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  1. Now that I have a Clod Buster again after 15 years or so I became a huge fan of it... again So if you want a real monster truck especially for a little kid it has to be the Clod... It's not just about the looks but also the way it drives. It has a charm that no other monster truck have. The two motors and gearboxes really have a unique sound just like the enormous wheels while they buzz along on the ground. And when you take some air with it it's crazy when the truck hits the ground. Sounds like the T-Rex walking in Jurassic Park... And off course, the whole thing rattles when you run it. It's a lovely truck with unique personality...
  2. I also have zero patience thats why I left it unpainted... all black
  3. What do you think Joeling, would these G-Made G-Transitions also work with a Clod Buster?: http://www.gmade.net/g-transition-shock-red-90mm-4-for-110-crawler-truck/ They are 107mm tall when made Sprung setup. I'm planning to install 4 of these and leave 4 original pogo sticks...
  4. I think that you are not buying the Clod because of it's a good and high performance truck... A Clod is a Clod. It was a good high performance truck in the '80s but now it's 2020. Yeah, to be honest it was a real pain to build it but I liked it. When it's finished it feels so cheap with all those plastic parts and when you run it it's horrible how it rattles around. But it's a Clod and I love it!
  5. Thank you guys, I finished the Clod and also greased the ball joints. Runs great
  6. The weather was really nice today so I had to give my new baby a run... It was a long time ago since I last run a Clod. I only ran crawlers, trail trucks and tanks in the last few years so the Clod felt like a speed demon... I started running while the sun was still up and the battery lasted just until dawn. It was great. I love this truck. Sorry but no motion pictures as I was so excited...
  7. It's for the metal axle stays. They don't align with the screw holes directly so you have to bend them with long nose pillers. It was a real pain in the a...
  8. I'll contact my LHS if they can ask for a new set to fix it... but no way I'll change them only if they give up. It runs fine and the servo can handle the extra friction. We'll see.
  9. Finished my Clod Buster Black edition. This truck is so beautiful that words don't do it justice... now I'm just sitting and watching it.
  10. Hi All, So I started to build my Clod Buster Black edition yesterday. Compared to modern tamiya cars you can feel that this model is an old design but that never really bothered me. The problem is that it seems that my kit (or also others maybe...) have some parts deformed in the box. Its the axlae tubes C hub that is a bit deformed and dont align well with the uprights screws. Is it a common design flaw with Clod busters? Now as my gearboxes were ready built when I realised this they will stay this way and I will only change them when they give up but Im not happy with Tamiyas quality control... see the gap on the picture:
  11. 10 hours of work and almost there with my Clod Buster Black... Looks very nice but I'm not quite pleased with the quality of some parts in this car. Hope it will hold up for the task. It will be a runner.
  12. I don't want to affect you, this is just my personal oppinion... Now if I had to choose between lets say the Clod, the new CC02 or the Abrams FullOp tank, it would be hard... But your choose is between two monster trucks... Few month ago I built a Monster Beetle. It is a nice car and good to have it in my collection but nowhere near the Clod Buster... (sorry for all MB lovers...) The Clod is THE Monster Truck. If I only had to keep one Tamiya, it would be the Clod Buster. 4ws vs. 2ws 4wd vs. 2wd 2 motors vs. 1 motor A GIANT vs. ... a beetle. Come on, you know you want that Clod... take a look inside this box:
  13. That's a question nobody could answer 100% sure. The folks at Tamiya are quite unpredictable. There are a lot of factors that play role in this. I say if they make a whole new box for a product than it will be on the market for quite a long time. But the fact is that the Clod Buster is one of the most popular trucks out there and it will sell fast. Also to be honest, this truck looks super awsome cool in black edition, more cool than any other trucks in black edition in my oppinion... A lot of vintage Clod owners will buy the kit only for the red parts. It is strange that the body is made after the original 1987 mold and is High Impect Styrene (PS) instead of the Super Clods ABS body... So I would say get them while they last ;)
  14. Hello, I would like to ask for some help on building the Clod Buster. I built a lot of Tamiya kits before and just like a lot of you, I never greased the opened areas which could get in contact with dirt. So the Clod Buster manual states to grease those giant ball joints on the trailing arms (attached the picture from the manual). And also the servo savers. Is it a good idea to do so or should I just skip that step? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  15. The postman brought me a big heavy box... I always forget how big these trucks really are...
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