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  1. I know how you feel... I lived in the USA for a year back in 1995 when I was 10 years old. My father took me and my brother to Toys'R'Us... I remember seeing a Tamiya Hornet (as I remember...) under a glass cabinet. It was the coolest toy which I ever seen in my life. My father told me that it's horribly expensive... it was more than 200 bucks back than if I remember correctly. So I had to choose another car. I found a big black Monster Truck which wasn't rc, it was a cable control car and it could only go forward and backwars. It looked like a Clod and had somewhat yellow stickers... it was a pickup. But it was the coolest car for me. I'm searching for it since I lost it somewhere 15 years ago...
  2. They are bulletproof but if you use them the next weak spot will be the axles. I use them with the reinforced carbon parts. So far looks good. I think you need some flex in the drivetrain so if you use YR cvds with more power you also have to swap the diffs.
  3. So my reinforced C and B parts arrived today. I wonder if somebody tried building the lower rear suspension arms inversely. That would give a slightly bigger wheelbase and maybe the car would be more stable and won't flip backwards so much.
  4. The manual of the Hop-Up metal cross joints say to glue them... I don't get the point why they left this out from the original manual. I think it's a must even with stock motor.
  5. I think that it makes the car more toyish... behaves like a cheap toy car. It runs great without the connectors. I've got two SW01s, one of my favorite chassis and I've ordered all the available Tamiya hopups for them except the upper connnectors. I dont feel the need for them.
  6. I've ordered the new carbon fiber reinforced parts. I hope they will solve this problem... Also another problem is that the upper arms are way too soft. They bend under the weight of the battery and the ground clearence drops to half on the back. I get the point that they function as some kind of shock absorbers as well but I don't really like them. I hope that the FRP parts will also solve this problem.
  7. Now that I have a Clod Buster again after 15 years or so I became a huge fan of it... again So if you want a real monster truck especially for a little kid it has to be the Clod... It's not just about the looks but also the way it drives. It has a charm that no other monster truck have. The two motors and gearboxes really have a unique sound just like the enormous wheels while they buzz along on the ground. And when you take some air with it it's crazy when the truck hits the ground. Sounds like the T-Rex walking in Jurassic Park... And off course, the whole thing rattles when you run it. It's a lovely truck with unique personality...
  8. I also have zero patience thats why I left it unpainted... all black
  9. What do you think Joeling, would these G-Made G-Transitions also work with a Clod Buster?: http://www.gmade.net/g-transition-shock-red-90mm-4-for-110-crawler-truck/ They are 107mm tall when made Sprung setup. I'm planning to install 4 of these and leave 4 original pogo sticks...
  10. I think that you are not buying the Clod because of it's a good and high performance truck... A Clod is a Clod. It was a good high performance truck in the '80s but now it's 2020. Yeah, to be honest it was a real pain to build it but I liked it. When it's finished it feels so cheap with all those plastic parts and when you run it it's horrible how it rattles around. But it's a Clod and I love it!
  11. Thank you guys, I finished the Clod and also greased the ball joints. Runs great
  12. The weather was really nice today so I had to give my new baby a run... It was a long time ago since I last run a Clod. I only ran crawlers, trail trucks and tanks in the last few years so the Clod felt like a speed demon... I started running while the sun was still up and the battery lasted just until dawn. It was great. I love this truck. Sorry but no motion pictures as I was so excited...
  13. It's for the metal axle stays. They don't align with the screw holes directly so you have to bend them with long nose pillers. It was a real pain in the a...
  14. I'll contact my LHS if they can ask for a new set to fix it... but no way I'll change them only if they give up. It runs fine and the servo can handle the extra friction. We'll see.
  15. Finished my Clod Buster Black edition. This truck is so beautiful that words don't do it justice... now I'm just sitting and watching it.
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