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  1. CC01 - no matter what you want to build, you can build it from a CC01. Good on road, good off road. Easy to maintain. Hard as a rock. Good for drifting. Good for crawling. Good for racing. Good for backyard bashing. Another one is the MF-01x... also a cool chassis for almost everything.
  2. I regretted buying the SW-01 Lunch Box Mini... because now it is my all time favorite tamiya... oh lord, how? And I regretted buying the Full Op Leopard at the first time... than I regretted buying another... And I regretted buyin any of my Tamiyas when I take a look at my bank account...
  3. I had a Bruiser and I installed the High Lift MFC-02 unit in it... so it was heavy as a rock. Now one time I was trailing with the truck and I made a mistake so the whole thing rolled down the hillside. I was really surprised that there were only a few scratches on the truck and the body made it even with the extra weight of the chassis. It rolled about a hundred times... That was the moment when I realised that the sleeper cab adds a big amount of extra strength to the body. I think that the Mountain Rider wont have this kind of advantage...
  4. Tamiya bearings are super quality precision bearings. I never seen one go wrong. But in such a small car you wont really notice the difference. Tamiya bearings will last longer I guess but you can always use rubber shield bearings instead to keep water and dust out.
  5. Going on holidays tomorrow so built this quite bizarre thing...
  6. I'm useing the Tamiya battery holder with 4AA batteries. They are standard not rechargable... Thats a quite heavy setup too but as I mentioned I changed the suspension parts to the reinforced version. AA batteries are ok with the standard motor but they are too weak for the Sport tuned version. Bearings are a must. Night and day compared to the plastic bushings.
  7. Yeah, I think you're right. That can be a problem too...
  8. I think that the biggest problem with the LBM is that the suspension parts are too soft. From a point of view its a good thing because it makes the car bulletproof for kids but from another point, thats what causes the drive shafts to pop out and the car will loose alot of ground clearance as the upper arms will bend. Now the Tamiya HopUp reinforced parts and metal cross joints solved those problems for me so Ill wait with the metal upgrade parts. The gears in the car are pretty strong I think... but if you push them hard the small diff gears can damage. What you mentioned is wery strange. Sounds like gear problems. There are way more weight on the rear end so that means more load on the gears. I wonder what the problem could be...
  9. Ebay is the most expensive place to buy stuff... its even cheaper to order from Tamico or RCMart... Don't get me wrong, sometimes I buy parts from ebay, but only the ones that are not available anywhere else. People went crazy with the prices on ebay... and there are some poor idiots who will buy a well used, beaten up lunchbox for 300 bucks... just because it's decorated with police decals and labeld with fancy keywords like; "rare", "vintage" etc... Poor guys could order it NIB with al RC gear for less than 200...
  10. Sometimes I look around on ebay when I want to buy something RC and I always end up buying something new at my LHS. I don't want to support idiot people, I'll support my LHS instead...
  11. I know how you feel... I lived in the USA for a year back in 1995 when I was 10 years old. My father took me and my brother to Toys'R'Us... I remember seeing a Tamiya Hornet (as I remember...) under a glass cabinet. It was the coolest toy which I ever seen in my life. My father told me that it's horribly expensive... it was more than 200 bucks back than if I remember correctly. So I had to choose another car. I found a big black Monster Truck which wasn't rc, it was a cable control car and it could only go forward and backwars. It looked like a Clod and had somewhat yellow stickers... it was a pickup. But it was the coolest car for me. I'm searching for it since I lost it somewhere 15 years ago...
  12. They are bulletproof but if you use them the next weak spot will be the axles. I use them with the reinforced carbon parts. So far looks good. I think you need some flex in the drivetrain so if you use YR cvds with more power you also have to swap the diffs.
  13. So my reinforced C and B parts arrived today. I wonder if somebody tried building the lower rear suspension arms inversely. That would give a slightly bigger wheelbase and maybe the car would be more stable and won't flip backwards so much.
  14. The manual of the Hop-Up metal cross joints say to glue them... I don't get the point why they left this out from the original manual. I think it's a must even with stock motor.
  15. I think that it makes the car more toyish... behaves like a cheap toy car. It runs great without the connectors. I've got two SW01s, one of my favorite chassis and I've ordered all the available Tamiya hopups for them except the upper connnectors. I dont feel the need for them.
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