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  1. Hey guys I can't believe no one is interested in the cc01 :-/ my last attempt is you can have it for £150 posted that's another £20 I've dropped. If you want it let me know thanks craig
  2. boomerang has been sold but the cc01 unimog is still up for grabs if anybody is interested
  3. dropping the price for the cc01 to £150 + postage and the boomerang to £130 + postage if your interested please get in touch
  4. anybody interested as I have just relisted both the boomerang and cc01 on ebay again. if you are giz a shout and ill try give ya some Tamiya club discount
  5. My cc01 is on ebay buddy is a shelf queen comes with light unit all radio gear if your interested it's the desert coloured unimog.pm me if your interested or need to know anything about it etc I've listed it as £180 +30 shipping but as your a Tc member you can have the lot for £180 posted.
  6. thanks vrs55 that was the first truck I have ever built think it turned out ok and the tiger was really enjoyable also I was gona put it on a diorama but had a space issue. @crispy ill have a look at that link
  7. ive never had one so ill have to take your word for it im well looking forward to seeing how it turns out once ya get started hint hint oh I never got around to scratching the sf unimog :-/ got side tracked with other stuff so have I missed anything since I have been away?
  8. thanks crispy that apc was a complete pia :-/ the roof was warped and didn't fit so had to scratch a new roof, the glue made the plastic on the side door crack due to the plastic being that old it reacted for some reason????? the wheels didn't fir right on the hubs and then I started scratching a full interior lets say just no it became apparent very quickly that the film interior doesn't actually fit the apc even on the real thing it didn't fit and with the lighting there was just no room so I thought **** it ill just seal it up then I thought the aliens apc was to clean and I wanted a dirty one so I never put the sulaco decals on or the 2d left it plain and weathered it up as if its been on some other mission how did the rc apc build go or is it still a works in progress lol oh the grills where drilled out and mesh was put in you cant see it in the video but there is an engine assembly behind the grills courtacy of a spare x wing %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm23/sabreuk/aliens%20apc/20140421_222345.jpg %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm23/sabreuk/aliens%20apc/20140420_171456.jpg
  9. and finally my lit halcyon aliens apc hope you guys enjoy
  10. heres my 1/32 revell spitfire i have also done a 1/24 fully lit man tgx italeri truck the halcyon aliens apc fully lit and the tamiya 1/35 tiger tank mid production with hop up zimmeritt armour which im uploading now for ya all. hope ya enjoy and i will be getting back to rc once we get settled in after the move
  11. hey guys well its been a long while since i posted on here life has been fast and keeping me busy taking me away from other projects, ive now got a new job which i hate with a passion as we where going through redundancies etc and the we all got moved around from the jobs we had to fill the jobs that the redundant lads left this is a short term thing as since i last posted have now been married and we are relocatin gto canada hopefully by the end of the year so really looking forward to that, the last posts i made where of some models i built of voyager and a star wars comp that i came third in but since then i have done a few more which i will post up for you all ill post the you tube links rather than pics and on the bench now which i am about to start is the huge enterprise refit 1701 a which is a whopping 50 inch studio scale which i was building up to so ill keep ya all posted on that bad boy once i get into it. and this will hopefully be my last build of anything until i get across the pond and then i can start getting back in to my rc and other hobbys so heres some you tube videos of what i have been doing since i last posted heres my 1/1400 enterprise e nemesis build log and finished lighting
  12. hey guys the time has come to get rid of some of my bits n bobs the first is a box stock ready to run cc01 unimog which i got for christmas and had plans of doing a special forces varient of it but never got around to it, it has only been run once to make sure it all works and has sat on my shelf ever since, for thse of ya that remember me i did a build thread on here of it if you want to search my posts via my user name same as the boomerang. like i said it is totally box stock including the plastic tamiya bearings where used but as its never been run except a quick 2 mins around the front room these are still in good shape. it comes with lighting kit and servos and speed controller and radio gear all of it has to go so its a job lot i dont want to split it down. i would like £180 plus postage as it is a heavy item ill get a quote of postage to your address if your interested but once i put them on ebay ill be putting £30 postage to cover the costs. so you guys are getting first refusal. > the second up for geabs is my re re bommerang again it is straight out the box built including the bearings has all the servos in place but no radio gear so no speed controller unless you want the box stock mechanical speed controller that come with it. again this has been a shelf queen and my build thread was on here again of it but it needs to go i would like £200 for this lil baby and again ill get a more accurate shipping cost to your address once i have packaged it same as above once its on ebay it will be down as £30 to hopefully cover the cost of it. so guys if your interested giz a shout and grab either before ebay gets its teeth in to them thanks craig for some reason it wont let me post any pics of them from my photobucket if you want the pics ill pm ya them thanks again craig
  13. lol cheers wood remember though this was done in 2 weeks so it was an epic build but if you have a look at the build threads on the forum shows some of the ingenuity used to complete the models but I like your biased woody lol
  14. heres 1st the dart vader i am your father build all scratch built diorama and the original dv kit that has been modified to fit the scene: heres 2nd the ride of his life scratch built ewok with cistom base with lighting and sound and here is 4th a studio scale x wing
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