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  1. TheStuff

    RC4WD K5 Blazer meets Tamiya Bruiser 2012 chassis

    Hello! I have a rc4wd bruiseruptor chassis as well. I want to put the same body or my Tamiya F350 body on to this chassis. How did you mount the body? Stock Bruiser mounts are just tooooo far apart to reach right!
  2. TheStuff

    Wanted - Tamiya Mammoth Lights

    Tried a few places now and no luck
  3. TheStuff


    For some reason this video of mine is doing really well lately...
  4. TheStuff

    Wanted - Tamiya Mammoth Lights

    Thank you for letting me know about Seidel and Tamico. Unfortunately $50 shipping for a small plastic parts tree outweighs the cost 5x. Seidel will not ship to Canada either
  5. As title describes, I am after the lights for a tamiya mammoth. The upper lights with the lenses is what I am specifically after. Parts trees: R & N (0115295 & 0445812)
  6. sorry to hijack this thread but this is the reason i signed up on Tamiya Club. I have both pumpkins (full size metallic edition & black QD version) I need a remote for the QD version because when i use the remote from the XB full size pumpkin the steering becomes throttle and the throttle becomes steering. In Skip's situation he just changes the ESC/Servo leads around on the receiver for his full size. In my case the QD is a circuit board and I cannot change it around. Long story short, I am looking for a radio for a Quick Drive.