't know which one it is...
  5. Thanks! I wasn't sure... I bought it from ebay a while back (for far too much!), it was just billed as a mini...
  6. I may just be able to help - I think I have an 01 with a Futaba servo, been sat on a shelf waiting for rainy day - not much rain these days...
  7. Hi, I'd love to take this off your hands if it's still available...
  8. Awesome - The Kyosho is amazing, those Bajas are amazing, your beetle will look great!!!!
  9. Hopefully it will see good service over the next few months! I have one of these, so I'm good to go!
  10. I almost bought a BigWig on Tamico.de today (the special offer price is too good to miss), but thought I'd have a quick look at the bay and see if there were any Thunder Shot/Coro Coro Dragons around... and there it was... Buy-it-now... So the Hot Shot and Boomerang will have to wait until another day...
  11. I've had a look at 2nd hand, but they seem to be making good money at the moment, and if there is anything that needs to be fixed, it could end up costing the same as brand new... Is that a polycarbonate body, or is it solid? Now that puts the cat amongst the pigeons!! That's a really good price...
  12. I have looked at a Super Hot Shot, but the cost made me dismiss it as an option, however is it worth the extra? What are the differences between the Hot Shot and Super Hot Shot?
  13. I think the Boomerang and Hot Shot are sitting at the top of my list - but, if there were a re-re Fire Dragon available or a Thundershot/ThunderDragon, I'd be all over it! (they were also on my childhood wish list) I agree with you about the Bigwig - it was on my list because of the value for money, but (IMO) it is the ugliest of the bunch!
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