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  1. Best advice is to get yourself over to oople.com and petit RC...tons of advice re. set-ups for this car which, with respect to TC, you are unlikely to find on here. Also join the KF2 page on Facebook...assuming you are on Facebook Red is faster than green, so I recommend going with PS-2
  2. RHR Astro is open for practice most Wednesdays Spring-summer from 5pm until dusk, unless adverse weather decides otherwise. the dirt track is only used for special events like the Euros a couple of years back. This is due to the amount of prep work that is required before the track can be used for racing. contact James Helliwell on Facebook for more info.
  3. Steve, posted on FB in the UK Tamiya DT group... A little bit of an update from Lee Davies who organises the DT02 challenge. for all thoes interested in the event at SHRCCC. This years event will be held on the 24th of September. DT02 and DT03 chassis will run together in modified class. New for this year will be a DT01 Mad Bull specific class and this years support race will be Hotshot/Bigwig gearbox/chassis variant buggys. Holiday Buggy/Sand Rover stock class will remain unchanged.Rules and regulations will follow soon. Many thanks Andy F.
  4. I'd like the car to be mostly vintage cat but with some modern additions that will improve handling, a Resto-mod really! Typically this will include electrics, 2.2 wheels, and modern shocks. Yesterday evening I started to strip the car down. As you can see there's quite a lot of dirt and dust on it suggesting its been in storage for some time; It became apparent how brittle the chassis was or perhaps the servos had been super glued in-place? Either way 3 screw thread snapped whilst trying to remove the screws! This is in addition to the damage to the right-hand battery stay which was how the car arrived with me. A new chassis will be required!
  5. 1987 was a landmark year for Cats. While Schumacher's Cat XLS was winning the IFMAR 4WD OR title, Traxxas was launching the first hobby grade RTR in the form of the Tom Cat, or just simply the Cat. It is a car heavily influenced by Tamiya - a Grasshopper style chassis & trailing transmission, a body shell reminiscent of the Fox and Yellow CVA style dampers, albeit with a unique way of adjusting spring rates. Inspired by an article on URC, I plan to restore and gently modify this car to race at next years Iconic Revival - 30 years after the Cat was released. This is what I purchased on eBay recently vs. what I would like to create...
  6. Just a footnote to say we're still having fun racing at club, regional and now national level. Oliver is coming along nicely and Charlie has done well enough to secure a team drive with Schumacher Racing for the coming year. I am mainly pitting for both but have the occasional race which is always a good laugh. really enjoying the racing side of this superb hobby & can't recomend it enough 😊
  7. We race using Gemini X (2.4ghz) and never have any bother. Recently discontinued so prices will initially drop and you should be able to pick up a used TRX & RX for under £100. They don't often come up on eBay so try oople. We have also used Sanwa Gemini 2, also good & you should be able to get a used set for under £50 easy. As you say it's a lot for one meet. You need to start racing more! 😀
  8. No. 2 (wheels & tyres for practice only)...
  9. We will be there again this year; well it would be rude not to. Looking forward to it! The old campaigner has had something of a makeover since last year...
  10. I'm interested to see the TRF211XM and the 'new materials' .. I wonder if this is a 201XMW but with a motor position that is further forward for high grip astro perhaps??? With the worlds in Japan later this year I am sure this release is no coincidence.
  11. The Gator was fine to start with but we soon progressed to a 2nd hand B4 as skills developed etc. Generally no brushed, it's all brushless although I believe York run a brushed class. That's not to say you can't race brushed with brushless. To be honest the rules at club level are not overly tight, it's more about joining in and having fun etc. Like I say, pop down to one of the clubs for a chat; all will become clear :-)
  12. NEAM (North East Amateur Motorsport) meets at Seaham Youth centre, Sunday evenings from 6 - 10pm Tynemet meet in Newcastle on a Monday evening Teeside meet Wednesday & Saturday evenings Benfield RC club meets Friday evenings 6-10pm at Benfield sports centre, Newcastle York meet at Huntingdon School, York on a Saturday evening. All race 1/10 off road 2 & 4WD - for more info check out the club section on Oople. Get yourself along to one of the clubs and talk to the members, who will tell you all you need to know. I will be at Seaham on Sunday with my son. We started racing in 2013 with a Desert Gator and a brushed 540 silver can. On 7th Feb my son is racing in the British Winter Championships at Worksop, with a brushless C4.2; it's addictive! You won't look back.
  13. An excellent write-up and it was good to also read the separate article about the Iconic RC vintage racing class, nice one John!
  14. Either running a 30 year-old Frog now, or running a TRF201xmw 30 years from now, BRCA Insurance gives us the solid foundation required to help grow our hobby and move it forward.
  15. A little over a year ago Charlie and I embarked on a journey together. We learned a lot about the racing side of this hobby, and had a lot of fun in the process. Charlie racing and me pitting (with a little bit of racing on the side). Now Charlie's younger brother, Oliver, is getting the bug also. Charlie has gone from racing a Holiday Buggy to these... As another TC member said the hobby is a great Father and Son thing to do together. We've had lots of laughter and a few tantrum s between us. Mostly we've had fun, and above all spent quality time together. I am really looking forward to our second year, Charlie developing, Oliver coming on and having the odd go myself. Now it's time to wrap this thread up. Thanks for following and contributing :-) Jed
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