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  1. cain1

    Home made Sand Scorcher dash

    I see you as a god and saviour, that is just gorgeous, I'm jealous that I can't do that as I don't understand the cad part, if you ever decide to sell any please let me know, lovely work mate well done
  2. cain1

    Old Tamiya Motor RS 540SD

    I've got one of them, I'd be interested to know something about it too
  3. cain1

    SRB hop ups ect

    Or if it's easier to post then I'm happy with that and any costs
  4. cain1

    SRB hop ups ect

    Hi thanks, that would be wonderful, if any cost is incurred I'm more than happy to pay. My email is Thanks nigel
  5. Has anyone got any literature on hop ups for the srb, all I'm after is copies of any literature and advertising, new and old, plus the rare stuff like the 4 wheel drive conversion, I'll pay for copies of your literature and postage ect, thanks
  6. You can get printable water slide paper, clear and white and you can print any design you want on it in any home printer, most good model shops sell it or there are a few online shops that do it.
  7. cain1

    paint help (again)

    Brilliant stuff, old paint is just wiping off leaving the original plastic clean and paint free and best of all undamaged
  8. cain1

    paint help (again)

    Got some and now going to try it
  9. cain1

    paint help (again)

    I'm having problems, I'm trying to strip the paint over my ford ranger, I was going to use graffiti off from screw fix but they don't sell it anymore, so I went with brake fluid, that doesn't seem to be working, so any ideas on how to remove the paint and with some ease too? Thanks cain
  10. 1/ blazing blazer 2/ sand rover 3/ vintage kyosho scorpion
  11. cain1

    comp date

    Checked there, the 12th, just wondering as it's the 15th
  12. cain1

    comp date

    Just curious to when the Xmas competition finishes? Thought it was the 12th, just wondering
  13. cain1

    samba questions

    thanks for the info it is very helpful , the body im looking at is a tamiya samba bus which i think is off the wheelie machine which i think is 1:12 scale
  14. cain1

    samba questions

    hi all i need some advise on a project i have in mind , im more at home with building vintage off roaders and know nothing about road chassis ect. now my question is what chassis can/do i use for a samba vw bus , ive seen a samba body on ebay new for £40 and ive got ideas for it , basicly everything i want to do to a real one if her indoors would let me lol. as i said i need to know what chassis i can use , any mods to it that are required , wheels what and how i have ideas for home made wheels but it depends on offsets ect , so any and all help and info will be gratefully recieved . thanks in advance and sorry if ive rambled on
  15. cain1

    How did you come up with your user name?

    I got mine from the wife, a good few years back I had longish hair and she used to say that I looked like cain dingle from emmerdale farm and as most things like that it stuck so there you have it