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  1. well wonder no more http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/video/2013/may/23/star-wars-lego-model-video now all they need is a full size death star and millenium falcon
  2. thanks a lot everyone for your replies.definitely given me some food for thought i have to admit though that when i have the money and i could find one,i would buy a re-issue avante in a heartbeat i would be more than happy with that
  3. i don't have 2 pennies to rub together atm (am paying a road bike off),was just thinking what model to buy when funds allow. if possible would like to be able to do a bit of everything (not race though,as no club where i live).just a bit of bashing off/on road and if poss some rock crawling too (most of all fun to drive). i know it's probably a moon on a stick question,but if you were to buy just one tamiya what might you choose? i have only owned a manta ray (early 90's) so my experience of rc is shall we say pretty narrow although i did have a quick go on a fox back in the 80's;-) ta in advance :-)
  4. was just looking at the modelsport site (and dreaming/i don't have so much as 2 pennies to rub together atm),when i spotted this (apologies if someone already mentioned it on here) http://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-nova-fox/rc-car-products/376225 i am seriously tempted about saving up for one (as my first rc car since the early 90's ;-) i lusted after this car when i was 10 (a kid at my school had a fox,lucky so and so ;-) apologies i just saw the other thread here http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69878
  5. hello,just joined up here. i have to admit that i have only ever owned 1 tamiya r/c car (back when i was a teenager.i'm 38 now) it was a manta ray (which i loved).alas i didn't use it that often as i soon after discovered motorcycles/cars (well a DT125 yam and ford fiesta 1.1L anyhoo/not at the same time you understand,i wasn't that rich my love of tamiya stemmed from primary school though.one of my friends had a fox that he talked about (he lent me the instruction manual which i drooled over looking at the exploding diagrams).whenever i went to my local toy shop,i would drool over those lovely boxes and dream about having my own r/c buggy to play with.when i got the chance to have a go on his fox car,i was even more hooked anyhoo enough of my droning,have been thinking about this question (i checked on the search bar to see if there were any of these threads already,but i couldn't see one).as i do not have any experience of the models myself (apart from the fox and manta ray),i can only base my opinion on what i have seen on youtube/read about the models. there are so many great tamiya vehicles,that it is almost impossible to make a decision (and to be honest i cannot BUT i can make a short list as to what i think are worth thinking about. grasshopper/hornet i would definitely consider these 2 as worthy of being on the list,simply as they bought r/c cars to the masses (reasonably priced but great fun to drive.also the kits were well designed/made). porsche 959 just a stunning piece of kit.it was so detailed (it looked just like the actual car),and it had working lights.for it's time it was fantastic. the fox nuff said (fantastic 2wd buggy (i can also add the hotshot/egress/avante/supershot/frog e.t.c e.t.c and i would be here all night,BUT i will finally vote for the grasshopper as my all time greatest tamiya r/c vehicle (and use my reasoning from above well i'll shut up now,but will be very interested as to what you would vote yourselves? p.s i do plan on buying another tamiya r/c buggy at some point (when funds allow).at least i have plenty of time to make my mind up as to what to buy
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