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  1. My cousin gave them to me, I will ask him what brand they are.
  2. I added oil-filled coil overs to my Black Edition. Now I just need to polish the body and wait for spring to run it.
  3. The Kyosho LeMans 600E vintage but nothing has been re-released as and endurance model yet.
  4. I have had the 2009 Buggy Champ silver edition, I currently have the Sand Scorcher and I love(d) them both, but I had two Super Champs and the design worked. Yes heavy, Yes same front end as the others but the Fighting Buggy update for the rear suspension and the available ball diffs make it a super fun buggy to drive around. Not a Scorpion beater but better than the earlier SRB's.
  5. The design is the same as the original buggy so it will fit.
  6. The chassis design is identical to the original the Life battery only fits by attaching an included holder to the chassis plate. I fit 1800-3000mah nimh and you should be able to li-on batteries in the same m shape to fit. I also use a velcro strap to add some smaller 2200mah 2s lipo's if I want it to go nuts.
  7. I have yet to drive this Fighting Buggy with the new version 2 Tamiya ball diff so it might be a bit better, the Thorp diff in the original never got ran just refurbished and sold. Only thing would be the heavy rear and light front end. The Scorpion's weight bias is better especially the Turbo Re Re with the larger wheels but not by much.
  8. I had two originals one with a surprise thorp ball diff. And I currently have two re re's they are awesome cars, I have a turbo scorpion and it may drive better but nothing can take away the charm of the fighting buggy
  9. The smallest I made it without it kinking from full suspension movement.
  10. The is nothing ironic about his responses to me, might want to look up the definition for that word. Not once was I abusive and if that is your perspective then I guess you can kick a paying member out, IDGAF. But when some one asks for help and you give bad information and are not wanting to be corrected for that is a narcissistic forum I don't need to be a part of.
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