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  1. Love these things! Going to have to see if I can pick one up before they disappear!
  2. As the topic says, describe your ultimate re-re! As this is purely hypothetical, let your imagination on what is involved or included run wild! I'll start: Dyna Storm (technically a re-re-re!). I would love to have a Dyna Storm that's been given the Avante 2011 treatment: Updated and reinforced diff parts Modern assembly type CVD driveshafts Carbon chassis plates and shock towers Updated Sleeved Dampers (like the re-re Hi-Caps). Also, slightly less likely specs: Plastic parts moulded out of reinforced resin Aluminium TRF Style rear wishbone hangers Classic style Star Dish wheels resized to 2.2" TRF style hex head screws Brushless 'Acto Power Pink' style motor (9.5t) This would be my ultimate re-re buggy! The Top Force would also be pretty epic if given the same treatment. It may be too close to an Evo, but I'd take it all the same!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. A 10.5T brushless is about the equivalent of a 17 - 20 turn brushed motor, which I reckon the Egress will handle fine. I have an 8.5T in my TRF 201 XM, and that DOES feel too fast for the Egress chassis! ;-) Do you know what pitch the standard pinions are, and also where I might be able to get a steel one that will mesh correctly? I was thinking of getting a second Egress kit for spares, but ended up just getting a second body parts set off eBay instead. The only way to get the CVDs is to but the parts, and they are VERY expensive to buy this way, which is odd, as the other 4WD assembly CVDs are not too bad price wise. I just wondered if any other ones would fit (DF-03, DB01 etc.) Maybe I will look in to getting a second kit later on, assuming they are still available.
  4. Hi all. I have finished building my Egress ready to race in this summers vintage class at my local club, but would like a bit of advice on pinions as I'm a bit stuck. I will be running a 10.5T Speed Passion Brushless setup, and I'm pretty sure that the stock pinion is too large. What size pinion would you guys recommend? Also does anyone have any idea what pitch the standard Egress gearing is? I would ideally like to replace the pinion with a steel one, but have no idea where to get one! Finally I was wondering if anyone had any idea if the Egress/Avante re-re assembly driveshafts are the same as any existing hop-up shafts for other cars? I was just wondering what the cheapest and easiest way to get replacements would be if I ever had a failure?. The design is the same as many of the existing CVDs, so I guess it would be down to the length of the axle and the main shaft. Thanks in advance!
  5. As the title suggests, I am looking to buy a Top Force (would love an Evo, but I think that's out of my price range at the moment). I want to build it as a runner/racer with various hop ups, so NIB would be ideal. A new built would be a possibility, but would prefer an unpainted shell. I understand that this is a long shot, but if anyone does have one, give me an idea of asking price. Thanks!
  6. I'm thinking of getting another one for spares and an extra (realistically priced) body set. Hope they have one left next month!
  7. Stella have stock again (just this minute checked). Just thought I would post up in case anyone still wants to pick one up.
  8. Alright guys. Anyone got any idea where I could get a full re-re Egress body set from? I would like a second set to do in my race colours, and can't find one anywhere! Cheers!
  9. Finally got my Egress all wired up and running after a few setup issues (the sensor cable that was supplied with my ESC and Motor combo is faulty - temporarily using the one from my TRF201), and took her out for a quick shakedown run with a replica (Kamtec) body shell and under tray fitted. First impressions - the 10.5 motor is perfect speed wise for this chassis, imo. Need to set up the brake, etc, but will do this tomorrow when I have the time to connect it to my PC. Need to paint the original body shell and under tray, and maybe buy a spare set for racing, as the fit of the Kamtec version is just dreadful. I'll need to get a set of black DF03 wheels and mount a set of Dboots Terabyte tyres for racing, but I can do this later. Have to say, in motion, I think that the Egress is the most aggressive looking buggy I have ever seen - she looks utterly stunning.
  10. I was concerned that this may be the same paint I have ordered for mine, but it's not (couldn't remember the number for mine, but just checked and it's PS-48). Just out of interest though, what colour is this? I can't find any info on a 'PS-74' anywhere.
  11. I've gone for a 10.5 Speed Passion brushless setup, with 2S LiPo for mine. I intend to share this setup between my Dyna Storm project car and my Egress. I have a 8.5 in my TRF201, and feel it is just too quick for an older chassis. 10.5 seemed like a good balance of speed with less chance of excess strain on the drivetrain of either cars.
  12. Pretty much finished my build now. The chassis with no electrics in looks really odd - it's sitting really high at the back, and looks more like something out of 'Whacky Races'! Is this normal? I figured that it was due to the lack of weight, but after adding the motor, it still looks pretty funny. Not sure that the rest of the electrics will be heavy enough to flatten it out - especially with a very light LiPo battery.
  13. Finally felt well enough to work on my Egress build today - it's gone really well, except for missing a few bits and having to do a partial disassemble a couple of times to correct these mistakes. That is mostly because I am not entirely recovered. Silly me for trying to rush it! I have noticed that the small 850 ball bearing that goes in the front gear box prop shaft joint keeps working its way out of its housing and up the chrome prop joint. Is this normal? Compared to the Avante BS that I built, the Egress is really solid and has none of the rattles that plagued the Avante (because of its metal arms). The Egress just seems more refined in every way. Love the engineering of the Avante, but for running, I can see the Egress being a far superior beast. I have also ordered my Speed Passion ESC and motor combo (Reventon S with 10.5R), and have also decided on Tamiya PS-48 Anodised Silver for the body shell. Pics when I get to take some.
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