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  1. Anyone has tried this set? http://tamico.de/Carson-Komplettraeder-Set-Buggy-1-10-4-Stk I can't understand is these are wheels for 4ws buggies or they are two couples of rear 2wd buggy wheels
  2. Found! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kyosho-tomahawk-assault-turbo-scorpion-beetle-2014-alloy-wheels-set-rim-C-TYPE-/231425278321
  3. This is an example http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/Arcocustom/Arcocustom%202013/Screenshot2014-09-30at114327PM_zps526e4b22.png
  4. What brand are the beautiful aluminium wheels I see on the Net?
  5. 30t motor, isn't too low? about wheels, they are "tamiya" compatible with 12mm hexagon?
  6. Love, the 2014 edition of the classic Kyosho beetle! I am a Tamiya fan but the Kyosho seems to be more well made. How is this buggy compared to Sand Scorcher and to a "modern" buggy. Apparently no upgrades are necessary; how is the stock motor and what motor can withstand the chassis? Is the battery compartement suitables for modern lipos?
  7. Ok, you are right, but if I want to go brushless, is difficult to compare Brushed T with Brushless T and the kv too often are not a real indicator of the power ot the motor. So, if different 23t brushed motors are similar in performances is difficult to understand what bl motor is comparable
  8. Guys, do you run Brushless with the 17 or 19 pinion?
  9. ok, but how can I recognise compatible rims with standard hexagon?
  10. No problem for motor, it's an old thing I had in my parts. For washer plate, do you mean the simil cardboard grey disk? i thought it was thinked to avoid debris go inside motor
  11.    Sometimes off road and sometimes on road. I found the Carson too soft because they don't have the foam insert. I want an advise such for off road tires than on road
  12. My HB Always runs with Carson All Terrain Wheels, looking nice for this kind of car but with poor performances. I find difficult to choose in the large world of the 2wd buggies tires; I wish to know about the right size and how may I undesrtand if the rear of the rims has the standard Tamiya hexagon.
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