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  1. That is a good looking truck! Really interested to see how you do racing it... I totally understand not being able to pass up a deal! I just picked up a second had LMT just like that - scruffy mucky and not very well looked after with rusty springs and bolts all over it... I just couldn't resist - I've wanted one since they were released and... Well, now I have one!
  2. If you have grey, what about a Ken Block Tribute...
  3. Just incase anyone was interested.... LMT Roller Kits are on special at horizon hobbies: https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/lmt-4wd-solid-axle-monster-truck-roller/LOS04022.html?cjevent=94cafa2bf22a11ec80ca07d20a180514&utm_source=cjaffiliate&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=TheRcKiwis_100444870
  4. Yes, but if you need it to have a transmitter/receiver I have one I can include…
  5. Bump - Imagine a summer of fun with this in the park or in the forest! Why not make me an offer?
  6. I bought this years ago for a project that never happened... I think this is the old body with Ford front and rear... £25 posted in the UK
  7. Hi All, All in this cost me £162 inc postage direct from MIP in the USA... ($150 + postage) Brand New and Unopened, I would like £100 posted in the UK
  8. Hi All, I bought this to scratch that itch of the ultimate Tamiya RC from my childhood... But have discovered it's not my ultimate RC Now! I just don't enjoy driving it as much as I hoped, so, I'm putting it up for sale... There are a couple of marks on the bumper and undertray, and the shell has a couple of small cracks (which happened when I was cutting and trimming it... The colour is based on a special edition shell Tamiya made for this kit in the 80's which featured in a series of promos... Front and rear gearboxes and Diffs are re-greased - they are beatiful and buttery smooth and the car runs true and straight... The buggy comes with the original box and instructions, Gold Wheels and tyres and the included GT tuned motor and TBLE04 esc fitted. I have fitted an XT60 plug to the esc as all of my batteries are XT60... I will also include the brand new set of complete black Egress wheels and tyres and a complete new sticker sheet... I am always open to reasonable offers... £195 posted in the UK...
  9. I run mine on stock silver cans with an 880 and depending on how fast I want it to go use different C rated 2S and 3S batteries - the only thing I did find is that the rear motor gets pretty hot when running 3S on grass, so I fitted a heatsink and that works a treat!
  10. Thanks! And thanks for the info about the dog bones... Did you have to change front and rear? Do you remember what length they are? I've only seen 70mm and 73mm
  11. Finally!!!!! I was on tenterhooks with you the whole way!!
  12. I was getting stuck in this weekend and had half dismantled the rear gearbox when I discovered that this bolt was missing - at first I thought perhaps I hadn't installed it when I first built the buggy, but I do remember thinking: how can that little bit of aluminium possibly protect the gearbox...?? Well - that will be why the gears are clicking then!! So, I disassembled the rear box, checked everything - it all looked fine except for the pinion position, so I adjusted that, new grease, and re-assembled with a new bolt and a bigger blob of threadlock! Now it's running like a dream - I think I'll shelve the MIP ball diffs until I need them... Also, I didn't realise that to fit them you have to drill out the gearbox case's for the output bearings on all four drive shafts with a special drill bit included in the kit - that scares me a little!! But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it! Ampro engineering have a great YT vid on how to fit the kit:
  13. Thanks - I based it on an old 80's Tamiya advert that I remember seeing as a kid... I think I'm probably not going to be jumping this one too much, but that is sound advice...
  14. WooooHoooo!!!!!! Here we go!! I'm not looking forward to this job as much as I should be, the Hotshot is totally the worst Tamiya to work on, I have a feeling I'll be ordering a new main chassis before this is completed due to stripped threads... But I am looking forward to seeing how this buggy runs!
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