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  1. So do we call this new configuration the Super Brat or the Subaru Champ?
  2. So when is someone going to come out with an aftermarket carbon or graphite flattened chassis?
  3. Pablo68, You can salvage the shocks if use pipe tape on the shock caps and either TF blue O-rings or the Translucent white competition (?) O-rings. The seem to dampen fine for me and have not leaked. I would highly recommend to tear down the transmission and grease the gears, there are I think two sintered metal gears that can disintegrate due to heat and look at adjusting the shift servo for proper engagement due to sloppy linkages. From the three I have had the insides of the front and rear differentials seem lubed well enough but the ring and pinion on both should be lubed as well. Other that those issues mine has been fine. Don't know if its a one off thing but the wheels are kind of brittle so be cautious when tightening. Have fun!!!! they are a blast.
  4. thank you for that information, I will try to get some this week and do some tests to get the application perfected as best i can before adding to the buggy.
  5. I have a Kyosho Wildcat that has some radio box damage and was wonderingif anyone had an idea of what would be good material or a technique that they know of to repair the damaged areas. I will post some pictures to show the ares that need repaired. Thank you all in advance!!!
  6. right on man. I think i will try to sell more of my items on this website instead of ebay. Got a few cars and parts to let go of Tamiya, Nichimo, Kyosho.
  7. example one, way high price, really crappy condition and not very popular for said price. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Kyosho-Stinger-MK-Nitro-4-Wheel-Drive-with-Hitec-Challenger/283495695378?epid=97052527&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 second one, person did not know what the model was until I discussed that he research and drop the price was 384.00. btw, I bought two of theses for 110.00 with radios and other extras.the the guy is a gold digger and the price keeps falling, was 284 yesterday. https://m.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-KYOSHO-STINGER-Nitro-4-Wheel-Drive-Chain-Drive-Remote-Control/183810446956?epid=97052527&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  8. Glad I am not the only one on here with the same feeling.
  9. So who has the same frame of mind as me when looking trough eBay and seeing people that have no idea of RC (what kind/type of model/model name) they are selling but requiring a sky high purchase price. I am seeing it more and more, listing of I am no expert or I have no idea what car this is but here I want 400 for a "Rare" Raider with beat up body and was only 150 when new. with 7-8 more asking the same price. I have no problem with high dollar items and we all know what they are or those rare gems that seem to come out of nowhere. I am now looking at buying more re releases than vintage because of this blatant gouging. Thank you for letting me rant. Happy Hunting.
  10. My best barn find was a Craigslist deal from an estate sale. There was a Turbo Ultima, Kyosho Salute w/ Option House gold nerf bars, two fishing tackle boxes with parts and two boxes of parts enough to make another Optima. The kicker was a Tamiya Martini Porsche 936 Turbo with a semi decent box in fair to good condition. Purchased for $240.00 and the Tamiya was sold for $300.00. Still have the Ultima Salute and built a Javelin out of the parts. Had a few others but never one that paid for itself and more.
  11. another sign of the clone is look at the inside of the wheel hugs. If there is not a black plastic bearing sleeve and just a huge bearing in the alloy hub, that would be a clone or clone parts.
  12. no something like 40.00 USD, it was for the re re bruiser
  13. Does anyone know what parts that will need to be sourced from the Bruiser to get the slipper clutch working on this p407? I have the clutch built I just need to know if we can get the parts from the bruiser and if there is a specific parts bag number etc. Thank you in advance.
  14. Just FYI to everyone, Banggood has a special on these trucks for the HG P407A "Kit" version for $179.00 USD plus shipping. Total price with Priority Direct shipping for 7-12 day plus insurance was $188.63 USD. $5.04 ship and $3.60 insurance. Sale good till Dec 31st 2018. I picked another one up today. I think this is the cheapest I have been able to find it plus shipping. https://www.banggood.com/HG-P407A-110-2_4G-4WD-Rc-Car-Kit-for-TOYATO-Metal-4X4-Pickup-Truck-No-Servo-Battery-ESC-Transmitter-p-1329228.html?ID=224&cur_warehouse=CN
  15. Both of my trucks RTR and kit have the diff locking pins. They are in the extras bag with the 4-way tool, rubber bands and Allen keys.
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