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  1. I used to race indoors using a car i made and designed at work. I still have it and I recently found bits to make it better. I had a Leccy which was not common in those days. I still get the tingly feeling when I pick it up and look at it, along with my recently restored Leopard 1 (now that is another story).
  2. I got my first car in 81, the F2 Renault. It took a day to assemble, then I had to wait for ages to get the Acoms stuff and a 6v battery. At my age now I can afford anything RC (but obviously I choose not to). I think that may be what you are saying. I've had loads of cars. Many I wish I still had. The strangest purchase I made was buying a Roughrider and a Sand Scorcher from Chesney Hawkes' dad for £15.00. Like many things, it was always better in the past.
  3. I think you've finally grown up maybe!
  4. In your wife's dishwasher? I'm sure she would love to know it is hers. Don't say it was a present too. 🙂
  5. How are you getting on with the Leopard rebuild? Any pictures?
  6. Hi. How are you getting on with your Leopard? It is my area of expertise. I've had mine since new.
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