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  1. It seems to be a fact based on a lot of other Tamiya users mentioning this here and there on other forums as well. Clear plastic parts are more brittle and breaks more easily. I think they're more for show than bashing around.
  2. Nice but clear parts are always more fragile... but I like the red parts coming with the RTR version.
  3. Yes, it is the same one. Costs 15.09 Euros https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Batteriehalterung-4xAA-T3-01-Dancing-Rider But you can also buy an old receiver battery holder because it is the same 4 AA style and fits perfect. You only have to change the plug to Tamiya connector. Don't ask me where, but I guess almost every LHS has it. That one looks like this on the attached picture:
  4. I'm using mine with the Tamiya AA adaptor. Bought it from Tamico.
  5. Nice but clear parts are always more fragile.
  6. Hi Guys, I used to have full op Leopard 2 tanks but sold them ages ago... Now I'm planning to build an Abrams but to be honest I don't really care about multi function controls. My plan would be to buy a display version and make it RC. Because I only want the tank to run without any other functions, (like older Tamiya motorized versions...) I would choose cheaper electronics for it. Now the only problem is that the Abrams like Tamiya modern tanks uses one motor for rideing and the other only for turning. This way I can't use a cheaper version electronics like the Sherman DMD or so... But I don't want to spend a lot of cash on the Abrams electronic boards. I found out that connecting two ESCs to the receiver could work. One for the cruising motor and the other for the turning motor. Could it work if I disconnect the + and ground cable from one ESC? And of course zero out the break function to work properly. What do you think? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  7. TXT-2 all the way.... fun on any terrain, great build and HUGE!!! Quite durable but not the way like Traxxas trucks. And later you can buy a lot of nice hopups for it. The stock wheels and tires are not so nice but with TXT-1 wheels and pickup body its a beauty. Also TXT is the most authentic replica of real monster trucks... Tundra is a nice build but gets boaring on trail. Brat is a nice truck but I always found ORV chassis annoying while building but its only my personal oppinion
  8. Hello, yes all correct... The wheels are direct fit for the tires and chassis. The LB mini has the Race Truck tires stock. You only need decals for the bumper but I guess that the clear boby contains decals... MCI racing decals are great quality. I ordered one for my Juggy restauration and they were perfect. Just select 1/24 scale when ordering.
  9. You can easily maka a Black edition by using the soon to be released clear body, two set of Tamiya Man Race truck black rear rims and MCI racing decals. Im planning doing the same thing but with Grave Digger decals... By the way I think that the SW01 is one of Tamiyas most versatile chassis with a lot of potential. It is a compact 4x4 gearbox wich could be used in a lot of trucks with different suspension setting. It could de the saint grail to pover up Bruder 6x4 tractor trucks or you could easily combine two SW01s and make a 8x8 truck.
  10. They want to give you the chance to spend another 220 Euros for Tamiya Hop-Up metal parts... After all they are Tamiya Plastic Model Factory...
  11. Could it be that the plastics used in CC02 are FRP plastic? Seems strange on the close-ups.
  12. Well my plan is to build a Mini Lunchbox Grave Digger but as far as the clear body comes out I had to do something with those silly wheels... The Bright orange matches the color of the flash stripe on the sides.
  13. I think it will be fine as it seems to stick quite good. The rims are quite deep so the tires will protect them.
  14. Not good, not terrible... Will do it for a runner. Yes, the rims were painted silver.
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