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  1. Anodized paint colours are supposed to be backed with black.....BUT....it is up to the modeller to choose what effect they want. Generally speaking backing with a light colour lifts the front colour (visible colour of the model) and backing with a dark colour has the opposite effect. I have done both (lighter and darker) and it is interesting to observe the differences. I find backing with black creates a "candy" effect and backing with silver (for example) creates a more metallic effect. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  2. Thanks bud.....maybe we should ask the owner to make an allowance this one time?......lol
  3. Yes I took it down because I wanted to edit it.....but the rules say I can't re-enter. Sad but true.
  4. Great stuff! I will film my run when I get round to it.....so subscribe and hit the notification button ......lol
  5. Use 30% Nitro buggy fuel......cars generally use a lot higher nitro than aircraft. I think it helps them because the throttle gets used a lot driving cars, but I fly flat out almost all of the time and hardly use throttle really when I fly. The carb is the Jetstream which is superb. And yes it is for aircraft. I have over 10 Irvine engines and they are wonderful engines. In aircraft I use the principle of up to 0.40 cu in use 10% nitro, over 0.40 cu in use 5% nitro. Smaller engines need nitro as each intake of fuel is a smaller measure, and thus the nitro really helps the fuel burn well in smaller amounts.
  6. The only reason I haven't run it yet is because I haven't had the time.....I will run it occasionally.
  7. Not yet...I have only just completed it hedge. The restoration is on my YT channel....here is Part 1.... Feel free to subscribe 😁👍
  8. Good Luck hedge..... I recently completed a restoration of a Mark 2......and I am about to start to restore a Mark 1
  9. Are they Holiday Buggy rear tyres?.....they look great on the DT03!!
  10. Not as miffed as I was when I had my entire channel taken down!! I will dig the videos out and reupload them over the next few days hopefully.
  11. I will reupload it for you.......do you have any part you want to see or do you want to see all of it. I am Simon Webb on YouTube
  12. I have subscribed and Good Luck! I also have a You Tube Channel again.....where I do RC cars....RC aircraft....and Plastic Modelling! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmMMTXp7gskEeZj7uCHo9qA
  13. Kev the Rev is right. I am currently restoring one for the first time. The Marvelous Mardave Marauding Marauder
  14. The Hornet is an upgraded version of the Grasshopper. You get oil shocks (rear) and a different way of fixing the rear gearbox to the chassis at the front of the casing. The other differences you already know about, with the Hornet body being made of Lexan instead of plastic in the 'hopper's case.
  15. Interesting release..... ....I might have to change my name to "SuperDragonRacer 1971" ...lol I wonder why they have included "storm" in the name? I will ignore it in protest! lol
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