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  1. haha! That's a close up of my DF03MS from when I first built it that you found up there Remember the sticker is a small part of it, the rest is white paint on the front and blue on the back
  2. I don't know? Its the way they came. I didn't know there was another version.
  3. Must have. I hate that is going to be available very near to my wedding anniversary. Going to have to do something very special with the wife
  4. Coming along nicely as always... Oh this is 860Crawler from rcuniverse and rccrawler. This is my regular username on most other forums. Speaking of TV in the back, this came across my instagram feed the other day. TV and speakers and what looks like tan leather
  5. That's cool he responded to you! He seems to frequently "like" my Tamiya pics on Instagram which I think is awesome too The last one
  6. He is a graphic designer/artist with ties to Tamiya
  7. This is Tamiya Copper backed with black on my CR-01. I think it came out pretty deep and rich and I had enough copper down that the black wouldn't bleed through
  8. Here's some of mine. Really need to get out and take newer photos 34 miles to Philadelphia
  9. can't wait to see more, with scaled down decals as well!
  10. You'll get at least that or more on a Lipo. The Lipo last so long in the lower power vehicles that start to wonder when the badword it will die when I use mine
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