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  1. hey got any Pink actos for sale of trade? i have lots of period correct tamiya motors and goodies

  2. Running the Tamiya 11T with standard gearbox + metal plate + metal thing noted above, no sliping, just insane speed
  3. Yup, you can see a fully hopped up Madcap in my garage apart from the astute wheels. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=121279&id=41325 just realised, its got a 02h on it lol, one of the other has a pink I think the bog standard one I have, last one I have has a 11T
  4. Taking offers on this, its not changed since I bought it never got round to making it nice so to speak. it has a TTC so comparable to Super Astute, it might also come with new super astute wheels too if the price is right. see pics in my showroom, no silly offers if you don't know the rareness of the TTC do not bother putting a price in. Car: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=120847&id=41325 UK Only (Sorry)
  5. HI Putting up my Yellow Avante 1988 with Dynatech, its sold as is, i.e very dusty but runs fine its really ready for someone to Clean her up good allas I have no time (and I have 4 Originals) No electrics apart from the motor (which is in excellent condition) Im looking for £250 (friends and family payment) + Del UK only collection from NW10 London welcome you can see the car in my forum garage, os please do not hesitate to ask for more recent pics and ill get it off its shelf. Link to car : https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=120352&id=41325 thanks karim
  6. Hi Guys, taking offers on models in my showroom. .... trying not to cry .... https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=41325 Please pm any offer on anything you see.
  7. i may have these parts - but its going to be a pain in the doodaa to find them. ill try and post back at some point.
  8. Hi James, glad to see you have started on the Avante ... still a bit sad to see it go! lol although build is looking familiar in some ways .... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=126090&sid=41325 what color scheme you going with ?
  9. Hi Haider, unfortunetely it is now Sold. managed to del by hand too and meet another TC member thanks Jamesbb
  10. Hi Haider, hope you are sitting down mate ... Parcelforce Worldwideglobalexpress More details 2 days guaranteed Up to £1000 for loss or damage Tracked £204.00 Buy now on parcelforce.com Parcelforce Worldwideglobalpriority More details From 5 days delivery Up to £1000 for loss or damage Tracked £183.10 Buy now on parcelforce.com
  11. Hi Haider, apologies for the late reply, i had a car crash and broke a leg! my daily runner is now scrap but thankfully i have my weekender to keep me going. (its automatic so the leg doesnt matter!) not sure how much it may cost, and also how safe it may be sending such a beauty by mail so far :/ . from which company have you recieved safely if the past? i will get a quote from them. regards Karim
  12. As no one has a BMX to trade , I'm thinking to get shot of my Avante BS 1st ed with special parts, please see my show room for pics, any further pics just let me know. Only issue as far as I am concerned is that the motor blister has a small crack in the corner. pls see Ebay for what you should be thinking about paying (at the **** cheapest lol!) this was purchased from another Tamiya Club Member, and really I do not want to sell it, although I have another BS ... this is really a part of Tamiya History ... and if it wasn't to allow me to purchase my BMX (to continue my midlife crisis) and business wasn't so slow, this would never have got out of the closet until my kids were able to build it! offers cheers
  13. Hey guys, so cash being a issue at the moment but Tamiya not lol, id like to trade any one of my Tamiya apart from 1 or 2 for a old BMX. I am looking for a specific BMX really (Ammaco Freestyler) but I would also consider a Raliegh Burner Torker etc etc. Must be Chrome and depending on the Tamiya you want from me in good condition etc. I really would prefer a swap then a cash sale as it takes the headache out of the whole buying etc. thanks for any helps guys. oh I'm UK bts (London)
  14. had some time today, so decided to take out the Madcap. then thought let me see how fast it actually goes (this Madcap is bog standard apart from the metal gear plate and DF03 shocks and Tamiya SuperModified motor (11t) 20 pinion 7.2 4100 pack) used app on the phone, taped phone to Madcap. 28MPH whoooahh to me looked more like 50 but meh app cant be 100% right? anyway thought lets see how it does against the "Hopped up" Madcap: TTC gear , Highcaps, Rear UV's (astute) same motor same pack 24MPH ???? checked pinion, is also 20, then checked the spur and found it is a 69 vs a 70 on the original... go figure eh, a standard gearbox is "faster" then the TTC with just one notch on the spur eh? I mean 4mph is a bit anyways I had fun with my highly scientific testing, now to the back garden while the pack re charges ...
  15. opened up the Madcap, nothing brocken !! motor had slipped ! off to the park! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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