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  1. Love the chassie!! I currently have sold the dirt trasher and brought in a 58100 to the collection. love the video
  2. Same here. The love of restoration. I currently is working on a madcap and a avante 2001. Wrecked!!
  3. I’ve Been searching for these tires the last year and are a bit puzzeled by the 49010/49011 pin spike front (red). Why the same tire on two different product Numbers? at tamiyabase one of the productnumbers are blanked out. has anyone got pictures or own the 49011 and 49016 red spikes tires? hope for answer. best Bjørn
  4. Would like to buy Tamiyas colored tires from the 80s -90s
  5. Tamiya king cab tires wanted. Know ITS a long strecht but i have to try🤗
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